Fortnite Scoundrel and Rapscallion Skins Store Guide

We’ve been given a little preview of the new Fortnite Scoundrel and Rapscallion skins, thanks todataminers who took a deep dive into the latest 4.3 update. Discovered alongside the god-tier Ventura hero and Flytrap villain skins, were a couple of criminals wearing classic black and white stripes. Not all villains are created equal, but they can still look pretty cool!

Fortnite Scoundrel Skin

The Fortnite Scoundrel skin is the male criminal, rocking a very thin and evil mustache. I’m not quite sure of the history behind the black and white jumper, but in Fortnite at least, it doesn’t make for a very inconspicuous look. If you end up grabbing the Fortnite Scoundrel skin, expect to be spotted quite easily from afar. With that said, the black parts of the uniform may help you to stay hidden in darker environments.

Fortnite Scoundrel

Thanks to the dataminers, we know that the Fortnite Scoundrel skin is of the Epic rarity, meaning that it will require a good chunk of V-Bucks to purchase, but not as much as a Legendary skin. I think it looks pretty great for an Epic, honestly!

Fortnite Rapscallion Skin

The Fortnite Rapscallion skin is pretty much the female version of the Scoundrel. It’s as though these two partners in crime synchronized their outfits to look stylish while out committing crimes! Again, the black and white jumper doesn’t provide much of a boost in camouflage, but at least it looks pretty awesome.

Fortnite Scoundrel

If you were worried about the female variant costing more, don’t fret, for the Fortnite Rapscallion skin is also Epic, and so expensive, but not as expensive as a Legendary.

It’s likely that both the Fortnite Scoundrel and Rapscallion skins will show up in the Fortnite Store over the next few days. Keep an eye out for the daily resets!

[via FNBR]