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Fortnite Ventura and Flytrap Skins Store Guide

The Fortnite Ventura and Flytrap skins have been leaked early via datamined files from the new 4.3 update. As is the case with most Fortnite patches, new skins are added in preparation for their turn in the game’s Store. Dataminers can give us a look at what’s to come days and weeks in advance. (We last saw this with the Fortnite basketball skins, which included a LeBron James and female player costume, as well as a new pickaxe skin, and funky back bling.)

Fortnite Ventura Skin

The Fortnite Ventura skin is pretty much what I imagined when I first heard that Season 4 was going to focus on superheroes. Ventura rocks a pretty original costume with a gold and off-white theme. She doesn’t look like she would blend in on the battlefield, but maybe her purpose is not to hide, but to strike fear into the heart of villains instead!

Fortnite Ventura

We know from the leaks that the Fortnite Ventura skin is Epic in its rarity, so buyers will need to spend a significant amount of V-Bucks to pick it up. However, if you’re a fan of superheroes, and like the look of the gold and off-white colors, it might be worth picking up.

Fortnite Flytrap Skin

Every superhero needs a villain to fight against. Introducing the Fortnite Flytrap skin, a very menacing chap with one hell of an impressive hairdo. I don’t think there’s any doubting that he’s a bad guy, what with his red face and spiky attire! He looks like the perfect villain to go up against Ventura.

Fortnite Ventura

While the Fortnite Ventura skin is Epic, the Flytrap skin is Legendary. This means that the villain will actually cost more V-Bucks that the hero. Perhaps Epic Games thinks that players want to play as baddies more than goodies?

Both the Fortnite Ventura and Flytrap skins will likely show up in the Fortnite Store over the next few days. Keep an eye out for the daily resets!

[via FNBR]