Viva Pinata PC Cheats

Surviving Falls

Press 'Roll' to take no damage when you skip a ladder and jump too far above the ground.

Food Effects

It is possible to change the colour or evolve Pinata's by feeding them certain fruits or vegetables. Listed below are some examples.

Hoghurt:Feed a Rashberry a Cheesecake.

Whirlm (Purple):Feed a Whirlm a Turnip.

Flutterscotch (Blue):Feed a White Flutterscotch a Bluebell Flowerhead.

Flutterscotch (Green):Feed a White Flutterscotch a Watercress Flowerhead.

Flutterscotch (Orange):Feed a White Flutterscotch a Bird of Paradise Fowerhead.

Flutterscotch (Yellow):Feed a White Flutterscotch a Buttercup Flowerhead.

Flutterscotch (Red):Feed a White Flutterscotch a Poppy Flowerhead.


Better Chili Plants:

To increase the value of your chili plants, give them red fertilizer.

Give your garden one of the following names for the corresponding bonus:


chewnicorn5 extra accessories at the Pet shop
goobaaUnlocks new items for your pinatas to wear
BullseyeUnlocks new items for your pinatas to wear
KittyflossYMCA Gear



Feed a Spearowmint a buttercup to make it evolve into a Candry

Easy Money:

Buy a Torch from the store. Put it in your garden. Go to Gretchen Fetchum and get a Taffly. Do not get it from Express. Once you get it, direct it to the Torch so that it catches fire. When it is on fire, put it out with your watering can and it will turn into a Reddhot. You can now sell it for 2,100 coins. Do this as many times as desired for some extra money.


To get easy money with no spending, select the shovel and hit Seedos as many times as desired. Later he will come back with Weed Seeds. Plant the Poison Ivy Seeds away from Pinatas and keep them growing until they die on their own. The flower heads will sell for 100 chocolate coins.

Changing Your Pinatas:

If you master romance Horstachios a Chewnicorn will appear.

Feed a Mousemallow cheese and it will turn yellow.

Feed a Newtgat a chilli and it will turn into a Salamango.

Feed a Horstachio a daisy + a blackberry and it will turn into a Zumbug.

Feed the Lickatoad a nightshade berry and before he gets sick hit it with the shovel and it transforms into the Lackatoad

Feed the Quackberry a gooseberry and transform into the Juicygoose

White Flutterscotch transformations: 

Buttercup flowerhead- yellow Flutterscotch

Poppy flowerhead- red Flutterscotch

Watercress flowerhead- green Flutterscotch

Two-Headed Snake:

To get a two-headed snake romance Syrupants. Then when the egg is delivered get out your shovel wait till the egg starts jumping really high then after it jumps high three times press the "a" button on the egg. If it worked nothing should happen for about 2 seconds then the two headed snake will be yours.




Unlockable                                 How to Unlock
Challenger (20)Successfully completed 5 Factory requests.
Chewnicorn Healing (20)Player has healed a Piata with the Chewnicorn's power.
Cluckles Hatches Egg (20)Player has hatched an egg using the Cluckles.
Cocoadile Tears (20)Player has attained full bonus growth for a plant using the Cocoadile tears.
Collector (20)Made 5 species resident.
Crowla Delay (20)Player has distracted Dastardos with the Crowla.
Diggerling (20)Employ a Diggerling.
Evolver (20)Evolved 2 species
Garden Value (20)Garden worth 25,000 chocolate coins.
Garden Value Master (20)Garden worth 100,000 chocolate coins.
Gatherling (20)Employ a Gatherling.
Generosity (20)Turn the Beggar into a Trader.
Green Fingers (20)Grown 5 plants to maturity.
Harvester (20)Collect produce from a Buzzlegum, Moozipan or Goobaa.
Helper Name Caller (20)Named a Helper.
Horticulturist (20)Full bonus growth for 5 plants.
Label Designer (20)Made a Custom Label.
Land Owner (20)Increase the size of your garden once.
Longevity (20)Played the game for 10 hours (real time).
Longevity Master (20)Played the game for 50 hours (real time).
Macaracoon Gift (20)Player has been brought a Romance Sweet by a Macaracoon.
Mallowolf Howl (20)Player has used the Mallowolf to scare off Ruffians.
Master Challenger (20)Successfully completed 20 Factory requests.
Master Collector (20)Made 50 species resident.
Master Evolver (20)Evolved 8 species.
Master Green Fingers (20)Grown 25 plants to maturity.
Master Horticulturist (20)Full bonus growth for 25 plants.
Master Land Owner (20)Get your garden to the maximum size.
Master Romancer (20)Become Master Romancer for 20 species.
Master Sour Tower (20)Get the Tower of Sour to have 6 pieces.
Master Talent (20)Player has reached Level 50.
Pigxie Prize (20)Cross romancing a Swanana and a Rashberry
Piñata Name Caller (20)Named a Piñata.
Piñata Value (20)One Piñata worth 5,000 chocolate coins.
Piñata Value Master (20)One Piñata worth 10,000 chocolate coins.
Romancer (20)Become Master Romancer for 5 species.
Sherbat Dance (20)Player has distracted Dastardos with the Sherbat.
Shovel Strength (20)Get all of the Shovel Handle upgrades.
Sour Tower (20)Get the Tower of Sour to have 2 pieces.
Sprinkling (20)Employ a Sprinkling.
Super Shovel (20)Get all of the Shovel Head upgrades.
Taffly Fertilizer (20)Make a fertilizer with the Taffly.
Talent (20)Player has reached Level 10.
Variants (20)Make 5 variant Piñatas.
Variants Master (20)Made 20 variant Piñatas.
Watchling (20)Employ a Watchling.
Watering Can Do (20)Get all of the Watering Can upgrades.
Wealth Master (20)Player has 100,000 chocolate coins.
Wealthy (20)Player has 25,000 chocolate coins.
Weedling (20)Employ a Weedling.

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