Timeshift FAQ/ Walkthrough


Timeshift (PC)

Complete Walkthrough v.1.01

Last update: 11/8/07

Created by: JediMeister ([email protected])

Copyright 2007 Alvin Shek

Table of Contents


1. Introduction

- Legal Info

- Version History

- About the Author

2. Weapons

- KM-33

- KM 2103 Karbine

- ShatterGun

- Echo Rifle

- ThunderBolt

- E.M.F. Cannon

- Bloodhound

- Hell-Fire

- SurgeGun

- Grenades

- Clutch Grenade

- Spring Mines

- Swarm Grenade

- Laser Trip Mines

3. Level Maps

3.1 Arrival

3.2Back Again

3.3New Blood


3.5Ground Floor



3.8Disputed Airspace

3.9Better Late...

3.10Point of Impact


3.12Road Trip

3.13Forced Entry

3.14Test Labs

3.15Factory Recall

3.16Some Assembly Required




3.20Gate Crashers

3.21The Wind Tunnel

3.22Repo Men

3.23En Route


4. Credits

1. Introduction

Legal Info

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,

private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed

publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other

web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a

violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their

respective trademark and copyright holders.

Version History:v 0.10 - Began playing 11/1/07, got through several

levels but then got sick of Notepad

WordWrap so copied and pasted to Word.

v 0.50 - Continued playing, occasionally going back

to record locations of autosaves and

exploring areas for additional ammunition


v 0.95 - Finished playing through the game, now

re-pasting content back to Notepad for

re-formatting to GameFAQs specifications.

v 1.00 - Official Release

v 1.01 - Made a couple of changes after playing

through the game again, notably on Level 10:

Point of Impact, Level 18: Exeunt, and Level

19: Drive-By.

About the Author

Welcome to my third game walkthrough. I haven't published any game

walkthroughs for ages because of college and life in general. Hopefully I

haven't lost the touch, because I've stayed in practice by writing

walkthroughs for friends. Any and all suggestions and tips are welcome, please

email me at the address posted above.

2. Weapons:1) KM-33 - this pistol is by no means the best weapon,

but its better than nothing. Get rid of it

as soon as a new weapon is available. Use

only the alt-fire, because a single shot from

this peashooter won't kill anything. Clip

size: 16, Max ammo: 112

2)KM 2103 Karbine - when you use the minizoom and fire

in short bursts, this makes a decent

sniping gun. Its the most common gun

out of all the soldiers you'll run

into, so you'll never run out of

ammo for it. Use the alt fire and

clutch grenades to clear up groups

of enemies. Clip size 30, Max ammo:

210 & 4 grenades.

3)ShatterGun - the best close quarters weapon you'll

find. Not recommended for using against

targets more than a few feet away due to

its wide spread of bullets. Use alt-fire

to guarantee kills. Clip size: 10, Max

ammo: 112.

4)Echo Rifle - a good sniping weapon, but unless you get

headshots every time, the Thunderbolt is

far superior. Clip size: 4, Max ammo: 20

5)ThunderBolt - this crossbow is good for engaging

targets both near and far. It guarantees

one-shot kills for all infantry but not

the Quantum Guards. Use time pause with

this weapon to kill the shielded troops

quickly. Clip size 10, Max ammo 30.

6)E.M.F. Cannon - this weapon is better than the Karbine

in my opinion. Best at taking out

targets from close to medium range.

Didn't find much use for the alt-fire.

Clip size 20, Max ammo 100.

7) Bloodhound - use alt-fire to down moving targets, and

primary to take out stationary ones. Clip

size 4, Max ammo 12.

8)Hell-Fire - primary fire eats up ammunition quickly

but kills things quickly as well. The

alt-fire uses different ammunition and

is effective against any kind of

unshielded infantry. Clip size: 45, Max

ammo 315/220.

9)SurgeGun - not terribly useful until the last mission.

Primary fire is a heavily damaging shot

comparable to a rocket. You can only manage

six shots with a full charge before you

have to pick up an ammo refill. Alt-fire is

a sustained burst of lightning. Hold it

down to make the enemy extra crispy. Clip

size: N/A, Max ammo, 6 primary fire or

about 15 seconds of sustained alt-fire.


Clutch Grenade - similar to Halo's plasma

grenades, they stick to the

unlucky target and explode.

If you get stuck with one

in singleplayer, use time

reverse quickly to make it

fly off you. You can carry a

max of 3.

Spring Mines - you can't use these, but you

do run into them through the

singleplayer campaign. As long

as you run through the

minefield with Time Slow, you

shouldn't find things too


Swarm Grenade - never saw these in

singleplayer. I assume they're

only for the multiplayer maps.

Laser Trip Mines - again, never saw these.

Most likely only in


General Weapons Notes: My standard weapons loadout for the majority of the

game was the Hell-Fire, the E.M.F. cannon, and the Thunderbolt. Because these

aren't available until midway through the game, the Karbine, Shattergun, and

the Echo Rifle were my options for the first half. I didn't really see any

point into holding onto the Bloodhound because whenever you need it there's

always one in a crate nearby. In my opinion, upgrade to the next best thing

whenever a new weapon becomes available.

Enemies: Infantry - not really a problem these guys. They're either armed with

Karbines, ShatterGuns, E.M.F. cannons, Thunderbolts, Echo

Rifles, or Bloodhounds. They go down pretty quickly.

Timeslow Soldiers - They move crazy fast, so use Time Pause to

quickly even the odds.

Quantum Guards - metal constructs, they're armed with SurgeGuns. They

use Time Pause to get around behind you. Can only be

killed with explosive rounds like another SurgeGun or

a Bloodhound. Grenades do not stick to them.

Shielded Soldiers - these enemies carry a portable shield with them.

Use Time Pause to hit them when their shield is

down otherwise you'll never kill them.

SurgeGun Guards - these guards only show up on the last two levels.

I almost confused them with Quantum Guards except

they are so much easier to kill. Use Time Pause as

soon as they appear and empty a clip into them.

If you are attacked by multiple ones, try to keep

your back to a wall as you move around the room or

rooftop and hide behind objects so your health has

a chance to regen.

3. Missions

3.1 Level 1 - Arrival

When your character regains consciousness, you find yourself in an alternate

timeline, in a 1939 with walkers and helicopters of some sort. You awake in a

room with only one exit and an npc instructing you to follow him. Take some

time to check your objectives when they are updated and exit out the door.

Continue around the wall, and through an archway. Ignore the stairs leading

down, and exit through the doorway to the left and up the stairs. Continue up

the stairs and enter through the door that the npc opens up. Once you enter,

the game automatically saves and before you have a chance at some peace and

quiet, a walker busts through the wall in front of you and opens fire. Exit

left once the npc has broken through the boards. Sadly, he suffers an untimely

demise after jumping over a low wall of bricks. Go up the stairs and out the

hole blown up top. Jump over the table and continue through the door at the

other end of the floor. Crouch to get through another gaping hole and drop

down to the basement. Pass the npc and exit through a hole on the left-hand

side. Find the green door to the left and walk into it to open. As soon as

the enemy troops on the other side of the wire fence have passed by, a

resistance fighter will lower a fire escape for you to climb up. Up top,

the fighter will hand you his weapon. In the next room, walk past the guy

futily trying to save his friend's life, and go right into the hallway where

the game auto-saves. In front of you are two fighters setting up a barricade

against troops who are about to bust down the door. Kill the troopers through

the window, or ignore them, and go up the stairs. You pick up a pistol near

another fighter's body. At the very top of the stairs, head through the door

to an autosave and watch another resistance fighter get shredded by the

helicopter. On your radar you should see the enemy trooper marked in red.

Take him out, as well as his two buddies. Nab their ammunition and head up the

stairs alongside the other building. Hop into the building through the broken

window and find your progress blocked by some boards. A helicopter will do a

flyby and in the process of shooting the npc talking to you, will enable you

to proceed. Jump over the debris and go around the thick pipe. Ignore the hole

in the floor to the right, and head across the room, past the strange-looking

generator to the far end and then drop down to the floor below. Exit through

the door and jump out to another set of stairs. Go down the stairs and drop

through the hole in the roof into a ventilation shaft. Continue along the

shaft to find yourself standing on a vantage point with a clear view of two

enemy soldiers where the game autosaves. After taking care of them, exit

through the door at the end of the hallway to the left. Through the window in

front of you, a resistance fighter is about to be executed. Unfortunately, you

can't do anything to save him, but you can avenge his loss by shooting the

explosive (red) barrels in the courtyard below. Two more soldiers will charge

out of the alleyway. After they're finished, turn right and drop through the

hole to the next lower floor. Grab the free ammo refill and cautiously peek

out into the courtyard between the buildings. A soldier stands watch from a

window in the right building. Kill him and exit through the double doors.

Stand near the ammo crate in front of you to refill ammo to full. You'll face

four enemies across the canal, two standing on the remnants of balconies, one

on the roof across the way, and one on "ground" level across. The column of

tires is a temporary form of cover at best, so shoot at the opposing soldiers

with short bursts. After they’re dead, slide down the broken bridge and exit

left, killing the two troopers on the ground level, as well as the two on the

streetway above, behind them. As you turn right, and pass under a T-shaped

bridge, fire at the explosive barrels on the next further bridge to eliminate

the two soldier up there. Then run into the open grating along the left side of

the canal. Follow the sound of gunfire and drop down into an area defended by

the resistance fighters. There's another ammo crate you can collect ammo from,

but it’s a moot point since your suit removes you from the battlefield and

ditches your weapons to boot.

3.2 Level 2 - Back Again

When your suit finally stabilizes, grab the pistol from the ground and

eliminate the three soldiers. Follow the wounded pair of resistance fighters

out onto the street and help their posse take out the charging troops with

your new abilities. Eventually a sentry will show up and blow a hole in the

building to your right. Run through and go up the stairs. Go out to the

exterior of the building by exiting out the hole and climb up the ladder. The

game autosaves at the top. Break the window and walk towards the rubble. Drop

down the hole and see the connecting bridge between this building and the next

getting torn to pieces by the sentry. Use the time reverse ability to rewind

time as you walk along the bridge. Don't forget to nab the new gun laying on

the ground. Around the corner is a table with a trio of weapons. Exit through

the door on the right to another autosave. Drop into the area below, where six

or seven soldiers are scattered throughout the ruined structure. I found that

the scattergun (shotgun) is the most effective weapon for this area since it’s

great in such close quarters. In the furthest room, you’ll see a hole in the

floor. Drop down with your trigger finger ready, as well as slow time, and the

three troopers below shouldn’t pose much of a threat. Exit out the wooden door

and drop down to an autosave. Pause time to make it to the right side of the

pool of electrified water. Continue down the canal and follow the two bodies

to a pipe. Enter the pipe and exit to two fighters under fire. Help them out

by wiping out the overzealous troops who charge you and your companions. After

they’re all sorted, a sentry will show up and blow the gate that was blocking

your way into smithereens. Collect ammo from the ammo crate near the barrel

platform and continue past the gate. Go up the wooden planks and turn right at

the top. Face the concrete pipe and use time slow to make it to the other end

before it tips to too extreme an angle. Immediately rush behind the

chimney-like structure to avoid the laser sight. There’s a sniper in the

section ahead, so use time slow to make it to the next piece of cover, some

crates stacked up. From there, make your way along to the remains of a wall,

eliminating whatever enemies you come upon, still using time slow to dodge the

sniper’s aim. Eventually you’ll get close enough to chuck a grenade into the

guard tower. Continue through the trench, under a bridge, into a little area

filled with crates and a rifle leaning up against the wall. Kill the three

soldiers in the area and turn left into the broken rubble of a building.

There’s a soldier that doesn’t appear on your radar towards the right in the

rubble. Jump over the crates and follow the path to the green dots and the

objective symbol on your radar. Follow the npc and then go up the concrete

ramp to the next floor of the building. Use the turret and time slow to mow

down the troops. Eventually a sentry walker will show up and then its time to

get off the turret and back up to the rear wall. Follow the two npcs back

down the ramp where they’ll open the red-lit grate. Drop down to end the


3.3 Level 3 – New Blood

Wait for the COM transmission to end and follow your allies up the hill.

Follow them and help mop up the troops shooting from windows and from behind

cover. There are six or seven in total. Eventually your allies will take up

firing positions facing the gate. This is your cue to go back and search for

ammo if you’re low, otherwise make for the massive hole in the street to the

left. Slide down and duck into the lit pipeway. At the first intersection, use

the wheel to raise the grating and use time slow to make it through before it

drops all the way. Game autosave. Take a right and go up the ladder. I’d

recommend taking a deep breath here because you’re about to face the largest

concentration of enemies you’ve come upon so far in the game. There’s three

baddies immediately in sight with a larger group of eight or so close to the

vehicle in the middle of the park. One strategy is to jump out of your hidey

hole every now and then to mop up smaller packs of soldiers. Or you could make

a beeline straight for the vehicle and use its mounted turret to mow down the

opposing forces. In any event, you’ll reach the other end of the park, which

is defended by two overlapping manned turrets and probably three or four

additional soldiers depending on difficulty. Behind the left turret are

explosive barrels so use slow time to light ‘em up with a few rounds to

eliminate that threat. When all is quiet, resupply your ammo and visit both

tents to complete the objective. Then duck into the pipe on the far right end,

near the right turret. Turn right when you can and use slow time to pass

through each jet of fire. Turn right and head up the gravel. Follow the radar

marker to an enemy camp. The major threat is the guy on what looks to be a

triple-A gun, so make him your first priority to down. When you’ve wiped them

all out, you’ll get a new transmission warning you of an approaching threat, a

tank. This is where the game autosaves. You don’t have any weapons capable of

dealing with it, so use time slow and make a run for the right stairs leading

down into the subway. You can’t jump over the railing to the tank fyi. Kill

the three soldiers down here and then turn left to go deeper into the subway.

Take the left set of stairs and eliminate the two soldiers on your side as

well as the two soldiers across the way. When you get closer to the water, the

suit will warn you of the electrical shock. Use the suit to walk on water to

the left. End of level.

3.4 Level 4 – Infiltration

Walk forward and kill the two unsuspecting soldiers. Then take a right towards

the collapsed ceiling and use the suit to make it past the electricity. Climb

up the makeshift ramp on the left and jump across to the other side. In the

distance you should see another enemy camp. Approach the area taking cover

where you can. Once you are near the green dumpster, plan your attack. There

are four infantry soldiers, an additional soldier on the turret, and a sniper

hiding out in the tower overlooking the camp. Use time slow to your advantage

and target the trio of explosive barrels next to the turret, this should

eliminate at least two of the ground troops as well as the turret guy.

Eliminate the remaining troops while maintaining cover out of the field of

vision of the sniper, then chuck a grenade into said tower to eliminate that

threat. Autosave. Follow the wall to the left, where two additional troopers

attack. Find the hole in the cargo containers and kill the five soldiers

hampering your progress. Follow the brown pipes and kill the soldier who

attacks from the platform above. Keep following the brown pipes until you run

into a wall, then drop down to the ground on the right. Continue around the

corner and get to the ragged hole in the side of the building ahead. Walk

through the door with a green light above it, and through the next one. Follow

the chain link fence and drop down. Take the ladder hidden in the shadows to

get to the next green-lit door. Go through the hole in the brick wall to the

next room and make a wide U-turn to find the next door. Listen to the npc and

take a deep breath. Autosave. See that hole in the building to the right? Use

time slow to get into that hole and go up the stairs. You can take another

breather before proceeding up past the chain link fence where you’ll be

temporarily exposed. Keep going up the stairs and then rush to cover behind

the stack of concrete support beams on the left. From there, ignore the red-lit

door and continue along the edge of the building, turning right at the corner,

and up both flights of stairs. Wait for your timeshift bar to refill, and make

a break for another stack of conveniently placed concrete beams. Face the

red-lit door, and turn left as you approach the mound of debris, and fall down

through the hole. Autosave. Listen to the transmission and follow the wooden

planks around the chain link fence to drop down to the level below. Keep

following the planks and meet your temporary squad. Autosave. They’ll wait

until you make the first move so go ahead and charge in. You face two troopers

armed with the standard rifle and another to the left standing guard at a

turret. As soon as you attack, an armored vehicle will approach with two

soldiers and another one manning the mounted turret. Man the turret you

cleared the opposition from, and help your squadmates deal with the troops

from the vehicle. Instead of helping your team with the next vehicle that

shows up, go through the door near the blue forcefield. Flip the switch near

the narrow windows and use time slow to go back outside make it through before

it reactivates. Flip the next switch and repeat. Autosave. Use the statue in

the middle of the courtyard as cover while you engage another large group of

enemies. These enemies deploy from a truck and an apc, one of which will park

in front of the Admin building, and the other will park on the other side of

the statue. Continue past the apc to the downward sloping concrete ramp and

kill the two enemies taking cover behind the concrete barricades. If you find

yourself a little short on ammo, there are crates of rifle ammunition near the

apc. Hit the switch at the very bottom of the ramp, and enter the double doors

to end the level.

3.5 Level 5 – Ground Floor

As soon as you hit the switch, make a beeline for the security station on the

right side. Eliminate the two soldiers within, as well as the one who will

attack from the left. Hit the knob on the security station panel next to the

windows to open up a side room with two additional soldiers standing next to

an apc. Exit the room with the apc to return to the garage area. Turn right

and engage the hostiles to the left past the double concrete barricades. The

concrete columns are effective cover against the trio of soldiers manning the

turrets on the apcs. The quickest way of dealing with the two soldiers on the

turrets on the right is shooting the fuel drums next to the apcs. Be sure to

watch out for the crazy driver of the fourth apc as he tries to run you over.

Find the switch near a cluster of boxes next to one of the apcs you ruined.

Autosave. Flip it and then jump onto the boxes, use reverse time to return the

crane back to its original position so you can jump through the grating.

Autosave. Face right, and walk down to ground level. Make your way through the

opposition, seven in total, and find another switch. Look for a hole currently

blocked by a box along the conveyor belt. Flip the switch and use time pause

to make it through before it gets blocked again. Turn right and head towards

the light source in the distance and drop down. Keep along the path and your

character will automatically open the grating. Two armed technicians await you,

as well as a trio of soldiers out the door leading back into the garage proper.

Autosave. Use your time abilities to jump over and get around the lasers and

eliminate the soldier on the other side. Enter the security station and find

the green knob. Hit it and a soldier from a side room in the hallway will

attack. Enter the room he exited from and use time pause to make it up the

metal ramp to a piece of machinery. Look for the red-lit ventilation shaft and

enter. Use time reverse to get through the spinning machinery. You can examine

the prison cells at your leisure, but eventually you’ll have to go right. Turn

left at the T-intersection, and use time reverse to make it through another

spinning mechanism. Find the unoccupied cell and drop through the broken

grating. Kill the two nearby guards, as well as the two further down the

hallway to the left. Three additional troopers will engage you from the second

intersection. Go down the hallway they came from, past the cells, and up some

stairs. Autosave. Use time slow to make it past the turrets, and in the room

with the two doors, and the ladder standing next to them, turn right and use

the boxes to make it into the ventilation system. Turn right and exit into the

security room. Turn the knob on the desk to deactivate the turrets. Exit the

office and turn left at the turret to enter a new room. Exit through the door

to end the level.

3.6 Level 6 – Heist

Go up the stairs and exit through the door. Enter the room on the right, and

kill the ‘bot that’s sweeping or something, watch out though, it makes an

awful big explosion for a small thing. Use the desk as cover when you are

attacked. Enter the room he vacated into a library of sorts. Follow the red

stripe and turn right and then right again to engage the enemy. Use grenades

to flush out the opposition. Exit through the door at the other end of the

room and collect the ammo in the hallway. Head through the double doors into

an open lobby, where enemies will be pelting you with gunfire from the top

floor. Shoot the explosive barrels on the top level to eliminate one group of

enemies. Autosave. Eventually the door next to the desk on the right-hand side

will unlock and several troopers will emerge. Autosave. Kill them and open the

next two doors until you see the lettering “Data Processing Center: Block 1A,”

then turn left. Wait for the soldiers to open the door, but make use of your

time waiting by picking off what soldiers you can, because they are also found

on the upper level. Get to the terminal marked on your radar, and access it.

As soon as you do, an alarm will go off, and a door that was previously locked

will open. There’s a guard behind it though, and two soldiers await you when

you get onto the catwalk on the upper level of the server room. Cross to the

other side of the room, and turn right, and get yourself into the hole in the

wall above several bundles of cable. Autosave. Proceed left, past the

flickering light, and keep going until you reach a ladder. Go up and exit

through the double doors to the right. Go straight through the hallway to

another set of double doors which open up to reveal the top floor of the

lobby. Kill the guards, as well as some who have appeared on the lower level.

Enter the green-lit door and kill the guard that rushes you. Head out a series

of doors where you’ll find two guards using a couch and a recliner as cover.

Use the desk to the left as cover if need be, and then exit the room through

the tall double doors to the left. Four soldiers await you within. At the

other end of the room, by the terminal with the four display screens, flip the

switch to access the terminal and the door to the left will open, with two

troopers beyond it. Make sure you kill the ‘bot too. Head into the elevator

despite its warnings and just before you hit bottom, you’ll be able to pause

time so you can run into a room guarded by a technician. Break out the window

of the security room if you need more ammo, but then turn around and enter the

other elevator shaft which will automatically take you to the next level.

3.7 Level 7 – Getaway

Exit when the elevator stops, and walk through the green door and up the

stairs. Autosave. You’ll step out onto the rooftop. Turn left and go into the

service passageway. Kill both of the troopers up here and grab the sniper

rifle, replacing your pistol. Use the sniper rifle to eliminate the soldier

manning the turret on the roof to the right. Autosave. Switch back to a close

quarters weapon and kill the soldier that rushes you from the door behind you.

Autosave. Exit onto the next section of rooftop and kill the two soldiers. Go

up the metal steps and take aim at the other soldier manning a distant turret.

After you kill him, take cover behind the structure on the roof from the fire

of the helicopter. It will soon leave, after blowing apart a section of gate.

Go through the hole made by the helicopter, and turn left and then right.

Autosave. Follow the fence and kill the soldiers in the next area. You can

wipe out a clump of them by throwing a clutch grenade. Get onto the metal

grating where a sniper rifle rests and take aim at the rooftop across the way.

Autosave. Kill the troops behind you and exit to the back right of the area if

you were facing the turret. Eliminate the two troopers in this area and

proceed past the broken wall. This area is swarming with troops, so take your

time in clearing the area. Follow the objective marker and use time pause to

get past the jets of fire from a broken pipe. Keep following the marker and

kill the two soldiers who try to stop you. Go enter the shed and exit out the

other door. Collect ammo from the crate and use your sniper rifle to eliminate

the remaining turret soldier. A crashing flyer will reveal the path, through a

service junction. Turn left and go up the walkway, and use the fallen beam to

cross into a nearby building through the hole. Drop down, go through the door,

and through the door across the hallway. Enter the elevator. Autosave. Open

the door and exit onto the rooftop. Switch to your automatic weapon, you’re

about to face some new enemies. They are equipped with jetpacks. My advice is

to stay in the doorway and switch between your shotgun and automatic to deal

with enemies on the ground and in the air. And if need be, you can always

retreat back into the room to regen. Continue clearing the area, refill at

the ammo crate. Face the elevator and turn around, hit the switch to end the


3.8 Level 8 – Disputed Airspace

This is probably the shortest of the levels thus far. The tactics are pretty

simple. Look on your radar, use your powers liberally, kill destroyers before

mines, and your turret can track around 360 degrees. Throughout the game will

autosave, and you don’t have to worry too much about your zeppelin’s health

since it will regen over time if it doesn’t take too many hits in succession.

3.9 Level 9 – Better Late…

You start out stripped of all grenades, which would make this starting bit a

whole lot easier. You will come under attack from about 10 soldiers, who

arrive upon a mix of Quads and an APC. The biggest threat is the trooper

standing in the APC gunwell, so find some cover, either the big rocks or the

far side of the road. If possible, cross the road and wait for the APC to

show with your shotgun equipped. As soon as the troops begin to disembark

you’ve already closed distance with the gunwell so you can start eliminating

threats before their boots have even touched the ground. You can also use the

body of the APC itself as cover, making sure to watch your radar to tell which

direction enemy troops will engage from. Eventually you’ll thin their numbers

to the point where you can mop up and collect ammo from the fallen bodies.

Your allies, sadly, don’t survive the encounter. Board a Quad and turn in the

direction they came from. Along the road, the game will autosave. Continuing

along the road you’ll see a bridge, use your time slow ability in conjunction

with the boost from the Quad to make it across. Autosave. Continue along the

road and you’ll face opposition from an APC and several troops beyond it. You

can either choose to stop to fight them or just boost past and continue along

the road. Keep going and you’ll hear a foghorn. As you approach the train you

start coming under fire from the troops, but of course you can avoid them. In

any event, whatever you choose, get onto the bridge and into the tunnel.

Autosave. At the other end of the tunnel you’ll see a total of five enemies,

two working on the train tracks, and three additional guards, one of whom you

probably can’t see. One of the guards is armed with the Thunderbolt crossbow,

which does pretty impressive damage, so you might consider swapping it for

your sniper rifle. Drive towards the camp indicated on your radar and use the

Thunderbolt to eliminate the threats from afar, especially those annoying

jetpack troopers. Once they’re dead, enter the tent and restock your ammo from

the ammo crate and the weapon crate containing a Thunderbolt. Be sure to grab

the explosives on your way out. Autosave. Exit and board a new Quad to get to

the objective marker. As soon as you plant the explosive, use your time slow

ability to get clear of the blast radius, which is quite prodigious

considering the short timer that it’s on. To be on the safe side, get behind

the rocks before the timer finishes counting down. Autosave. Hop onto the

railcar and flip the lever to get it started down the tracks. Bust through

the first barricade and then use time slow to get clear of the railcar before

it tumbles off the cliff. Kill the soldiers nearby and hop onto the Quad.

Continue down the unpaved road, using time slow to get past the minefield.

Autosave. You’ll rejoin the main road, around the bend of which is a military

installation. Take out as many guards as you can from a distance using the

Thunderbolt and then mop up with a weapon more suited to close-quarters. To

get inside the compound, go to the right side of the gate, by the stacked

cargo containers. Use time slow to get up the wooden ramp before it tips over,

and onto the boxes. Jump over the fence where there’s a missing section of

barbed wire. Check the tents for ammo, and climb the ladder up the tower.

Autosave. As soon as you flip the switch up top, use time slow to get down the

tower before the speeding truck rams into it, and kill the technician who

jumps off. Board a Quad and exit the encampment through the gate you just

opened. Autosave. Use the Quad boost to get over the ramp to the other side.

Enter the tunnel and use your time abilities and the boost to clear the

electrically charged pool of water. End.

3.10 Level 10 – Point of Impact

Continue down the tunnel until you’re blocked. Kill the trio of troopers in

front of you and prepare for battle. Beyond the gate, an APC will pull up and

several additional troops will attack from the other side of the truck. In

this scenario, the biggest threat is up in a tower from the direction the

troops ran from. He’s armed with a Bloodhound rocket launcher which can easily

toast you if you’re not careful. His tower also has ammo refills for the

automatic rifle, the sniper rifle, and an ammo crate. Once in the tower, you

have a commanding view of the enemy controlled landscape. Target the other

Bloodhound-armed trooper in the distant tower and make him your first

priority. Or just shoot out the explosive barrels positioned under his tower.

Kill all of the soldiers in the distant camp that appear on your radar with

a weapon of your choosing, then climb back down the ladder and head towards

the objective marker. Two soldiers are guarding a tunnel, so kill them and

head inside. Drop through the grating and turn left at the first intersection.

Turn the wheel and use time slow to make it through to the cliffside.

Autosave. Wait for your suit bar to refill and then walk along the path until

it begins to crumble. Use your suit to get to a stable area and get ready to

fight your way through the trenches. I have no idea why a lot of these enemies

respawn, so if someone could point out why that would be nifty. After clearing

the area, follow the trenches around and hop out at the other end. Flip the

switch on a supporting pillar of a vehicle lift to raise the ramp. Autosave.

To the left are three unsuspecting soldiers whom you can quickly sticky

grenade if you wish. After they’re dead, an APC will ride up the ramp and

drop off several troops, whom you can also stick with grenades as they’re

disembarking. Autosave. The lift behind you will lower and a Thunderbolt

wielding soldier will begin attacking you. Kill him, and then go to the

turnwheel by the lift. Turn it to raise the lift, and after the lift has gone

back down to the ground, rewind time to make the lift go up a level. Turn

left, go up the ramp, and jump onto the boxes to go up the mini-ladder. Go

around the barrels and turn left, go along the walkway to the stacked up

crates. You can jump over the left most one and walk up the metal thingie.

Drop down and turn around. Walk forward, turn left at the box, and left again

after going around it. Drop down a level and go up the ramp, killing the

soldier who is in the area. Climb up the leaning ladder and shoot the cable

holding the plank up like a drawbridge. Autosave. Cross the plank and climb

down the ladder. You’ll come under attack from soldiers hiding in the tents.

Clean ‘em up, and exit the encampment through the first tent on the right,

and pass through the door on the other end. Kill the attacking soldier and

another one hiding in the bathroom. Go back to the tent and face right towards

the rusting remains of the zeppelin. There’s a narrow path leading down into

an area strewn with the corpses of resistance fighters. Walk up the support

beams to get into the zeppelin itself, and go up the stairs. You’ll enter a

room with a hole in the wall to the left. Exit out that hole and make your

way down the broken beams to an open compartment. Go up the nearby stairs

from the engine room to the flight deck. Go around the sparking wires to

another door and walk out onto the left side of the zeppelin. Autosave. Go

around the red cargo container towards the slowly spinning propeller. Use time

slow to ride one of the propeller blades to a broken piece of walkway along

the cliff. Autosave. Walk up the path and kill two soldiers standing by an

ammo crate. You should see a laser sight slowly moving around now, so you know

there’s a sniper in the area. Kill him first and pick off the other ones

moving around. Don’t jump down until you’re sure they’re all dead so that you

can refill ammo from the crate you cleared earlier. Go down the tunnel on the

right and flip the switch on the railcar to get it moving. Autosave. Jump off

as soon as possible and go towards the tunnel on the left. You’ll have to go

under a girder and climb up another one to get into a new railcar, which

you’ll use to go down the tunnel. End of level.

3.11 Level 11 – Liberation

Exit the car and go through two doors. You’ll enter a cave with many defenders,

some of them armed with Thunderbolts. Two jetpack troopers also hover next to

the bridge. The long narrow bridge separates you from your objective. As you

get towards the other end, a train approaches, so use time pause or time

rewind to avoid it. In the next section of tunnel, four soldiers with

timesuits will attack you. Use time pause to make easy work of them. Each of

them is armed with E.M.F. cannons. Proceed down the left tunnel, and walk

through the door into the next room, which contains explosives and ammo

refills. Autosave. Exit and return to the fork, this time going behind the

railcar on the right and planting the explosives. Use your time slow to get

out of range, and walk through the hole you made after they’ve detonated. Go

under the hanging railcar and find the wood-framed passageway from which the

lamp is hanging. You’ll pass a burning barrel and come upon two pools of

electrified water. Autosave. You can’t cross the whole thing in one go, so

stop on the island between the two pools. Climb the wooden ladder and walk

along the planks to an area overlooking the prison cells. You have to go

around the room to find a hole in the chain link fence so you can drop down.

Eliminate the guards and go down the flight of stairs. Enter the green-lit

door on the right-hand side, and go through another door into the control

room. Flip the switch on the wall to release the prisoners. After the

cutscene, exit the room, turn right, and then right again to exit through the

opened gate. Follow the exit arrow, passing the body of a guard, and walk

through the door at the end of the hallway. Go right, through the opened

tunnel towards a Quad. End.

3.12 Level 12 – Road Trip

Continue along the road to a new cutscene. When you see a barricade blocking

the road, go up the ramp on the right. You’ll engage several troopers here, or

you can just stay on the Quad and avoid them. The goal is to make a wide turn,

hugging the right wall of the area, until you can return to the road. Two

soldiers await you a little further down the road. Stay on the road and kill

the soldiers at the next roadblock. Watch out for the Thunderbolt-wielding

soldiers on the walkway above the gate, as well as the two E.M.F. cannon

troops at ground level. There’s an ammo crate and a Thunderbolt near the

truck. Flip the switch in the security station across the bridge and use time

slow to get back onto the bridge. Boost the Quad over the gate to continue.

Autosave. Go slowly around the bend until you have a fairly clear view of the

group of enemies ahead. Snipe them dead, and drive the Quad to the wooden

panels along the right side of the road. Use them as cover to get into the

back of the truck, which contains a rocket launcher and an ammo crate. Now

you have a choice to make. You can either use the Bloodhound rocket launcher

to pelt the Sentry with rockets until it dies or you can just make a run for

it using the time slow ability to make it between the gaps of the obstructions

in the middle of the road. In any event, you’ll have to abandon your Quad. To

the right of the sentry (assuming you left it alive) is an unpaved road, with

a new Quad marked on your map. Board it and boost jump across to the other

side. Autosave. In the distance is yet another enemy camp. Snipe as many as

you can, and mop up. You can bring the Quad with you by skirting the left edge

of the road. At some point, a truck will pull up, bringing more enemy troops.

An E.M.F. cannon, a Thunderbolt, and an ammo crate lay in the center of the

camp. Keep following the road, going around the truck, and running over the

two soldiers who try to stop you. Check the back of the next truck for rifle

ammo if you need it. Further up the road, you’ll pass a burning vehicle and

some bodies. Along the way, your suit will fill you in on some additional

story info. Autosave. Turn left down the unpaved road when you come to a road

block. Jump the gap with boost, and take out the three soldiers. You should

take notice of the yellow signs along the path, marking a concealed minefield.

Use time slow and boost to clear it, until you reach another road. Turn right

and continue along. Kill the soldiers manning this area, including the one on

a walkway above the gate. When all is quiet, chuck a grenade into the rear of

the truck and use time slow to get out of the immediate area before it

explodes, taking the gate with it. Drive the Quad past its smoking remains and

follow the road to another roadblock. Turn left and exit the Quad when your

path is blocked by two boulders. Drop down and end the level.

3.13 Level 13 – Forced Entry

Pick up the Thunderbolt if you want, and head in the general direction of the

objective marker. Your suit will pick up shielded targets, which are located

ahead to the left. A single shot with a Thunderbolt is sufficient to take out

each one. A trio of regular soldiers will also attack. One of the shielded

soldiers is armed with a new weapon, the Hellfire, a combination

sub-machinegun and flamethrower. Continue heading towards the objective

marker, which leads you to some railroad tracks. Autosave. Stay on the tracks

until you can’t proceed any further without crossing into the minefield. Use

time slow to get across without dying and swim across the lake to your

rendezvous point. Autosave. After receiving your briefing, join your team in

charging in guns blazing. Crouch to move around in the trenches without

getting your head shot off, and make your way towards the turret. Autosave.

Use the turret to shoot the enemy until two shielded soldiers emerge from the

bunker to the right down the hill. Abandon the turret and one-shot the two of

them with your Thunderbolt. Continue past them deeper into the trenches and

eliminate the enemy with extreme prejudice. When there aren’t any stragglers

left, head towards the objective indicator and climb down the stairs. Shoot

the shielded soldier who rushes from the doorway and continue up the stairs.

Exit through another door, and go down another set of stairs. Autosave. Kill

the two soldiers and proceed through the next door. Go up the stairs, through

the door, and turn right, exiting through another door. At the base of the

stairs is a door. When you exit it, turn left and eliminate the soldiers to

the left. As you advance down the hallway, a soldier will reveal himself from

the door on the right, with two shielded soldiers playing escort. Walk through

the door they came from, and kill the three soldiers on the far side of the

train tracks. There’s an ammo crate to the left as soon as you enter the room.

Jump onto the train and flip the lever. End of level.

3.14 Level 14 – Test Labs

Exit the tram and walk through the door to the left. Autosave. The suit will

warn you of a hidden defense system. Use time slow to make it into the first

hallway on the left, where you can flip a switch to deactivate the first

rocket turret. The next hallway is on the right, where you can again turn off

the turret. Rinse and repeat for the next two turrets. The control panel for

the fourth node is opposite the door. Autosave. The door behind you opens to

reveal two surprised soldiers. Kill them and cautiously poke your head out

into the wide open area beyond the other door. Two snipers are on the upper

catwalk, so use your Thunderbolt or sniper rifle to kill them before they kill

you. The first door on the left has a Thunderbolt inside if you need one. Go

down the steps in front of you, towards the middle of this area, and go right,

around the boxes to engage the two soldiers who emerge from a door. Kill them

and then find the walkway leading into the middle and walk down it. Autosave.

You’ll come under attack from the right and across the way. Kill them all and

then continue to the opposite side of the room. Once across, turn right and

go through the door to collect ammo for the E.M.F. cannon. When you exit, look

for a ladder on the right side leading up to a catwalk. Climb up and go into

the room on the left. Flip the red switch to start the exhaust fan. Autosave.

Turn around and blast the soldier who rushes from the door behind you. Enter

and do the same with his pal. The door to the right leads back out into the

cavernous arena where some troops have responded to the alarm. Kill them and

collect ammo from the crate before going down the ladder. Continue left,

wiping out the opposition. You’ll have to jump over a rusted pipe and walk

around a silver one to continue. Jump onto the thick brown pipe and continue

left around more pipes. Jump over a silver one, still killing the opposition.

Eventually you’ll pass what looks like an electrical fusebox on the left. Keep

going straight, jumping over a pipe. Use time slow as you’re walking up the

see-saw grate. Autosave. Kill the soldier standing by the explosive gas tanks,

but try not to blow them up. You’ll just have to use time pause to get past

the jets of fire that are created by burst pipes. Clear the area, still facing

the same direction. You’ll find a console which controls the entrance into the

exhaust fan area. Flip the switch, and pause time to make it through the

bottom half when it opens up. Autosave. Inch as close to the blades as you can

without falling down, and use time reverse to go up the tall shaft. Try to

move towards the edges of the shaft so that you will land on solid ground when

the ability runs out. Kill the four soldiers up top here and exit through the

door. End of level.

3.15 Level 15 – Factory Recall

Enter a control room through the door on the left. Kill the two soldiers

manning their posts and grab the E.M.F. cannon ammo if you need it. Exit

through the door on the other end and kill the enemy at the end of the

hallway. Out the door is the munitions area, guarded by several soldiers

armed with Thunderbolts. Autosave. Pick them off and then climb down the

ladder. Go along the walkway towards the nearby platform, and climb up the

ladder. You’ll be under attack by three soldiers, all in front of you in a

wide arc. One has a standard rifle, another has an E.M.F. cannon and the

furthest away has a Thunderbolt. If you need additional Thunderbolt ammo,

there’s a refill around the platform from the ladder you climbed up.

Continuing along the walkways, your suit will detect a new enemy who uses

time stop. Ignore it for now, and climb down the ladder on the platform

beyond. The Quantum Guard reappears temporarily as you go down the ladder.

Face the center of the platform and strafe to the left, shoot the farther

explosive barrel to kill the two troops by the boxes. Jump over the

obstruction and kill more troops on the same level to the right. Two

additional troops armed with Thunderbolts will appear on a higher catwalk to

the right. Take the catwalk towards their former position and climb the ladder

on the far side of the platform. Turn around and walk to the other platform

and climb down. Walk across and climb up the ladder to the right into a

control room. Hit the button, which deploys several timesuited soldiers and

drops a tank to the ground floor. Autosave. Since you can’t climb back down

the ladder, exit the control room through the green-lit door. The

timestopping trooper will reappear and shoot at you once. Exit the hallway

through the door at the other end, back out onto the catwalks. Climb down the

ladder, killing the soldiers one-by-one. Be aware that additional timesuit

soldiers will pop out of containers as you make your way towards the

objective marker. Between the time pause ability and the Thunderbolt they

are easy kills. You will reach an area with four tanks side by side. Blow up

the barrels first so you don’t kill yourself by shooting at the timesuit

soldiers. After the tank area, turn left and snipe-kill the two soldiers up

in the rafters. Collect ammunition from the crate by the truck if you need

it. Hunt down the two timesuit soldiers left in the area, and climb up the

ladder indicated by the objective marker. Climb down the other ladder to

get to a previously inaccessible platform. Head for the hole in the grating,

but turn around and let your attackers have it. Return to the hole in the wall

and climb in. Find the hole in the floor and drop down. End of level.

3.16 Level 16 – Some Assembly Required

Head towards the door in front of you, a soldier on the other side will open

it as you get closer. Clear the surrounding area and climb down the ladder to

the right as you entered the room. Climb the nearby ladder up to the level

with the conveyor belt. Use your time suit to get past the smashers, as well

as the flame jets beyond. Autosave. Kill the soldier over the railing on the

right. Use time pause to get past another pair of smashers. Jump off the

conveyor belt as soon as you've passed the second smasher, onto the walkway

leading to two doors, one of which is locked. Autosave. Through the unlocked

door is some Thunderbolt ammo, but if you want to continue along the mission,

go down the ladder in the middle of the walkway. Three soldiers will be

waiting for your below, and two more soldiers will rush out of the locked door

on the floor above. Wipe them out and explore the previously locked door for

an ammo crate. When ready to proceed, walk down the stairs to the left or the

right, doesn't matter which way because they lead to the same area. Follow

the walkway to a large platform indicated by the objective marker. You'll

come under attack from soldiers hiding among the boxes and crates. To the

left on a lower level, two snipers will join in the fighting. Kill them all

and refill from an ammo crate by the objective marker. Climb up the ladder

and flip the switch to open the doors to the elevator shaft below. Find the

turnwheel to raise the elevator and use time slow to get inside. Exit the

elevator to an autosave. Kill the troops on the platform and head right from

the elevator to find a walkway leading to a new platform. Kill the troops and

head to the right door. More troops will exit from it and attack you. Hit the

button on the terminal to lower a ladder. Climb up and kill the troops. The

room to the right of the ladder when you're facing it contains a Thunderbolt

and an E.M.F. cannon. As you continue towards the objective marker, two

additional enemies will appear on your radar to the left and above. Kill the

one with the Bloodhound first. As you near the objective marker, take note of

the explosive barrels on the narrow bridge. A trooper will shoot it from

across the way. Kill him before using time slow to get past the first set of

flames, and then the second. The door along the walkway holds a E.M.F. cannon.

For those who want to continue, face the brick wall where it reads AIRDUCT and

jump over the railing. Walk into the duct and then drop down to end the level.

3.17 Level 17 - Sabotage

Use time pause to make it past the fan's blades and kill the trooper to the

right. Eliminate as many enemies as you can before going down the ladder

because you're pretty vulnerable with your back to them. Go down and head

towards the Krone Industries sign. Climb up the short ladder to a raised

platform, and up the ladder at the other end. Kill the two soldiers in the

control room and flip the switches to activate the cargo dollys. Go back

outside and run across the dollies to the walkway. Autosave. Follow the exit

arrows on the walkway and climb down the ladder. Go up the stairs and wait by

the conveyor belt for a box to lower. Use reverse time to ride the box up and

into the next area. Get out of the box and drop to the side off the conveyor

belt. Kill the technician and walk up the stairs out the door. Autosave. Wait

in the room about two seconds and the door in front of you will open to reveal

an assembly line of timesuit troopers. Kill the patrolling shield guard and

walk to the left. Four or five soldiers will attack you in the room past the

closed door. Grab ammo from the mini-armory and then exit through the other

door in the room. Kill the soldiers and ignore the walkway to the left, keep

going straight. You may come under attack from soldiers below and to the right,

so use your radar to find them before finishing 'em off. At the end of the

walkway, pass through the door. Kill the three soldiers inside and go out the

other door. Autosave. Refill at the ammo crate and exit. Through the next door

is the core room. It's defended by jetpack troopers and regular soldiers. Kill

them and walk towards the grey wall with the lettering SECTOR 01. Enter the

elevator and ride it down. Autosave. E.M.F. cannon ammo in the armory to the

right. Your suit will detect shielded enemies as you approach the bars. Kill

the shielded troopers and turn right towards the objective marker. Wait for

each beam to go vertical, that is, running straight from top to bottom, hug

the wall and use time pause to get past. Again, you can't make it all in one

attempt, so wait for your time bar to refill between each one. After passing

through the three beams, you'll come into a room with a terminal and a button.

Hit the button to purge the core coolant. Autosave. A new path leading to two

laser traps opens. Using the same strategy to get past, turn right at the end

and enter the elevator shaft. Climb the ladder and head right around the boxes.

Watch out for the falling rocks! A Quantum Guard will appear, and a regular

soldier hides behind the tractor. When you can go no further, turn left into

the lift and ride it up. If the Quantum Guard is on the verge of killing you,

pause time and let your health regen a bit.

3.18 Level 18 - Exeunt

Exit the lift and turn left. Kill all the troops in the area, including the

timeslowing soldiers. Pick up the E.M.F. cannon and Thunderbolt refills from

the crates before heading for the column shaped building. Jump over the boxes.

Autosave. Immediately head left, behind the cargo containers. The helicopter

you saw lifting off from the elevator is now on your case. Luckily there's a

Bloodhound sitting nearby. 8 rockets later, the helicopter is history. For an

easier time with the helicopter, use time pause to keep it in one spot while

you unload your firepower. Autosave. Head towards the lift, killing the two

shielded troopers who emerge. Fill up from the ammo crate nearby before riding

the lift up. A dropship lowers, and troops descend. Pause time for easy kills.

Two soldiers from the right, one from up above to the left in the tower, and a

Quantum Guard complicate matters. Use a heavy weapon like the Bloodhound to

make quick work of the Guard, and kill the others at your leisure. Refill ammo

from the crate across from the lift and then head left, around the tower. Kill

the troops shooting at you from the building and climb up the ladder. The suit

will warn you of falling debris so run across the bridge to the other side,

killing the trooper behind some boxes. Climb up the series of ladders until

you see a cable car. Autosave. Flip the switch and get back on the car as it

crosses the gap. Aim towards the door far in the distance and kill the

Bloodhound-armed soldier before he can shoot you. If you stop at the middle

island, you can get some more ammo before continuing across. You'll have to

recall the cable car using the nearby lever. The cable car doesn't stop, so

you'll have to board it while its moving, and flip the lever once again to

get it going in the direction you want. At the other end, walk through the

door and the next one into a long hallway with flickering lights. Kill the

technician and walk through the door behind him. Autosave. Proceed left, past

the laser traps and kill another soldier. Go into the security room and climb

the ladder. This access shaft will take you to the hangar bay. Autosave. Climb

up and kill the soldiers. Hit the switch next to the hangar bay doors to open

them, and kill the two soldiers outside. Turn the knob in the farther security

booth and then use time slow to get back inside the ship before it lifts too

high. End of level.

3.19 Level 19 - Drive-By

Receive your briefing followed by a cutscene. You'll come to manning the turret

of the vehicle being driven by the resistance. Kill the soldiers on the APC

following behind you and then you'll drive over a raising bridge. Exit on foot

and kill the enemies. Autosave. Go around the bunker to its left and clear it

out. Flip the switch inside to open the gate. Autosave. Head through the gate

and take cover behind the log to the left. Your goal is to get to a stack of

boxes near the gate. Jump on top of them, and over the fence. Avoid the

minefield by hugging the left wall. Run up the fallen girder leaning against

the fence when using time pause. Autosave. Go right, along the train tracks

and enter the building through a door on its left side. Exit up the staircase

to the top floor. Kill the two distant snipers, as well as the soldiers to the

left. Continue left, flipping the switch. Stay on the walkway and look for the

gap in the barbed wire. Drop down to the train as it passes beneath you and use

time reverse to ride it back through the doors it came from. Autosave. Kill all

the soldiers and then go up the steps on the right far side of the depot. Ride

the lift up to the second level and flip the switch to bring the loading

platform over to you. Flip the switch again to send it back and use time slow

to get on. Ride it across the room, and jump to the platform and push the

button to call the lift. Stop right in front of the conveyor belt and use

reverse time to follow the boxes back through the opening and drop down.

Autosave. Kill the soldiers, and go up the stairs to the left. Follow the

walkway around to the objective marker and then jump onto the pipes to the

right and get into the ventilation shaft. Continue around the corner to end

the level.

3.20 Level 20 - Gate Crashers

Exit the shaft and kill the opposition in the area. They're a mixed bag of

infantry, shielded troopers, and timeslow troopers. Explore the area from

which the shield troopers attacked to find an E.M.F. cannon and an Echo Rifle.

Go past the cargo containers and around the thick green pipe to an autosave.

Engage multiple enemies once again. Restock on ammo from the crate near the

top of the loading dock ramp. Turn left at the Block 02 gate and go up the

metal ramp leaning against some boxes. Jump over the fence to an autosave.

Turn right and kill the shielded and non-shielded troops. Continue past the

chainlink fence towards the objective marker. Kill the sniper on the catwalk

above and the one coming down the lift. Enter the lift and flip the switch to

raise it. Flip the closer switch and use time slow to run to the other one to

activate it. Autosave. Equip a Bloodhound or grab one from the tower near the

second switch. Note: You can't damage the helicopter unless its already made

its first pass. Shoot down the helicopter and go back down the lift. Go down

the ramp and into the back room indicated on the radar to pick up the

explosives. Autosave. Plant the explosives on the indicated door and use time

pause to get away in time. Run through the hole and exit through the door on

the right and through another door. End of level.

3.21 Level 21 - The Wind Tunnel

Watch the unfortunate volunteer get gibbed by the wind fans. Step through the

door and aim for the area by the windows. Your goal is simply to get out of

the rushing airflow. Find the open door and kill the two soldiers within. Find

the stairwell and go up. Exit out the door and kill more soldiers. Go across

the walkway and out the other door. Climb the two ladders and exit out the

door. Kill the soldiers with your ranged weapon and hit the button by the

terminal to stop the fans. Autosave. Kill the three jetpack troopers, and walk

along the catwalk to the right as you're facing the computer terminal. Climb

down the ladder at the end to a platform with two red cargo containers. Walk

past them and through the door on the right. Climb down the first ladder and

exit through the doors into the control center. Kill the two soldiers within

and hit the switch on the main computer terminal. Autosave. Exit the control

room, and climb down the second ladder and out the door. Kill the two soldiers

who attack and go through the door past their bodies. Go down the stairs and

turn right after the doorway. Grab the E.M.F. cannon pickup and continue

through the door. Kill the three soldiers inside and flip both switches using

time slow to open the hangar doors. Backtrack past the computer terminal that

you used to shut down the fan system, and down two ladders to meet up with the

resistance fighters. End.

3.22 Level 22 - Repo Men

Go around the train to pick up an E.M.F. cannon and a Bloodhound if you want

or just board it. Pull the lever to get it started. It'll drive a short

distance before coming under heavy fire from ground troops. Get out and start

killing. When they're all dead, head for the looming gate in the distance and

up the stairs to the left. Go through the nearby door, down the stairs, and

through the door at the bottom. Kill the two soldiers, grab the weapons from

the armory and straight through the other door. Kill the soldiers and jump the

tracks to the door on the other side. The next door will open up to a

stairwell. Go up and wipe out the three soldiers on the platform. Watch out

for the turret on the upper level though. Collect the ammunition and then flip

the lever to the left. Autosave. Kill the soldiers on the platform beyond and

the turret guy, as well as the ones that charge you from behind after they're

dead. Exit through the door they attacked from, and go down the stairs. Go

through two doors, and kill the men in the room. Exit out the other door and

go across the tracks to the green door. Kill the men within and hit the button

on the main terminal. Autosave. Go through the door to the left of the

terminal as you face it, and through another door. Go through the gate to the

right and through the area the elevator lifted from. Kill your attackers and

go through the door behind them. Kill the two soldiers inside and out the door

to the left. You should see a Krone Industries sign. Go past it to a stairwell

and go up and out onto the platform. Kill your attackers and flip the lever to

the right to call the lift. Kill your way to the control room and hit the

button on the center console. A cutscene ends the level.

3.23 Level 23 - En Route

Take control of the laser turret and blow the helicopters and minelayers out

of the sky. At some point, the zeppelin will dock. Autosave. Hit X to get out

of the turret and enter the elevator behind you. Exit through either door, and

flip the nearby switch to ride the lift down. Kill the soldiers on the walkway

and walk up to the gate. Turn right and climb the ladder. Turn left at the

edge and walk along the beam to an open grate. Autosave. Drop down, and then

drop down again down a chute to a room filled with fuel drums. Use time pause

or time reverse so that the nearby guard doesn't blow you up. Kill him and

then duck into the door he vacated. Shoot the barrels from the safety of this

side room and go through the grate you blew off the floor. There's also an

E.M.F. cannon and an ammo crate next to the door. Follow the arrows around in

the cramped space, and drop down. Autosave. Jump into the open pipe and follow

it to its end. Turn around and kill the guards in the immediate area. Jump

onto the brown pipe and from there onto the platform. More guards will attack.

When ready, flip the switch to lower a cargo pallet. Flip it again, this time

getting on top of it. Jump onto the catwalk and go up the stairs. Kill the

three soldiers across the way and then jump over the railing onto the pipes.

Jump up again at the next set until you reach Airway 436. Enter and drop

through the grating. A Quantum Guard will appear and start attacking you.

Kill him and then go up the ladder around the corner into a vent shaft. Drop

down hit the button on the console to lower the fuel tank. Autosave. Go

through the crawlspace marked exit. Kill the troops below and then jump on a

box to get into another crawlspace. Drop down onto a pipe, and from there to

another pipe, and down to the floor. Kill the two Quantum Guard that warp in

and out. Climb into the rail car and flip the lever. End.

3.24 Level 24 - Consequences

Exit your crashed flyer and crouch to squeeze into the building through the

open window. Remember it? Its the resistance HQ you started in. Walk through

the doors into the back alley. Autosave. Climb the ladder and go around the

walkway. Drop down and go up another ladder, entering the building through the

window. Go around the corner to an autosave. Pick up the weapons in the room

before exiting through the door. Kill the soldier to the right and walk across

the hallway to another door. Do the same with the next one and melee or shoot

apart the wall into the next room. Exit back into the hallway through the door

to the right and kill along the way to the objective marker. Climb up the ramp

through the hole into the next room and go upstairs. Kill the soldier opening

the door and keep heading upstairs. Open the door and climb the ladder up to

the attic. Autosave. Jump on the scaffolding and go through the window onto

the roof. Kill the guards armed with SurgeGuns and use their guns to blow up

the turrets on the legs of the Sentinel. Hiding behind the brick walls does no

good because eventually the plasma fire will reduce them to dust. After each

gun explodes, Krone will launch an artillery strike at your location. Use time

slow and keep moving around the roof to avoid getting hit. Eventually the

third cannon will explode and the final artillery strike will pass. Exit the

rooftop to the right of where you climbed out the window onto the rooftop.

Make your way past the burning tires to a hole in the floor. Drop down, and

then find another hole that lets you go down another floor. At the

intersection, turn right and go through the door. Drop down through the giant

hole in the floor and go through the window. Don't drop down on the other side

yet though. Wait for Krone's Sentinel to aim its belly gun and take it down

with the SurgeGun. Then get out on the fire escape and pick up the refill.

Enjoy the final cutscene and the setup for a sequel.

4. Credits

Me, myself, and I. Plenty more room here for people who send tips and