Box art - State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 Patch 1.2 Update: What’s in the Patch Notes?

While State of Decay 2 has been, for some, a sorry state of affairs, developers Undead Labs are doing their utmost to ensure the second month of the Xbox Game Pass’ headline act will run as smoothly as possible. Among the list of changes in the State of Decay 2 1.2 patch notes include general stability fixes, improved networking, and the removal of some of the most hilarious bugs you’ll find in-game.

State of Decay 2 Patch 1.2: Main Changes

There’s a whole bunch of improvements to improve State of Decay 2’s quality of life. We’ll get to the full list in just a moment, but here are some of the highlights:

  • Zombies are now no longer immune to the Assault Kick
  • General bandwith improvements
  • Grenades no longer get stuck behind your own head on occasion when throwing (yes, really!)
  • Several collision glitches have been fixed.

State of Decay 2 1.2 Patch Notes: Download Size

Here’s the tough pill you’re going to have to swallow: the 1.2 update is a whopping 20GB in size which is, quite remarkably, exactly the same size of the core game itself. Discussions about whether Undead Labs shipped a game that needed a whole lot of work doing to it can be had for another time; here’s the cold, hard facts: you’re going to need a solid connection and several hours free if you want to download this bad boy.

State of Decay 2 1.2 Patch Notes: Full List of Changes

The full list of changes, should you want to read through them while your download percentage is slowly creeping along, is available here on the State of Decay 2 website. The 1.2 patch notes address everything from HUD fixes, to camera issues, and even audio problems. In essence, this appears to be the update that will get the game working like it was meant to on release, which can only be a good thing.