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Fortnite Royale Bomber: How to Unlock the New Fortnite Skin

The Fortnite Royale Bomber is the latest skin that players seem to be drooling over. The more weeks that pass without its launch, the more impatient the community seems to become. To be honest, I can sort of understand why, as the Royale Bomber skin does look pretty awesome, and is actually appropriately themed for the all-out warfare seen in Battle Royale. A soldier belongs on the battlefield, whereas most of the other Fortnite characters do not.

Fortnite Royale Bomber: What Is It?

The Fortnite Royale Bomber skin has been expected to drop for several weeks now. Because of this, there’s a lot of hype surrounding the skin. It is of the Epic variety, meaning it is valuable and will cost a lot of V-Bucks, but isn’t as expensive as the top-tier Legendary skins.

Soldier skins are pretty common in Fortnite, but the Royale Bomber has its own unique look that helps it stand out from the others. The dark blue coloring will make the skin difficult to spot from medium range and beyond. Where other skins are easily seen with their vibrant colors, the Royale Bomber should go be able to go undetected for longer.

Fortnite Royale Bomber: How to Unlock It

Fortnite Royale Bomber

The Fortnite Royale Bomber will likely pop up in the store soon. Though this isn’t officially confirmed, a 3D model of the skin was datamined from the recent 4.3 update, which usually indicates an imminent release.

If you’re hoping to pick up the Fortnite Royale Bomber skin, I’d recommend holding onto your V-Bucks a little longer, as I estimate a release for this week or the next. As an Epic skin, it shouldn’t cost too much, when compared to the more expensive Legendary skins.

Once released, expect to see the Royale Bomber advertised in-game and across the Fortnite social media accounts.