Vampyr Mesmerize

Vampyr: How to Level Up Mesmerize Skill

Vampyr allows you to mesmerize certain people to obtain more dialog choices or even suck their blood. Increasing the mesmerize skill will let you open more options as to how you proceed through the game, and it’s critical if you want to get the most out of the game. Below we detail how to level up the mesmerize skill in Vampyr.

How to Level Up Mesmerize in Vampyr

One of the well-known traditional powers of a vampire is the ability to charm others to do your bidding. Dr. Reid is just a baby vampire at the beginning of the game, so his ability to mesmerize isn’t compelling. However, as you proceed through the campaign Reid will gain more control of his powers, and you’ll be able to bend more powerful wills to your own.

Mesmerize is a passive skill, and unlike the other abilities you obtain in Vampyr, it can only be raised by completing specific quests. You’ll start the game at level one, but you’ll have to make your way through the story before you can increase mesmerize further. You won’t get to level 2 until you speak with Nurse Crane in Whitechapel, for example.

One of the key ways to gain XP in Vampyr is using mesmerize to suck the blood of significant characters. This gives you a massive burst of XP but usually has a negative consequence. Shops may shut down, and other detrimental events may occur. You can also get experience from using mesmerize to unlock and choose new dialog options with major characters, though the boost isn’t as significant as if you just killed them.

There is a trick you can use to negate the negative consequences to blood-sucking, though. Play through the story until your mesmerize gets to level 4 or so. Then you can return to a district and tie up any loose ends. Once all your tasks in a district are completed, you can turn it into a personal buffet. Since you’ve already done all there is to be done; there’s no penalty for killing everyone since there’s no reason to come back.

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