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Destiny 2 Bow Weapon Explained: Release Date, Details, More

Bungie announced today in a huge livestream that a Destiny 2 Bow Weapon is coming to the game officially. This is crazy news as the game has primarily only catered to guns, explosive projectiles, and other firearms. The only exception to this has been the swords and other melee weapons players can equip.

The Destiny 2 Bow, however, marks the first major departure from the other ranged weapons in the game. Interestingly enough, it isn’t the only major addition to the game coming soon as Bungie is shaking up everything you know about weapons in general with the upcoming Forsaken expansion. Here’s everything you should know about the bow.

Destiny 2 Bow Weapon Explained

The Destiny 2 Bow is coming to the game soon. Unfortunately, you can’t log in today and check it out as it will be releasing as part of the major Forsaken expansion that was announced. As such, the release date for the bow is set to be when the expansion releases on September 4th, 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

The Destiny 2 Bow Weapon is unique in a lot of ways, as how you use it is pretty different. It isn’t just one bow that will be added to the game, as there are actually three different types of bows that Guardians can use. The three categories are short bows, medium ones, and long ones.

The Destiny 2 Bow and Arrows will be a unique addition to the game, coupled with the fact that Bungie is completely changing how weapons work. From now on, players will decide what slot they will want to equip their weapons into. Weapons like shotguns and rocket launchers will no longer be exclusive to one of the three weapon categories as players will be able to switch them around as they please.

For more on all weapons and how to unlock the Destiny 2 Bow Weapon when it releases in a few months, keep it locked right here.