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Destiny 2 Error Code Buffalo Explained: What You Can Do

The Destiny 2 Error Code Buffalo is an issue that many many players are currently dealing with right now. This issue is an annoying one as it renders the game completely unplayable. We are going to explain what this issue is and what you can do regarding this problem.

Players who are dealing with the Destiny 2 Error Code Buffalo will want to fix it immediately so they can play the game. It certainly isn’t a fun problem to deal since it does make your game unplayable. This is because the FPS is totally online, therefore, being unable to play offline. Let’s dive into what’s happening.

Destiny 2 Error Code Buffalo Explained

The Destiny 2 Error Code Buffalo occurs because of one issue in particular that Bungie will notify you of when you receive the error. The problem is that you are logged into the game already and so you aren’t able to log in again. This is a pretty common issue with online games and can be really challenging to fix.

Destiny 2 Error Code Buffalo Fix

Though it is kind of hard to fix the Destiny 2 Error Code Buffalo, we are going to give you some tips as to what you should do. For one, we suspect that this issue could be happening to you and many others because of recent server maintenance and/or an update. That is one possibility.

If that is the case, waiting for the maintenance to end or a few hours thereafter should give some time for the Destiny 2 Error Code Buffalo to blow over. Another thing you can do are the basics; closing game completely, PC launcher, computer, and so on. Restarting all of those things can help. If you recently logged in on a different platform, restart it as well.

Lastly, one other way of fixing the Destiny 2 Error Code Buffalo is by using a VPN. Some players have reported that this has helped them out with logging back in. If none of those work for you, then we suggest heading to the forums to get help directly from Bungie.