Sony E3 Countdown: How to Watch PlayStation’s Early Game Reveals

E3 2018 may be mere days away, but that doesn’t mean the shock reveals can’t already start now, can they? Say hello to the Sony E3 Countdown: a special build-up event to LA’s grand gaming extravaganza that promises to unveil new games every day in the week leading up to E3. So, how can you watch, when is it on and what games are going to be announced? Read on to find out, and make sure you mark your calendars!

Sony E3 Countdown: How to Watch

The Sony E3 Countdown event, which has already started as of June 6 (more on that later), is available to watch on official Sony channels. The PlayStation YouTube page will be your go-to bookmark for the event, as will the PlayStation Twitch page. You can also find details on all of the Sony E3 Countdown announcements on the PlayStation Blog.

Sony E3 Countdown: When Is it On?

There will be one announcement stream every day from June 6 all the way until Sunday, June 10 leading up to Sony’s main E3 conference on Monday, June 11.

While there isn’t an official start time for when it comes to the Sony E3 Countdown, the first day kicked off at 8am PST/11am EST/4pm BST, indicating that this will be the start time moving forward. However, other days, especially weekends may differ greatly.

Sony E3 Countdown: What Games Will Be Announced?

The first game, Tetris Effect, a VR effort from the creator behind Rez, has already been announced for both PS4 and PSVR.

The other four titles come with compelling clues that is sure to pique the interest of Sony fanboys everywhere. They are:

  • Wednesday, June 7: Release date for an upcoming worldwide studios title.
  • Thursday, June 8: Announcement of new PS4 game.
  • Friday, June 9: Announcement of new PSVR game.
  • Saturday, June 10: Details of a game coming to PSVR.