How Long to Beat Vampyr Explained: How Long is It?

With its recent launch, many players are wondering how long to beat Vampyr. How long is this new action RPG from the creators of Life is Strange? Is it meaty enough to last you a good long while? We are going to answer this and much more in our quick FAQ guide.

Knowing how long to beat Vampyr does, of course, need to take into account a number of different factors. Each gamer plays differently so we are going to break down what we believe is the length of the game for those just looking to see the credits roll, the completionists, and those in between. Let’s get started.

How Long to Beat Vampyr

Being that it is an action RPG, how long to beat Vampyr should be pretty lengthy and that is the case for this vampire RPG for the most part. However, if you are looking to blast through the story, that is pretty easy, too. Let’s begin with players who just want to play through the story and see the credits roll.

If that’s you, then how long to beat Vampyr is around a dozen hours or so. It can range anywhere from 12-20 hours to complete it from start to finish just for the story based on our estimations. However, it increases from there for those that want to see more of the side content.

Those who want to see some of the side content and enjoy the story at a relatively relaxed pace can expect how long to beat Vampyr to be around 25-30 hours of gameplay. We expect this to be the average gameplay time for most gamers. If you are a completionist, though, there is a lot to do in the game.

Getting to know every single named NPC to the fullest before devouring them is a lengthy process so we expect the full how long to beat Vampyr and everything in it to be at least 50 hours. Good luck!