Fortnite Survival Specialist: How to Get the Survival Specialist Fortnite Skin

The Survival Specialist Fortnite skin is available for a limited time only via Item Shop rotation. Fortnite is full of skins, emotes and other cosmetic items for us to buy and enjoy and show off to other players, with many locked into this rotation and only available during a specific time.

What exactly is the Survival Specialist? And how can we get it? When can we get it? All is revealed below Fortnite fans, so don’t fret.

How Do I Get the Survival Specialist Fortnite Skin?

To download the Survival Specialist skin, all you need to do is head on over to the Cash Shop and fork over 1,200 of your hard-earned V-Bucks. It’s a rare female outfit that has been in shop rotation since January 18th. You can equip it in the Locker screen before a match starts.

What is the Survival Specialist Fortnite Skin?

survival specialist fortnite skin

The Survival Specialist Outfit is a female only skin that features a black tank top emblazoned with a grey skull design. Accompanying the tank top is a black baseball cap with a crosshair, grey camouflage jeans, black boots, and gloves. It looks pretty stylish, to be fair.

When Can I Buy the Survival Specialist Fortnite Skin?

The Survival Specialist skin is available as a daily item and was last seen in Shop rotation on June 2nd, which means that it’s no longer available following this latest rotation.. We don’t know when it will be coming back but keep an eye out here to see our daily Fortnite shop update. We know for certain that it wasn’t in the item shop update yesterday. According to the Fortnite Skins website, the Survival Specialist tends to return every couple of weeks or so.

The item shop is updated daily in Fortnite, so if you’re playing the game every day, you will see when the Survival Specialist outfit returns.

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