Cartoon Network Racing PS2 Cheats

Unlockable Characters:


How to Unlock
Bunny BravoComplete the races from Aron man challege in cartoon eliminator
EustaceComplete the races from Cowardly competion in cartoon eliminator
FlemComplete the races from Pork butt challege in cartoon eliminator
Fuzzy lumpkins and HimComplete the races from Townsville tournament in cartoon eliminator
Mom and DadComplete the races from Super science tournament in cartoon eliminator
Red guyComplete the races from UR challeged in cartoon eliminator


Unlock all bonuses:

Press Down, Circle, Down, Square, Up, Down at the main menu to unlock all bonuses.

Unlockable Galleries:


How to Unlock
C&C="Black Sheep Of The Family" and Track ABeat the "Pork Butt Challenge"
C&C="Child Star" and Track BBeat the Cow and Chicken Super Tournement
CTCD="Robot Randy" and Track ABeat the "Cowardly Competition"
CTCD="The Magic Tree Of Nowhere" and Track BBeat the Courage the Cowardly Dog Super Tournement
Dexter's lab="Dexter's Rival" and Track ABeat the "Super Science Tournement"
Dexter's lab="Mandarker" and Track BBeat the Dexter's Laboratory Super Tournement
I.M Weasel="Enemy Camp" and Track ABeat the "U R Challenged Cup"
I.M Weasel="My Friend,The Smart Banana" and Track BBeat the I.M Weasel Super Tournement
Johnny Bravo="Doommates" and Track ABeat the "Aron Man Challenge"
Johnny Bravo="Johnny's Telethon" and Track BBeat the Johnny Bravo Super Tournement
PPG="Telephonies" and Track ABeat the "Townsville Tournement"
PPG="Tough Love" and Track BBeat the Powerpuff Girls Super Tournement