Final Fantasy VII PS Cheats

Mega-all Materia:
In the North Cave, after you beat Sephiroth, head to the part of the cave with blue rock and green waterfalls. In one of the waterfalls you should see a little pink dot. Head over there, wait for it to come up, jump, and press X until you grab it. It lets you use "all" on every action you perform. Nice!

Quick Money:
Go to the desert outside of the Gold Saucer and walk around for a while. Sooner or later a little Cactus Man will appear. You can’t beat him with magic or weapons, but he can be defeated by summoning Chocobos or Mogs. If you manage to kill him he’s worth 10,000 gil!

Quick Money II:
At the Gold Saucer most attractions require you to have GP. Once you have entered by shuttle, go to the top left-hand corner to the save point. At the house to the right there is a chance that there will be a dark figure. He will sell you 100 GP for 10,000 gil…

More Easy Gil:
In the cave before Sephiroth, there is a room with a bunch of roots around. In this room, you can fight little orange bouncy guys called "Movers". They have fairly low HP, and don’t do much damage. But, for defeating them, you get a whopping 90,000 gil!

Final Attack Materia:
Go to the Battle Arena in the Golden Saucer. If you haven’t, save enough points and buy Omnislash and the W-Summon materia. At the point, you should be able to talk to the lady and enter a ‘special battle’. These monsters are much harder, so be prepared. When you do win, you’ll get the Final Attack materia as a prize. You may also receive other items, just so you know.

Lucky 7 fever:
Try to get a character’s life to 7777 by Exp. points and switching Materia around. Once this is done the character will go berserk and hit the enemy at 7777 points until the battle is over.

Item Duplicator Trick:
You only need the W-Item Materia. During a battle, have the character with W-item pick a highlighted item that you want to duplicate. Then pick any other item. When the cursor is over a character, press "cancel" and your first item will increase to its original number. Then, press "accept" and then "cancel" over and over until you have 99 of the item.

Easy 2 Mega-Materia:
In the final dungeon when you are prompted to take your party to the left and right path… take your party to the right path thus leaving the rest to go to the left. Follow the path down to the end where you meet up with the rest of the group. You can take the path that leads to where the party went left – do it and collect all the items from the left path. Now return to the group. They will hand over the items that they found on the left path (which are the same items you got).

Tetris Elemental:
South of Cosmo Canyon is an island you can barely or maybe not even see on the world map. But this small little island is filled with Cactrots. Be sure you have the Morph Materia equipped along with a weapon with a good attack%. Go to battle and you will encounter a Cactrot. The Cactrot has 6,000 HP so take off atleast 5,800 to 5,900 damage points, then use Morph on it. If you don’t hit him the first time with Morph then just keep on trying because most likely you will hit it with Morph. You now have a Tetris Elemental. Keep on doing this over and over again and you will get this rare relic.

Raise XP and Materia levels quickly:
To raise your XP and Materia levels very quickly, simply go to the town of Junon (The town with the big cannon). Pay the man at the elevator 10 gil to enter. Once you reach the top, go the way that you would go to reach the underwater reactor. When you enter the hallway with the Shinra troops doing the marches led by the man in Red you will see a Red light on the wall. Go up to the light and press the Circle button or X and an alarm will go off. Run around the hallway but do not exit it! You will begin to fight a majority of enemies who are not very hard but will give you large amounts of XP and AP.

Slow down the Slots:
In the battle square when the slot machine is going around to pick your handicap tap Square really fast and the slot will slow down.

When fighting bosses, combine Final Attack materia and either Pheonix Summon Materia or a Revive Spell Materia on master level. If you die you resurrect. Great for Sephiroth, Ruby, and Emerald.

When in the Chocobos Race, hold L1+L2+R1+R2 for extra speed and hold R1+R2+X to keep speed up and not lose any stamina.

Against the boss Gi Natakk, all you have to do his give HIM an X-potion or a Phoenix Down. This automatically drains all of his HP and you win the battle.

Underwater Cave
This can be done only once you have acquired the submarine. Board the submarine and go to the sea northeast of the Gold Saucer where the river meets the ocean. Submerge, and you will find yourself in a cave in the bottom of the ocean. You will notice that in the and of the cave there is a crashed airplane. It’s Shinra’s cargo plane. It’s not very big, so search all of it and you will find many items.

Easy EXP and AP:
An easy way to gain EXP and AP is to go to the upper path in the left path of the crater. In here, you will find creatures called Magic Pots. Each Magic Pot is worth 8,000 ep and 1,000 ap. However, there is one catch. If you try to attack them, you will do zero points (physical or magical). They will also say "Gimme Elixir!" So you must give them an Elixir. This will allow you to do damage to them.

Gold Chocobo:
To raise a Gold Chocobo, you will have to breed a variety of others to get the desired product. You will first need the Chocobo lure to capture them. Once you have it, rent out six stalls at the Chocobo Farm. Each stall will run you 10,000 gil, so be prepared to shell out a lot of money. Now the first two Chocobos you need are a Running female and a Walking male. The Walking male can be found near the Gold Saucer, while the Running female is just west of Mideel. Capture two of them and then head back to see what you’ve caught. Choco Billy will rate each one you bring in. Be sure that you get a "good" Walking male and a "great" Running female. This is a good time to save your game. Head to the plains below Bone Village and steal Carob Nuts from the Vlakorados’ (3 Carob Nuts needed). Now return and mate these two using a Carob Nut. Keep resetting until you come up with a Green and Blue Chocobo of opposite genders (either combination will work). You can use the same two Yellow Chocobos to breed again, but you will need to give them some time after a successful mating. Once you have the Green and Blue Chocobos, feed each of them 10 Sylkis Greens (See Chocobo Sage) and head off to the Golden Saucer to race. All of the initial Chocobos you get will be C-Class and will need to be advanced to A-Class (Tip: When racing, hold R1 + R2 to keep your Chocobos stamina up). Return once again to the farm and mate them together with another Carob Nut to get a Black Chocobo. Head to the snow-covered Northern Continent and look for the tracks on the western shore. Here you will find the Dashing Chocobo. Make sure it is in the "wonderful" quota and is the opposite gender of whatever your Black Chocobo is. Feed these newest Chocobos 10 Sylkis Greens each and race them both up to A-Class. At this point you will need to go to an island to the northeast of the Chocobo Farm. You will need to battle with the goblins there to receive a Zeio Nut. With any luck, when you return and use it to mate the Dashing and Black Chocobos, you will get a Gold Chocobo!! The Gold Chocobo gives you access to any place you want to go on the map.

Knights of the Round Summon Materia:
To get the Ultimate Materia, you will require a Gold Chocobo. Head North of the island with Goblins on it, to an invisible island that can’t be seen on the tiny map, even when it’s enlarged! Head into the cave there and the Knights-Of-The-Round Materia is yours! This materia takes a surprising total of 60,000-70,000 HPs off all enemies!


Game Shark Codes
Attention: The following codes are the only ones authorized by InterAct.

Stable 1 Color     300934B70004

Quick Limit Bar Gain In Battle d00a14505e68 800a145000ff d00a14529422 800a14522402 Debug Mode 8009a05c0041

Infinite Gil 8009d260ffff
Quick Level Gain 8009d7d8ffff

The rest of these codes are unauthorized and may not work. Use at your own risk.

Start the Game With W-Summon8009D0C4 0014 

Start the game with Master Summon 8009D9A0 005A
Save Anywhere 8009D2A6 0000
Limit Break every turn for first character 800F5E6A 00FF
Limit Break every turn for second character 800F5E9C 00FF
Limit Break every turn for third character 800F5Ed2 00FF
Always get 65535 EXP points after battle 8009D7D8 FFFF
Always get 50000 AP Point after battle 8009D7DC C350
No Random Battles8007173C 0000
No Random Battles on the World Map 8011627C 0000
All characters to level 99 (use after battle) 801FFDD6 0100
8009D7DA 0100
Max out Materia in first slot 8009CE62 0100
Cloud's HP 99998009D85C 270F
8009D85E 270F
Automatic Replenish Slot 1800F840C 270F
Always have 9999 HP for Tifa 8009DC9C 270F
8009DC9E 270F
Auto Replenish Slot 2800F8474 270F
Always have 9999 HP for Barrett8009E0DC 270F
8009E0DE 270F
Auto Replenish Slot 3800F84DC 270F
Cloud has all possible Limit Attack 8009C75A 0FFF
Tifa has all possible Limit Attack 8009C862 0FFF
Barrett has all possible Limit Attack 8009C7DE 0FFF
Yuffie has all possible Limit Attack 8009C9EE 0FFF
Red XIII has all possible Limit Attack 8009C96A 0FFF
Aerith has all possible Limit Attack 8009C8E6 0FFF
Cid has all possible Limit Attack 8009CB7A 0FFF
Vincent has all possible Limit Attack 8009CAF6 0FFF
Cait Sith has all possible Limit Attack 8009CA72 0FFF
Have 9999 Gold Points at the Golden Saucer 8009D3D2 270F
Have 50000 Battle Points at the Golden Saucer 8009D3D8 C350
Infinite life for Cloud 8009C764 270F
Infinite MP for Cloud 8009C768 03E7
No Monsters 80070674 0000
801160C0 0000
Turn any growing Chocobo into a Gold Chocobo 8009BC4E 0400

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