MX vs. ATV Unleashed,MX vs ATV Unleashed PC Cheats


TOOLAZYGet Everything
BROKEASAJOKEGet one million points
WANNABEGet all riders
LEADFOOTGet all machines
WARDROBEGet all gear
HUCKITGet every Freestyle Track
MINIMOTOGet 50cc bikes
NOTMOTOAll Open class tracks
GOOUTSIDE All National tracks
GOINSIDEAll Supercross tracks
PITPASSAll tracks
BRAPPAll bikes
BIGBOREGet 500cc bikes
BROKEASAJOKE1,000,000 Store points

Golf Cart:

Get 80 race points to unlock the Golf Cart.

Stadium Truck:

Get 100 race points to unlock the Stadium Truck.

Bigger jumps:

You can double preload to make bigger jumps; double preloading is when you preload on the bottom of a face and at the top. Just preload as usual, only preload at the very bottom of a jump. Then on that same jump, preload again at the top. This will make you go a lot farther.

Thanks to Revolution Reader Junalbert!