Avatar: The Last Airbender FAQ/ Walkthrough



















By Nexus_of_Sanity




This a walkthrough for people who want to get each chapter 100% complete. For

people just wanting to complete the game's main quest, you should be able to

do that on your own, or with the help of AtelierMana's guide.

I will be adding video walkthroughs. Firstly, a video version of this guide,

which covers how to complete each chapter 100%. And then a second one which

entails how to complete the main quest only.

Though i do recommend trying to get each chapter 100% complete. Why? It gives

you more XP, more satisfaction, and increases the battery life of a game that

you would probably get bored of after the 2-3 hours it takes to complete.




1. Version History [VH]

2. Characters [INF1]

3. Story [INF2]

4. Controls [INF3]

5. Items [INF4]

6. Walkthrough [WLK]

- Waterbender Village [LVL1]

- Amongst the Enemy [LVL2]

- The Forest [LVL3]

- Omashu [LVL4]

- Hidden Island [LVL5]

- The Air Temple [LVL6]

- The Fortress [LVL7]

7. Credits [EXT1]

8. Contact [EXT2]

9. Legal [EXT3]




REMEMBER, all Americans, the date format is d/m/y, NOT m/d/y

First started on 16/04/07. Wrote the Characters, Story, Controls and Items

sections. Version 0.0

Updated on 25/04/07. Loaded on to GameFAQs site. Waterbender village and frst

part of Amongst the enemy done. Version 0.1

Updated on 30/04/07. Continued the Amongst the Enemy section. Version 0.2

Updated on 5/05/07. Completed the Amongst the Enemy section. Version 0.3

Updated on 6/05/07. Added the bit on the last mystery quest: Good Captain, Bad

Captain. Started the Forest. Version 0.3

Updated on 11/05/07. Completed Forest Section- Version 0.5.

Updated on 8/12/07. I know! It's been AGES. But i just forgot about the

walkthrough. Sorry! Anyway, I've added in a bit on Set Item 3 in Amongst the

Enemy (thank you to that kind person on the GFaqs message boards who told me.

I'll try and find out his username) Added an introduction, and a bit on Omashu-

Version 0.5

Updated 9/12/07- Completed Omashu (took me A WHILE)- Version 0.6

Updated 11/1/08- Happy New Year, all! Completed Hidden Island (thankfully a

lot shorter than Omashu)- Version 0.7




AANG- Aang is the Avatar, the only bender capable of learning all four

elements- Earth, Fire, Air and Water. He is also the last Airbender, as all

the others were killed in the war with the Fire Nation.

In battle, Aang uses his airbending skills through his wooden staff. He can

also hit enemies with his staff and deflect attacks with it.

SOKKA- The second to join the party, Sokka is a member of the Southern Water

Tribe. He joins Aang on his quest to defeat the Fire Nation. He is a tough

warrior, who tries to become a leader for the group. Although a very cunning

fighter, his sarcasm often irritates the rest of the group.

Sokka is not a bender, and uses a frozen boomerang to fight in battle. He

also uses a club for certain advanced moves.

KATARA- Sokka’s sister, Katara, joins your party after you rescue her from the

prison. She is a powerful Waterbender with healing powers.

Katara uses waterbending to fight off enemies. She can also use ice advanced

moves and healing.

HARU- Haru is the last to join the party. He is an earthbender who joins your

party is search of his friend, Yuan, who was kidnapped by the machines.

Haru has a ranged earthbending attack, which he fires from his fists and his


MOMO- Aang’s flying lemur. Momo is not one of the main party members, but can

be controlled. He is needed for one quest in each level, as he will be needed

to retrieve items for small cracks and spaces. He can also be used to retrieve

information from unsuspecting ‘talkers’ and open locked doors.

APPA- Aang’s flying bison. Appa can not be controlled, but flies the group to

all the different places they need to go. He is located at the starting place

of every level, unless you fly him elsewhere.

Other Characters

LIAN- "The Maker". Lian is a prisoner of a Fire Nation and claims to being

forced by them to make the machines for the Fire Nation. But when she flees

after you rescue her, her connection to the machines becomes slightly


VILLAGE ELDER- There is one of these in almost every level. They will

give you info and advice, and they will give you quests to do.

QUEST CHARACTERS- Quest Characters are people who wish to speak to you,

to ask for a favour. They are indicated with blue dots on the map, and

a blue dot above their head. When you have completed their relevant

sidequest, their dot will turn green.

MERCHANTS- Merchants are indicated by a yellow dot on the map. They will

not be indicated on the field. You can either buy regular items from them,

sell items to them, or if they are special, they can craft something for


FOUR NATIONS PLAYERS- Also indicated by a yellow dot on the map, they will

give you an item for free if you can beat them at a game of Four Nations,

a domino-style board game.




Aang has finally reached the North Pole to start his waterbending training.

However, complications arise when a young Waterbender called Hiryu

disappears. Trails lead to machines being responsible.

Similarly, a young Earthbender called Yuan is kidnapped from an Earthbender

village in the Forest. Aang and co. trace his path to a lair of machines.

Now they have to uncover the mystery of the machines. Who’s making them and

why? And why do their attacks look so much like elemental bending?

But these machines are tearing apart villages, day after day. Aang and co.

need to act fast to stop these awful contraptions.





Attack Wii Remote A

Block Nunchuk Z

Move Nunchuk Joystick in direction

Advanced Attack Wii Remote B and point up, down, left or right

Talk/Focus Move/ Nunchuk C, when indicated


Stealth Mode Wii Remote 1


Inventory/ Journal/ Wii Remote -

Map/ Profiles

Pause Screen Wii Remote +

Navigate Nunchuk Joystick in direction

or Wii Remote Point at, and press A

Select Wii Remote A

Back Wii Remote B


Go into Momo Mode Wii Remote 2

Go out of Momo Mode Wii Remote 2

Scream* Wii Remote A

Inspect Nunchuk C, when indicated

*This does nothing at all. Just a little perk.




There are 3 types of items: Armour, Trinket and Special.

Armour and Trinket are both items that can be equipped to characters to

make them better. Armour consists of Headwear (helmets, headbands) Robes

and Footwear (Boots, Sandals). Trinket consists of Necklaces (pendants,

amulets), Charms and Rings. One item can be equipped to each of these six


These sorts of items are to increase your ATTRIBUTES:

HEALTH- Increases the amount of damage you can take before you die and are


N.B. Being dishonoured doesn’t do anything but make the character who died

collapse on the floor. They will come back to life and start regenerating

health once the area has been cleared off enemies (except in a boss fight

where they will just come back after a set period of time).

CHI- Use this to perform either bending moves for Haru, Katara and Aang or

advanced attacks for Sokka.

ARMOUR- Limits the damage you take from being hit by enemies.

LIFE- Increases your health (by a lot) and the power of Katara’s

waterbending moves.

STRENGTH- Increases your attack power and Sokka’s advanced moves.

AGILLITY- Increases your armour (by a lot), because you become faster and

harder to hit. Also increases the power of Aang’s airbending moves.

FOCUS- Increases the amount of Chi you have to do advanced moves (by a

lot) and the increases the power of Haru’s earthbending moves.

Special Items include quest items (which are blue), like Treasure Maps and

Momo Items, potions- i.e. health potions, chi potions- and items that can be

used for crafting- like silk, leather strips, honey.

Also, the rarity of an item is put into four groups: white, green, purple

and orange (or set).

Here is a list of purple items that I found (in chronological order):



Primal Headband Dark Leather Armour Binding Sandals

Blue Shell Headband Robe of Kyoshi Sun Slippers

Purity Hat Blue Woven GI Whaleskin Boots

Renewal Headdress Swallow Tail GI Might of Moho

Vest of Power

Threadbare Robe



Bearskin Choker Bone Charm Mind's Eye

Heavenly Pendant Gia'tri Iron Ring

Crane Pendant Lightwind Charm Cloud Band

Yi Soulband


Set Items (or Orange Items) are items that come in groups. You will need them

if you wish to finish a chapter 100% complete. Set items are highlighted in

orange, and will reap greater benefits if more of them are equipped to the

relevant character.

Here is a list of the set items (thanks to AtelierMana for this list):


Four Winds Headband

Four Winds GI

Four Winds Sandals

Four Winds Amulet

Four Winds Charm

Four Winds Band


Soul Iron Helmet

Soul Iron Tunic

Soul Iron Boots

Soul Iron Pendant

Soul Iron Charm

Sould Iron Band


Lifebinder Headdress

Lifebinder Robe

Lifebinder Sandals

Lifebinder Necklace

Lifebinder Charm

Lifebinder Ring


Core Headband

Core Raiment

Core Sandals

Core Amulet

Core Charm

Core Ring


Copper- This item can be found all over the place. You can get it from

killing enemies or from breaking jars, bushes etc.

Treasure Map- One of these can be purchased from a merchant in each level.

They show the locations of all the hidden chests, and are EXTREMELY

useful. I recommend stopping off at every merchant you see and trying to

buy one.

Purple/Green Orb- These can be picked up from defeated enemies. Purple

orbs regenerate your Chi, and Green Orbs regenerate your Health.




Finally, onto the good stuff!




After the cutscene, you will be next to Appa at NEW AREA- WATER TEMPLE Break

jars behind you to get some copper; then head along the path, where you

will meet a wolf.



This the first enemy you come across. The easiest way to defeat it is to

block, wait for it to pounce at you, and then attack it quickly. Two or

three hits should defeat it. If they come in groups, rapidly attack the

first, block, wait for the others to pounce at you, and then defeat the



Head south and kill the wolf there also. Each of these should be giving you

5XP. Head north, and back along the path. Kill the next wolf. Now go into

Momo Mode using 2, and go along the path. Momo should get a weird question

mark over his head. Walk over to the sparkly bit, and press C. You will get

an ICE CRYSTAL- MOMO ITEM, which will give you 5XP. There are 7 more in

the level. Go back into Normal Mode using 2.

If you keep heading, along, eventually you will reach a point where Aang

will get a weird question mark over his head. Walk to the edge of the water

and use a Focus Move there, and you will get a HIDDEN CHEST. Collect all

the items then press -. Go to inventory, and equip the items you just

collected. Then proceed.

Behind the first fishermen is another ICE CRYSTAL- MOMO ITEM. Get it the

same way as you got the first one. If you continue along the path, you'll

meet a pack of wolves. Defeat them all, and then save at the Save Point: a

blue swirly thing. I am not going to remind you to keep doing this; and you

don’t have to if you don’t want to.

Next to the Save Point is yet another ICE CRYSTAL- MOMO ITEM. Just 5 left.

BTW, these should all be giving you 5XP.

Head past the fisherman into a NEW AREA- WATERBENDER VILLAGE. Go talk to

Katara. She’ll tell you to go talk to Master Wei. Break the jars next to

Katara, then proceed west. FYI, I’m not going to tell you to keep breaking

things anymore. If you see any, just break them. Most will give you some


Press C to talk to Master Wei. He’ll have a blue dot above his head. He’ll

tell you about Hiryu, a young Waterbender who has gone missing. You agree

to go find him. You’ll then learn how to use your journal.

First things, first. Right next to Master Wei, next to the temple-like

building is another ICE CRYSTAL- MOMO ITEM. If you wander around in the

area east of Master Wei, you should get a ‘signal’.

Head north over the bridge and down the stairs. There’ll be a guy here,

who wants you to bring him 8 ICE CRYSTALS. You already have 4. Now head

north. Follow the direction the GREEN QUEST ARROW is pointing on the Map.

BTW, the stairs next to the SAVE POINT lead to the ITEM MERCHANT for this

level. If you want, go buy something from him. Now head north. We have to

find clues about Hiryu.

Defeat the pack of wolves up here. By now, you should have the ADVANCED

MOVE- AIR BLAST. This will help you a lot. Here you will meet a pack of

three wolves and a dark wolf.



These are much harder to kill than normal wolves, but will give you 7XP.

Keep using the same tactic as on the wolf, but preferably with ADVANCED



Keep heading along the path and defeating Wolves and Dark Wolves. When the

path splits in two, you can go either way. They will get harder and harder

but just keep doing this. You will go into a cave. Destroying the small ice

fragments on the floor will give you copper. Anyway, keep killing those

wolves (they’re such pests).

At NEW AREA- ICE COVE, you will find a Machine Part and a Waterbender Pouch.

You have to show these to Master Wei. Go back the way you came. You might

have to fight some more wolves, but these shouldn’t be too hard. Now you

should reach a point where the road splits into two big junctions. Go west

(even though the Green Quest Arrow says you should go south). Head west, over

a small stream and kill the Dark Wolf here. Head down the narrow ice

path, past the fisherman.

Kill the Wolf and the Dark Wolf, and open a small chest to the northwest.

Aang should be getting a focus signal. Head over to the ice sculpture next

to a fisherman and get the HIDDEN CHEST. 2/4.

Now head southeast, to a NEW AREA- FISHERMAN’S FLOAT. Talk to the

Fisherman with a blue dot over his head. He’ll ask you to push his nets

out to sea. Approach the Fishing Nets, and do a Focus Move. In return,

the fisherman will give you some Lamp Oil, which you will need for later


Now head back to the Waterbender Village. If you have not done so, go to the

Item Merchant- he’s just at the top of the stairs at the entrance to the

Waterbender Village- and buy some Wick for 5 Copper. Just next to the Item

Merchant is an ICE CRYSTAL- MOMO ITEM. Keep heading east and there should be

another HIDDEN CHEST, just next to a balcony. East of that; and next to an

Ice Staircase (a really small spiral staircase) is another ICE CRYSTAL- MOMO

ITEM. 7 down, one to go. If you want, there is a small chest at the top of

the Spiral Staircase. Head back past the Item Merchant, and go talk to

Master Wei. Follow the Green Quest Arrow if you get lost.

When you’ve finished talking to master Wei, you’ll get a SET ITEM- FOUR WINDS

CHARM. Equip it (and that’s an order). Now head north a bit, and head west

at the first bridge you see. Head north past all the random people (open a

small chest on the way) and talk to the Widow at the end. She’ll have a blue

dot above her head. Give her the Lamp and Wick, and then wait for it.

AARGH! THE FIRE NATION HAS COME! And they’re after you! After the cutscene,

just next to you is a Firebender.



These are the spawn of Satan. You can block their initial attacks easily

enough but when they jump up, you’ll need an advanced block like Staff Twirl

or they’ll knock you back a mile and give you a lot of damage. To defeat them,

shield against their first few attacks; and when they jump up, GET OUT OF THE

WAY (or use and Advanced Block) . Then nail them. In groups, they’re not much



Fortunately a Waterbender will help you defeat him. Go down, past the SAVE

POINT, and a Waterbender will ask you to help Sokka. So we’ll do just that.

Head over the bridge, and fight a fire Nation soldier to the North.



These are slightly easier to defeat than Firebenders. You can keep blocking

their attacks, but this is not advised. Block their first two swings and then

attack like crazy until they start blocking. Repeat this (but insert a bunch

of advanced moves).


Now head round the path and defeat the group of Soldiers and Firebenders. They

aren’t much harder in a group. Plus you get the waterbenders to help you. Keep

following the path round, defeating Soldiers and Firebenders. Eventually,

you’ll get on to a narrow icy path, which leads to Sokka. Defeat the

Firebender that Sokka is fighting.

There’ll be a cutscene in which Katara and Master Wei fight some

Firebenders. Master Wei gets knocked down, and Katara gets kidnapped. Uh oh.




That’s right. The water tribe warrior, Sokka joins your team to help save

Katara. He can be controlled by pressing right on the D-Pad.

Next to the tower where Sokka was is another ICE CRYSTAL- MOMO ITEM. Yay! We

have all 8! If you want, you can continue along in the same direction and get

a small chest at the end of the ice path. If not, turn back.

Master Wei will be calling for you, but don’t talk to him just yet. When

you reach the west end of the ice path, Master Wei will be at the bottom of

some stairs to the south. DON’t GO THERE! Go west, and you should get some

focus signal. Change to Sokka, and use a Focus Move on the big wooden box.

Yay! The last HIDDEN CHEST! Now head back, but don’t talk to Master Wei. Now

go north, away from him.

When you see some descending stairs heading towards a save point, go down

them. Talk to the guy with the green dot above his head, and give him the

8 Ice Crystals. He will give you a Mind’s Eye in return.

Now go back, and talk to Master Wei. He will ask you to go save Katara. Go

south, and round the path. If you remember, that’s the path you first came

along when you started the game. It seems SO long ago, doesn’t it?

(not really) :-)

Kill the wolves here. They should be SO INCREDIBLY EASY after fighting all

those Firebenders/soldiers and now you have Sokka. BTW, for Sokka, you should

try and give him ADVANCED MOVE-ENRAGE. IT IS SO GOOD. If you have ADVANCED

MOVE-KNOCKBACK; take it away! Knockback sucks!

Now when you see the purple Save Point like thing, just walk past it, and a

little box will appear asking you if you want to enter the boss area. Select

‘Yes’. Now let’s get going.




Ah, your first boss. Are you scared? Well, you shouldn’t be. BTW, if you have

enough points for Aang, give him ADVANCED MOVE- STAFF TWIRL (just for this


The Inferno will shoot a big line of fire. You have two options. Run really

far backwards and avoid it. Or, run really far in, and use Staff Twirl. If

you’re using Sokka, always do the first one. If you’re Aang, you should use the

second one. The problem with the second one is that Sokka will always get hit

by it, but Aang will be really close in to nail it.

After the Inferno does that attack, it’s front part will glow red. Start

attacking it now. After a while it will knock you back. It will now start

firing some meteors. Just run around to avoid these. Then it will fire a big

line of fire. Avoid it. It will start glowing red. Attack it, etc.

Keep repeating this process. The less health it has, the more meteors it will

fire. When it dies, Sokka will claim title of "conqueror of giant kitchen


Aang’s a bit troubled though. Why can that machine firebend, and do it so well?




Now you need to go rescue Katara from the prison. What a buzz kill. I wanna go

batter more "kitchen utensils". Anyway, after the cutscene, the little box

telling you how to use Stealth Mode will come up. Use it to sneak past the

guards. DO NOT attack the guards or go out of stealth mode, otherwise they

will sound the alarm and a bunch of evil Fire Nation soldiers will come and

nail you. Not pretty.

Next to the big rock, you’ll be getting some focus signal. Unfortunately,

only Katara can open this chest, and she’s way, way at the end of the level.

Stupid isn’t it? Ignore it for now. Go up into NEW AREA- PORT VILLAGE.

Talk to the village elder, and she will tell you to get some Fire Nation

disguises. Head up past her, and head to the northeast of the village. On the

way, talk to the two people with blue dots above their heads. One will ask you

to finds some herbal soap, the other some tomatoes. No go down the path heading

southwest. Use Stealth Mode to sneak past the Fire Nation on the path. Or, if

you want, you can fight them for some delicious XP. If you decide to do the

latter, make sure that Sokka has ADVANCED MOVE-ENRAGE at Level 2, at least,

and hopefully a dragon attack. Aang should have a tiger attack, and advanced

moves- AIR BLAST and WHIRLWIND, hopefully one at level 2.

Just after the SAVE POINT, go into stealth mode (change to Sokka before) and

sneak past the guards at the entrance to NEW AREA- SOLDIER BARRACKS. Picking

up focus signal yet? Go over the wooden box and use a Focus Move with Sokka.

This will uncover a HIDDEN CHEST. BTW, this will contain SET ITEM- SOUL IRON



Btw, if you decide to fight anyone here, you’ll probably fight a Spearman:



I hate these guys! You cannot block their attacks with a normal block. The only

way to kill them is to dodge their attacks (which is kinda hard) and nail them.

If you have ADVANCED MOVE- WHIRLWIND (which btw you should) use it!


Anyway, use Stealth Mode to sneak path the guards. Cling to the north side of

the wall. Head into the small area next to the giant rock. Come out of

stealth mode and recharge. Back into stealth mode. Round the rock. Head into

the building. There’ll be a cutscene where a Fire Nation captain addresses

some new recruits. Blah, blah, blah.

Fight the Fire Nation guys here. They should be pushovers. Go up, and head

up the stairs. Head west here, past the rooms containing Fire Nation

soldiers. At the far west end of the building, get the QUEST ITEM-

HERBAL SOAP. Now go back to the top of those stairs, and go east. Go the far

east room. Cutscene. Defeat the Fire Nation guys, get the disguises. This is

so easy, I can’t believe that you suckers need a walkthrough. BTW, if you’re

finding these guys kind of hard do this:

Start the game again. Only this time, when the Fire Nation comes to the

WATERBENDER VILLAGE, go around the place fighting and re-fighting the

Firebenders/soldiers. This will get your characters mightily levelled up,

and well able to cope with the stress of attacking Fire Nation. I didn’t

have to do it, so that’s why I didn’t tell you guys to do it at the

Waterbender village.

But you should probably getting on alright. Anyway, now we have the

DISGUISES. YAY! These are so useful. If you want some XP, kill the Fire

Nation in the building. They’re easy. Plus, you can open some small chests

(they start attacking you anyway if you open the small chest near to where

they are standing). Anyway, leave the building.

Whatever you do, don’t attack anyone here. Otherwise everyone will start

attacking you, which is a pain. Just leave the barracks. On the path which

heads back to the village, kill the small group of Fire Nation here. They

should be easy. Go back into the village. On the way to the Village Elder,

give the girl her stupid Herbal Soap. It’ll give you some XP. If you look

around town now, you can find the girl's grandpa (who wanted the Herbal Soap),

he'll give you SET ITEM- SOUL IRON BAND. This item has eluded many people,

but fortunately a kind soul on the Avatar:The Last Airbender message boards

told me where.

Talk to the Village Elder.The Village Elder will tell you about food supplies

that have been going missing. Head down towards the barracks, but turn north

at the fork just before the barracks. If you remember, Sokka said the last time

you came here (without)disguises not to come this way. Go this way and don't

attack the Fire Nation here.

Head due north.

Just before the first fork, go into the Momo Mode. There will

be a TOMATO- MOMO ITEM here. Now stay in Momo Mode, and go north. Take the

east road of the fork, and get another TOMATO-MOMO ITEM. Go out of Momo Mode

and take the East road of the fork. Defeat the Hog Monkeys here.



These are surprisingly easy. Just keep attacking them and they'll go down

withouth much of a fight. Sokka is very good at fighting them, as they are

close range enemies.


Head past the bridge, but DO NOT GO ON IT. Go into Momo Mode, and head round

the bend. Inspect the Green Bush, and collect the third TOMATO- MOMO ITEM.

Now head round the bend in normal mode, and defeat more Hog monkeys. You'll

eventually come to NEW AREA- HIDDEN CAVE. This is where the food supplies are

being taken. Go the SAVE POINT, and go into Momo Mode. Go back the way you came,

and get the TOMATO- MOMO ITEM. 4/8. Now go into normal mode.

Now head over the tiny rock bridge, past the SAVE POINT.

If you're feeling confident, attack the Fire Nation here. First things first,

head south.

Go over another mini rock bridge and do a focus move using Aang. A HIDDEN CHEST

will fall out of the sky (weird, but ok). If you open it, the Fire Nation will

start attacking you so beware. Now head back up north, over the mini rock


There should be a cave with vines covering it. Use a focus move with Sokka to

slash them. Go into the cave. The Fire Nation here will start attacking you,

regardless of the disguises, so fight them. Proceed through the Hidden Cave, and

defeat all the Fire Nation here. At the end, you'll fight a captain:



These guys are pains. They have similar attacks to Firebenders, but their

attacks are harder to block, and they have more health. You'll just have to

throw your all into it and mercilessly onslaught.


Now head out of the Hidden Cave. Don't head just to the Village Elder yet. At

the fork (the one where you found the first Tomato), go west. Defeat the Hog

Monkeys here.

Continue west to NEW AREA- WIDOW'S HOUSE. Talk to the widow. How depressing.

She'll tell you that the Fire Nation have been bugging her about taxes. The

Fire Nation ill then come and take away her money. She'll ask you to help

her. First you have to give her 100 copper. If you don't have 100 copper,

sell some stuff. Cutscene. Tax Collectors come and take the money.

Defeat the Tax Collectors. They have the same fighting style as Captains.

They'll drop a key. Where they were just standing, go into Momo Mode and

collect another TOMATO- MOMO ITEM. The widow will ask you to help retrieve

the tax money.Go east, and east again at the fork. But this time, at the

second fork, go northwest. Keep going, and you'll get to NEW AREA-OUTPOST.

Don't fight the Fire nation here, they're probably just too hard. Anyway,

go straight towards the big building. To the side of the building is another

TOMATO- MOMO ITEM. 6/8. Go inside the building. Defeat the Fire Nation as you

go along. Go up the stairs, and head east. At the end, open up the Tax chest.

Oh no! The alarms has been sounded and all the firebenders come after you.

Defeat them, and then leave the building. Within the Outpost, head to the

southwest, and use a focus move on the flower patch. A HIDDEN CHEST will

drop from the sky. Be warned, the Fire Nation will start attacking when you

open the chest. Leave the Outpost.

Now head back to the Village Elder. Talk to her, and she'll congratulate you

on retrieving the supplies. Talk to her again, and return the Tax Money.

She'll thank you and give you a SET ITEM- FOUR WINDS BAND. She'll tell you that

the dock master might know something about Katara's disapperance.

Head in the direction of the barracks. Go north again at the junction before

soldier barracks. Only this time, instead of going north for the Hidden Cave,

take the first left, and continue down here. There are some Fire Nation here.

Continue west, until you reach NEW AREA- SHIP DOCKS. Talk to the dock master,

he'll tell you that he saw Katara and Zuko being taken to the Fire Nation

prison,on the far east of the town.

Head back in the direction of Port Village, but turn north at the junction.

This is the way to the Hidden Cave. Go in the direction of the Hidden Cave

but this time after the second fork, go along the small bridge path. Defeat

the two Fire Nation here and continue. You should be on a winding path. On

the curve, you should see a big tomato bush. Inspect it with Momo for the

second last TOMATO-MOMO ITEM.

Continue. Cutscene. Chase away the two bullies for some XP. YAY! Now,

when you see the next Tomato Bush, inspect it for the last TOMATO-MOMO ITEM.

Now head back to Port Village. Give the guy his tomatoes, and he'll give you

a Heavenly Pendant. Before going back to the prison, we have one more quest.

Go southwest of port village in the direction of the Soldier Barracks. Take

that northern path that heads towards the docks, and take the second left.

Take to the Fire Nation commoner that you saved. He'll ask you if you want

any help in return and you tell him about the food supplies. He'll tell you

to talk to his captain. Talk to the Fire Nation captain with a blue dot above

his head. Do NOT TALK TO THE OTHER ONE! He'll promise to sort everything out.

Now to the prison.

To get to the prison, you can go another way now. Go back to Port Village. Go

east, navigating the streets and corners of Port Village. You should come to

a path that leads out of the town.Keep going along east until you reach NEW

AREA- PRISON. Cutscene. Next to the SAVE POINT is a HIDDEN CHEST. 5/6. Now

enter the prison.

The two guys you stole the disguises from have returned and want revenge.

Defeat them (preferably with ease) and then proceed down the prison. Go into

the big sector with the mass of Fire Nation. This will be a tough battle,

but you can do it. Go north here. There'll be a Firebender in a cell, who'll

you have to free later.

Go down, round the paths, and down. At the bottom of the prison, defeat the

captains here. They'll drop a jailer key. Use this to free Katara, the Fire

Nation guy and the Earthbender. They'll all be in cells around the prison.

When you have freed them all, all 8 quests will be done. YAY!




At last, the third member of your team, waterbender Katara. Equip her by

pressing left on the D-Pad.

Now that you have freed Katara, go with her to the very start of the level.

Remember, you don't have disguises anymore. Either fight the Fire nation, or

use stealth mode. At the beach at the start of the level, go next to the big

rock and use a Focus Move with Katara. The last HIDDEN CHEST will be


NOW, there's one last question we all want answered. The location of the 3rd

SET ITEM in this level. Well, fortunately, we now have an answer. Remember the

nice girl who you got that Herbal Soap for? Well, if you keep talking to the

people around Port Village, you'll eventually run into her grandad. He'll give

you SET ITEM- SOUL IRON BAND. Yay! 3/3 set items!

Now go back to the prison, and head down past where you defeated the Captains.

Get Katara to do a Focus Move on the lava. She will cool it. Walk across it.

Head past the save point, and into the boss area. Katara wants you to free

someone called Lian, who is being "forced" by the Fire nation to make the

awful machines.



This guy is much harder than the last. He will start off on the platform,

shooting small fireballs at you from his staff. Just keep running to avoid

these.After a while, he will step off his platform and confront you head on.

Dodge or block his attacks and he will get tired. If you run away, he will chase

after you, or start doing the small fireball attack he did at the very start.

When he kneels, now is your chance to nail him.

Repeat this process. The more his health is depleted, the more it will take

for him to become tired. When you get him to half health, he will become


His attack pattern will change. He can do a rolling attack which fires a line

of fire. Eventually he will stop this and teleport to near you, and confront

you head on. Dodge and block. Wait for him to kneel. Attack.

Keep doing this until he has been defeated.


Now that you have defeated the Jailer, we can free the Maker. But looks like

she ran off. Oh well. Sokka can't read a map. The next plan of action is to

warn an Earthbender camp of the impending danger of the machines.




Okay, we're stopping at a Forest Earthbender Village to get some food. Why?

Anyway, the level will start off with some injured earthbender asking you to

help him. His camp is under siege. You start off in NEW AREA- FOREST VILLAGE.

Firstly, turn around, and talk to Appa. Aang decides that Momo can help fetch

some Moon Peaches for him. What a lame quest. BTW, Moon peach bushes are these

bluey-purple fern things. Now go east, and talk to the guy with a blue dot

above his head. He will ask you to go get him some dark ore.

Now talk to the woman in the southeast corner of Forest Village with a blue dot.

She will be upset about her sick daughter, and ask you to get her some toys to

comfort her. Then head a bit north, and towards the green grass steps. At the

top of them, there is a HIDDEN CHEST. Due east to the green grass steps, are

two women standing next to a house. Talk to both of them, and they will talk

to you about poachers. Enough talking! Let's get on with it. Nead up to the

north east side of the village, and leave the village.

Head along the path, where you'll have to fight some wolves. These are much

harder than the ones you faced in the Waterbender Village, but you should

manage them just fine.

Eventually, you will get to a place where the path splits into two: one heading

east, and one heading southwest. At this junction, there is a bluey-purple

fern thing. Inspect it with Momo to get your first MOON PEACH- MOMO ITEM.

Now contiune along the eastern path.

Keep going along the path, killing wolves, until you reach NEW AREA-TRAINING

CAMP. The machines are here! AARGH! Now to liberate the training camp, we need

to defeat the machines:



These are the machines that took Hiryu. Now, its time to get even. When you

are approaching a Stomper, avoid its spinning attack, which will paralyse you

slightly. When they are moving or attacking, they will expose their weak part.

When they are defending, they will enclose it. You can't damage them then.

Wait for them to move, then nail them. They have really high health, so they

will be an arduous task.


Once you have defeated all 17 of them, the leader of the Earthbender training

camp will tell you that the machines took Yuan, an earthbender. He will send

Haru, a close friend of Yuan's, with you and give you a SET ITEM- CORE RING.




Haru, the last of your party, is a powerful earthbender. You can control him

using down on the D-Pad. Equip the Core Ring you just got to him.

Now, control Katara. Go around the Earthbender camp, and press C when you get

to an injured Earthbender. They're the ones who are bent over, clutching their

stomaches. To heal them, you'll have to do a Focus Move. There are four to heal.

Once you've healed all four, the last one will give you a SET ITEM- CORE CHARM

to equip onto Haru.

Now leave the Training Camp and head back to Port Village. Talk to the Village

Elder, the one with a green dot above her head. There will be an earthquake,

and she will ask you to go inspect it the mines to the southwest. However, don't

go there just now.

Head to the north of the village, and take the northwest path (NOT the one that

goes to the Training Camp). Next to the first pack of wolves is a CHILD'S DOLL.

This is one of two toys you need to bring back to that woman with the sick

daughter (remember?). Now defeat the pack of wolves, and head north. You will

come to a place where the path splits into two definite paths- one going

northeast, and one going northwest. At this junction, defeat the swarm of

wolves. There are so many of them, but you should be able to defeat them.

Now, inspect the blue fern with Momo for your second MOON PEACH- MOMO ITEM.

Take the northeastern path, and defeat the wolves here as well. Continue

along. You will eventually reach a small rock bridge that goes over a stream.

There is another HIDDEN CHEST here. Do a focus move with Katara at the edge

of the stream. The chest contains SET ITEM- LIFEBINDER RING.

Now continue along the path again. When you see the small bear cub (isn't he

cute?) control Katara and heal the cub. He will be very happy, but where is his

mum? Continue along the path again, heading east. Soon you will come to NEW

AREA- POACHER'S HIDEOUT. Head into the hideout, and fight the Poacher:



These guys are so easy. Just use Sokka, and nail them with some quick attacks.

Their attacks are easy to block too. I managed to defeat all the poachers in

the camp!


Now head to the west side of the camp first. At the northwest corner of the camp

at a small patch of grass, do a Focus Move with Haru. This will uncover a

HIDDEN CHEST. YAY! Anyway, now head east, slightly, defeat the poachers here.

Control Sokka, and use a Focus Move on the cage. This will free the mother bear.

Now fight (or if you've already defeated all of them, just go) your way back

through the Poacher's Hideout and head back to the cub. Once the two are

re-united, you'll see a heartwarming reunion between mother and baby (if only

the same could have happened in Bambi. I cried so much when Babmi lost his

mother. :-(

Now head back to the fork where you found that Moon Peach and the swarms of

wolves, but this time, take the northwestern route. You will come across a

very hard battle: a Firebender, a Spearman and a Mounted Captain:



These guys are incredibly difficult. They fire three jets of fire, which even

if you block, push you back. They have extremely high health too. Their rhino

can bash you if you get in close. You'll have to throw your all into it to

defeat them. It will be a very intense battle, and by no means, easy.


Once you have defeated them, head north in the direction of the lake. With

Katara, do a Focus Move at the edge of the lake. A HIDDEN CHEST will be

uncovered, which contains SET ITEM- LIFEBINDER CHARM. Now, after all that, now

head back to Forest Village and talk to the Elder. She will congratulate you

and declare that you are a true friend of the forest.

Now head to the southwest of the village, and leave the village through the

gate there. Head west. If you keep an eye on the minimap, you should see

that you are approaching a clearing. Just at the edge of the path, in the

bushes to the side of it is a CHILD'S BALL. Now head back to Forest Village

and give these to that woman with a sick child. She will be very thankful

and give you a Renewal Headdress.

Now head west again, out the SW Gate.

Keep heading along. You'll come to a place where a couple of Fire Nation

people attack you. Defeat them. Just to the north of them, is a blue fern.

Inspect with Momo for another MOON PEACH- MOMO ITEM. Now head round the

path, defeating Fire Nation and wolves. You'll come to this massive cluster

of Fire Nation, containing a Mounted Captain and three regular Captains and

many more.

Defeat them all. They will be hard, but you can do it. Once the area

has been cleared, inspect both blue ferns for two MOON PEACHES- MOMO ITEMS.

At the south of the area is a small wooden platform with a box on it. Use

Sokka's Focus Move to uncover the fifth HIDDEN CHEST.

Now press on, down the path. If you follow it round, you will eventually

come to NEW AREA- DEEP FOREST GLADE. Talk to the two brothers who are

arguing, and they will tell you that their Uncle has been imprisoned in that

cave. Now, as Haru, use a Focus Move on the big cluster of rocks. They will

open up. Enter the cave.

Make your way through the cave, defeating the stompers. Head north at the

start, and go from there (its one-way anyway). When you see a dust cloud,

use a Focus Move with Aang, and when there's a gap, use Haru to build a

bridge across it with a Focus Move.

When you get to the Junction with the SAVE POINT, head west first. Talk

to the Uncle, and heal him with Katara. You'll now have to escort him back

to his nephews. Now head east, and in the blue glowing bit, is a piece of

BLACK ORE (it's that giant black crystal) to give to the Artisan.

Now head back to the SAVE POINT, and go south. Defeat the Stompers here and

exit the damned cave. When you leave, the uncle will scold his nephews for

being foolish, and congratulate you on your bravery (thanks, but where's my

medal?). He'll tell you that things haven't been the same since their father

was taken. If you listened to me, and freed the Earthbender in the prison

at the level AMONGST THE ENEMY, then they will be thankful to you and give

you a piece of Dark Iron Ore.

Now head to the far west of the Deep Forest Glade, and next to this hut thing

is that wooden crate that contains hidden chests. Break it open with Sokka

for the final HIDDEN CHEST.

Now head all the way back round, and into Forest Village. If you want, you can

use stealth mode to sneak past the Fire Nation mob (where you found the Hidden

Chest and two Moon Peaches). They're just plagues who have no fashion taste.

On the way to the Village Elder, talk to the Artisan and give him the Black

Ore. Offer to give it to him (DON'T offer to sell it) and he'll forge

something for you.

Now talk to the Village Elder. An Earth captain called Tyro will tell you that

the key to the machines lies with the powerful Sage of the Forest. Now head to

the southeast of the Forest Village, and leave by the SE Gate (the last gate).

Head down this path, defeating wolves and Fire Nation.

When the road splits into two, take the northern path. Defeat the pack of wolves

here, and then inspect the blue fern for the last MOON PEACH- MOMO ITEM. Now

head back to Appa in Forest Village, and give him the Moon Peaches. He'll be

satisfied, and you'll gain some XP (talk about a win-win situation, huh?). Now

head back out through the SE Gate. Only this time, when the road splits, take

the southern road. Follow the path along, defeating Fire nation and wolves.

You'll have to face a Mounted Captain along the way.

Eventually, you'll reach an area, where Katara comments on how beautiful it is

and Haru says he can sense the Earth stronger here. Continue round, defeat

the Captain and Fire Bender and then head into the cave. You'll see that purple

swirl again, indicating a Boss Area. Enter it:



Surprisingly enough, this huge bear (with rams horns?) is easier than the

Jailer. It'll start off by ramming you. Run to avoid it. After a while, it

will approach you to attack. Avoid its claw attack, and run away from its ram

attack. If it keeps ramming and missing, it will get tired and start glowing

red slightly. Hit it, and it will go up on its hind legs. This is your moment

to attack it. Eventually, it will come crashing down and send you flying back.

The process will be repeated. He should be fairly easy.


Once the bear has been defeated, it will uncover its true form: the Sage

himself! He was just testing you (that's what they all say). Blah blah blah,

seed of knowledge etc.




The great Earth kingdom city, second to only Ba Sing Se (not in the game, in

TV Program). At the start, head down the stairs. Talk to the first girl you

see. She's a Four Nations player. Even if up until now you have never played

a game of Four Nations you really should play this one. Its very simple,

like dominoes. You'll pick it up with little difficulty.

Once you have defeated her, she'll offer another game, but you should probably

decline unless its a very good prize (i.e. a purple item). She'll say that you

would never defeat the Grand Master. As if! We'll prove her wrong.

Continue down the path. Firstly, talk to a merchant with blue quest dot, and

he'll give you your momo quest: Pumpkins. Your first pumpkin will be right

here. Go into Momo Mode, head slightly east, where the three earth kingdom

girls are talking, and inspect that shiny thing. Yay! Your first PUMPKIN-


Along here is one of these old granny merchants. Go into Momo Mode, head a bit

to the east, and inspect the shiny spot. There's your second PUMPKIN- MOMO


Talk to the girl with the blue quest dot, and she'll tell you about some

missing artifacts. Now, once again, before proceeding, go into Momo Mode.

Inspect the shiny spot for your third PUMPKIN- MOMO ITEM. Wow! We're making

rapid progress. Head up the first flight of stairs. Go into Momo Mode, and

inspect the shiny spot behind the three Earth Kingdom guys. There's your

fourth PUMPKIN- MOMO ITEM. Probably the easiest momo quest ever, eh? :P

Keep going. You should reach a SAVE POINT. If you keep going along here, you

should find an earthbender with another blue quest dot. Talk to him. He'll tell

you about some thief, and you suggest to go get a gemmanite ring. There's

another quest for you.

We're at a junction now. IGNORE that big flashing green quest arrow telling

you to go left, and go right instead. You'll encounter some feral cats.



Just go all out on these guys. If you have Aang's Jinlong attack, you can use

that to easily dispense of them from range.


Dispose of these two. Once you head down the stairs, there will be another

giant group of these cats. Just run along here, following the path for a while.

Once you reach the junction, head down and right. Remember this junction, as

you'll be coming back here later.

And down here, you'll find a huge group of Bandits and Rangers.



These guys are tough. Aang's distraction moves are particularly good, and

you might wanna shield every so often.




These guys are even more nightmarish. They use these annoying boomerangs, and

are usually flanked by some guardian bandits. Take them out first, as they'll

do the most damage. If you get a clear view of them, guard as soon as they

fire their boomerang, and then attack.


Once you've taken out this group, you'll find you have the question mark

thing. Head into the small corner, and use Aang's focus move. You'll uncover

your first HIDDEN CHEST. It will also contain SET ITEM- FOUR WINDS HEADBAND.

Now wasn't that handy? Now head back along the way, to that junction I

told you to remember. This time, head northwest into NEW AREA- MAIL CENTRE.

Head up here, and enter a cutscene. Momo will jump into the mail cart, and

you'll have to chase after him. If you decide not to, don't worry, you won't

lose Momo, as he'll fly back after a while.

But you should probably go up to the mail cart, and ride it . Enjoy the

cutscene, and the funny ending. The guy will go crazy at you for destroying

all his cabbage supplies, and call the guards.

Before you set off trying to avoid them, quickly grab the pair of glasses on

the ground. They will say "Lost Goggles".

The guards aren't too hard to avoid. If they get too close just hop into

stealth mode. If you look at the map, you'll find that you're in a circular

belt, and there's an exit leading east. Once you get onto here it'll indicate

and give you a whop-load of XP.

If, however, you get caught by the guards, don't worry. They won't jail you.

They'll just order you to go get some replacement cabbages from a trader in

the northwest.

Regardless of whether you got caught or not, take the eastern exit out of the

'loop', and turn left. Go up this road, and when you reach the next junction,

turn left again. Finally, at the end of THAT road, turn left again.

Go down here, take out the Bandit/Ranger duo, and keep going. You'll soon

reach NEW AREA- STABLES and a SAVE POINT. Talk to the man with the blue quest

dot. Great! We're getting a new saddle for Appa. Now, before setting out to

find those 5 Hard Leather Strips, head a little south and use Sokka's Focus

Move on the wooden crate. You'll get SET ITEM- SOUL IRON CHARM. Yay! If you

want, there's also a chest nearby.

Anyway, if you were lucky like me, and already have 5 Hard Leather Strips,

then you can go to Appa. Just head back up the path, take a right, go along

here, take another right, then a left. The small green quest arrow will lead

you anyway. There will be a huge group of Bandits along here. Remember my

tips, and take them out.

Now, you'll reach a sort of circular plaza type place. There are two main

things here. Firstly, if you look on your map, you'll find that there's a

J-shaped road, leading off the plaza. Head towards here, and you'll encounter

some feral cats. Once you've disposed of them, go into Momo Mode and inspect

the nearby hay stacks. You'll find your 5th PUMPKIN- MOMO ITEM.

Now, head up the stairs here, onto the actual J-shaped road. You'll encounter

another pack of Feral Cats. Dispose of them, and continue down the J-road.

There are two Earth Kingdom guys here. Go into Momo Mode, and head south.

As always, inspect the shiny spot for your 6th PUMPKIN- MOMO ITEM. Now head

all the way back, back into the circular plaza.

If you head to the far east of it, you'll find a focus signal. Use Haru's

focus move in the middle of the mosaic design on the floor. You'll uncover

your third HIDDEN CHEST.

There are some stairs north of here. DON'T TAKE THESE ONES. Head round a bit,

and take the ones heading directly north. You'll end up back in the central

market, and voila! Appa! Right where you started. If you have the 5 Hard

Leather Strips, talk to him now.

Otherwise, just go along this path, and talk to that old granny merchant. The

general idea is that Honey + Leather Strip = Hard Leather Strip. And you

really should have enough to make your 5 Hard Leather Strips. If you STILL

don't (I'd be REALLY surprised), then float around the city looking for

chests and stuff.

Anyway, once you've gotten the 5 Hard Leather Strip sand talked to the stable

guy, he'll disappear along with Appa (o_O how does he keep doing this??!?)

Head back to the stables (just use your map to get back there), and talk to

him. Appa will get his saddle and be happy.

Leave the Royal Stables. But this time, instead of turning right back towards

the city, continue going straight ahead. You'll come across these things that

almost look like lifts... (*cough* hint! hint! *cough*). But you can't use

them now, because when you ask the earthbender, he warps you to King Bumi of

Omashu. Next time you come here, you can take the lifts up.

This is the place we were meant to go to at the start of the level,

but all that sidetracking was worth it. This is quite a funny cutscene. Bumi's

such a funny character! Anyway, he'll sneakily give you access to the Royal


Now, talk to him AGAIN. Give him the pair of Lost Goggles you found at the

mail cart's crash site. He'll be grateful, and say he lost them while he was

racing on Mail Carts (wow. Who would have thought THIS guy was the king!).

He'll give you your second SET ITEM- CORE AMULET. Yay! And talk to him for

the third and final time, and pick up a Gemmanite Ring. Those who have seen

Season 1, Episode 5 of the TV Series will understand his nostalgic comment.

There is a SAVE POINT here, and you can leave the Royal Palace now. Once you

leave, head down these stairs. You'll find another person with a blue quest

dot, who asks you for the proper name for Shrinking Crystal. Even if you

already know it's Minimite, you need to go find the scroll from the library.

Now, head back up the stairs from where you came. It will come up with your

NEW AREA- ROYAL PALACE (you have to do that to "officially" unlock this new

area). If you're wondering why you had to do that, it's cos you took the

earthbender lift cutscene route to Bumi. Once it gives you your 40XP, head

back down.

It looks like most of our missions are gonna take place at the library, so

let's head there now. Head down here. There shouldn't be any enemies. Look on

your map now. Look at the road you're on. There's another road which comes off

this road, making a sort of V-shape. Surely enough, you'll soon reach a

'triangle' junction. Take the northwestern route.

You should see a set of stairs leading up into a sort of market place. Go into

Momo Mode and explore round here. You should find the last two PUMPKINS- MOMO

ITEMS here. Yay! That was one pretty easy Momo quest. Anyway, head up here and

take out the feral cats. You'll pick up a focus signal. Use Haru's focus move

in the corner next to the bales of hay. You'll uncover another HIDDEN CHEST.

Go back down the stairs. This time take the southwestern route away from the

Royal Palace. Head east at the set of stairs, and talk to that Earthbender

guard. You'll get your fourth SET ITEM- CORE HEADBAND here.

Head south here, back into the Central Market. Keep going until you reach the

General Merchant, and give him back his Pumpkins. Head all the way back you

came from, back to that guy who's trying to catch the thief. Head west and go

up the stairs. This time take the southwestern route.

Take out the trio of bandits here, and keep going. At the junction, take the

eastern route. Defeat some more bandits. These guys shouldn't be hard. Then

you'll be at that junction that leads to the Stables again. If you've not

already done it (which you should've), you can head south to complete the

"Appa's New Saddle" Mission. Otherwise, head north to the Earthbender lifts.

Jump into one of the compartments and use it. The guy will earthbend them up

to the top level (there's another earthbender up here who will take them

down for you). There's a SAVE POINT here too.

Firstly, head west here, and go up into NEW AREA- TEA HOUSE. And then leave.

We only wanted to do that to get all the areas in this level. Go back to the


Head east here. The road will fork off into two paths. One going due north,

and the other going northeast. Take the one going due north, and while you're

at it, take out that stupid bandit. Must have gotten kicked out of that group

of bandits you'll have to fight next. This is the shifty precinct by the way.

You know what that means? Four Nations grandmaster!

Well, keep following the path, taking out annoying groups of Bandits and

Rangers as you go. I highly recommend Sokka's ADVANCED MOVE- ENRAGE and

ADVANCED MOVE- FRENZY here. Just equip them both when you're approaching

a group. It works wonders.

At the fountain, you'll find a huge group of them. One you've taken them out,

you'll be able to pay attention to that focus signal. If you look around the

fountain, you'll find that one of the sides is slightly cracked. Go into it,

and use Katara's focus move. You'll find your penultimate HIDDEN CHEST.

There's a SET ITEM-LIFEBINDER NECKLACE in it, which should hopefully give you

a lovely notice going "Well done! You found all the Set Items in the chapter!"

Now, up here, you'll find two important people here. If you got caught by

the guards after you destroyed those poor guy's cabbages, you'll wanna buy

some cabbages from the Cabbage Merchant here. The second person is the great,

the epic, GRANDMASTER! Lol, give him a game of Four Nations then.

This is mainly luck. Don't feel stupid if you keep losing. Hopefully you'll

have more than enough copper to keep trying. I had 2017 copper at the time,

so I was well sorted. Took me 3 tries to beat him.

He'll challenge you to a second game, but I wouldn't bother. If you quit, he

will congratulate you, give you some tips, and give you an Avatar tile. This

really wasn't a big deal for me as I never really played much Four Nations

after this.

You've gotten everything you can from here, so head back now. Unfortunately,

all the bandits and stuff will have respawned. Oh well. Might as well get

some training done, eh?

Soon, you'll be back at that fork. If you need to give that guy his cabbages,

you'd better go and do that. His reaction IS SO FUNNY! Lol. Makes you almost

want to get caught just to see him. "WAIT A MINUTE! THIS ISN'T CABBAGE. IT'S

LETTUCE!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" roflololol. Classic.

Now go up the northeastern path. Btw, this does lead to the acclaimed

library. It will spiral round. At one point, Haru will stay behind, saying

he can't break Earth Kindgom tradition. What a goody two-shoes >_> You can

go pick him up later.

Keep going round here with your 3 remaining people. You'll get a great view

of Omashu from here. It's not half bad!

After a long walk, you'll enter NEW AREA- ROYAL LIBRARY. There will be two

guards here with blue quest dots. If you take the path to the left however,

you'll find a focus signal and a SAVE POINT. Use Katara's focus move on the

corner of the fountain and voila! The final HIDDEN CHEST.

Now, you have 2 choices:



This way means that you TECHNICALLY won't get 100% chpater complete, because

if you do the Momo Maze you can't go back and do the "Passwords" mission for

some reason. But I count this way as 100% chapter complete anyway. It's the

fault of some glitch, not you :P

If you head past the SAVE POINT, into the corner near the bushes, you'll get

a C prompt to inspect. Inspect it, and Momo will go inside it and explore!

Yay! :D

This is your first Momo maze. If you follow the green map arrow, you will

eventually come out into an actual room. Unlock the door, and now you can

enter the Royal Library from the side door. Nab the Moon Spirit statue here,

and proceed. Go down the stairs, and straight up the next. Follow the blue

carpet east, and then north and nab the Ocean Spirit Statue here. Go back

down, into the central chamber where there is a SAVE POINT.




This way means that you TECHNICALLY will get 100% chpater complete, but if

you do the Momo Maze you can't go back and do the "Passwords" mission for some


Go up to the front doors of the library, and talk to the guards there. They

will tell you that you need a password. Well, go back to the Tea House, and

go inside it this time. As you're about to leave, they'll mention something

about "Revealing the password as soon as you're alone". Leave, and go into

Momo Mode. Sneak round the back, and listen to them. They'll reveal the

password to be Zoomy Bumi.

Go back to the library, and give the guards the password. They'll open up.

Follow the blue carpet east, and then north and nab the Ocean Spirit

Statue here. Go back down, and head west. Go down the flight of stairs, and

straight up the next set. Nab the Moon Spirit Statue from here, and then go

back down into the central chamber where there is a SAVE POINT.


Use stealth mode to get past the earthbenders here. Luckily, they'll

appear as red dots on your map. If one catches you, they'll throw you out of

the library so don't get caught.

Once you proceed into the next chamber, it'll give you a view of the interior.

Now go down here, and stealth mode past the two earthbenders. There is a small

row of jars. Smash them, and run quickly before you get caught. Read the

scroll here, which tells you the name for shrinking crystal is 'Minimite'.

Sneak past the two other guards.

Keep stealth mode-ing past these guys, and make your way to the southeast. Go

up the stairs here, and save at the SAVE POINT. That way, if you get caught,

you can just reset. Proceed through here. There aren't any benders here.

There will be a cutscene. You find some battle records, and get warped out of

the library.

Head back down, pick up Haru. Now off to the royal palace! Use your map to

find your way to the Royal Palace. Along the way, tell the confounded

scholar that it's 'minimite'. He'll give you some XP.

Enter the Royal Palace and talk to Bumi. He'll tell you to go get some

Mollyfing Paste first. Yeesh! :O And those suckers believe he wants the paste

to do some hocus-pocus magic trick which solves everything. Man do they get

proven wrong.

Well, head down from the Royal Palce, and make your way to the city circle.

Just follow the green quest arrow, or use your amazing map-reading skills.

On the way, give the artifacts to Zi. If you say "No reward is necessary",

she'll give you a soulband instead of some lame copper.

Keep going along here, through where Appa was and back into that circular

plaza- the city circle. Remember that J-shaped road you found those two

pumpkins on? Go back onto it, and talk to the Royal Merchant with the blue

quest dot. He'll give you some Mollyfing Paste.

However, just at that moment, the Fire Nation arrive. What an inopportune

moment! However, the other three will run off to the Royal Palace while

Haru stays to distract the Firebenders. You need to defeat at least 15

Firebenders. Equip Haru with decent advanced moves (his Offensive moves

would probably be best). And crack some Firebender heads!

Avoid any fireballs that come your way. Make your way through the city

circle into the Central market. Defeat the Fire Nation here. You should be

down to 10 Fire Nation to defeat. Keep going down the path. Wait for a little

bit after each battle to heal, as you don't have Katara. You'll probably

have to guard a lot more. And the earthbenders helping you don't do any

damage. They just distract really.

Once you defeat the Mounted Captain, Captain and Spearmen, you should be

down to 7 left to defeat. There are another two Captains along here, which

should bring your total down to 5. Remember. Make full use of Haru's

advanced moves. Also stand slightly behind the earthbender so they'll take

the brunt of the Captains' attacks, while you can attack from range. Haru's

best asset.

At the place where the man who wanted the Gemmanite ring used to be, there

are another 3 Fire Nations. You should be down to 2 now. Just 2 more!

Go west towards the Royal Palace, and you'll find the remaining two. Defeat

the Mounted Captain and Spearmen first, and you'll have your 15. Now you need

to get to the Palace to help Aang. Defeat the Captain up here, and follow the

green map arrow. Defeat the group of Fire Nation here, and follow the green

map arrow. Don't fight any Fire Nation you don't have to.

Just keep running and skip the Fire Nation here. After all, there's an

ADMIRAL (a firebender who fires 3 flames at once) here, and you don't wanna

have to fight them just yet.

Skip EVERYTHING, and go into the Royal Palace. Cutscene. Lol. Bumi cracks me

up. He'll tell you to go to some island or other, and then to sneak out the

back exit. Well, since there's a ring of earthbenders blocking the door,

what else can you do? The back exit leads to the boss...

Well, this is kinda annoying, but if you did the Momo Maze route to get into

the library, you'll find the chapter is only 98% complete. If this is the case,

just count it as 100% chapter complete. There doesn't appear to be a reward

for doing all the chapters 100% anyway, apart from personal satisfaction.



At first, this guy was just a party pooper. Now he's a real bastard. Well,

to start with, keep avoiding his attacks. If he traps you in an earth cage,

switch characters and keep running. He'll soon get tired and fall to his

knees. Utilise this moment of weakness to nail him.

And look out. He can warp all over the arena. Remember to keep switching chars

when one gets trapped. If they do get trapped, he'll unleash a boulder storm

which breaks the traps apart, but deals a lotta damage. If your character is

moving fast enough, they'll avoid the trap. Once he starts to glow red, hit

him once. He'll fall to his knees, and you'll have your chance.

Keep repeating this. Remember that at least ONE of your characters will not

be trapped. Switch to that one. The consul will soon be defeated. You'll have

a lovely cutscene, and somehow Zuko got into here... annoying brat. He's so

much cooler in the end of Season 2/Season 3 of the TV program.


And that's the end of Omashu! Whew that was one long mission. Now onto Fo

Foz or Four Paws Island or whatever.




You'll start off on the beach. Head a little to the west, and then head north

through the opening in the wall. You'll pick up a Focus signal. Just head past

the swimming pool (what else could it be??!) and turn right. Head up the

stairs here, and use Sokka's FOCUS MOVE on the Wooden Crate. You'll uncover

the first HIDDEN CHEST (i know, the focus signal thing is a little tricky


Head back down the stairs. There's a SAVE POINT just to the west. Head west

again, and through the archway. If you look on the map, there are two blue

quest dot people. Go talk to both of those people. One of them will ask for

some materials to craft you some boots, and the other will ask for a Frozen

Toad (an allusion to that Book 1 episode where Aang needs to find some

Frozen toads to cure Katara and Sokka of the fever).

Head northeast along the curving path. Along the way, there'll be a grassy

off-road, where you can find your first piece of Palm Tree Bark. Keep going,

and follow the path round. Towards the end of it, turn west into the small

chamber. Talk to blue quest dot guy, and he'll ask you to go find Coconuts,

the Momo Items for this level.

If you keep following the path round, you'll end up at the start of the village

again. We've done everything we need to here, so let's go. Head out of the

village, EXACTLY the way you came in. Go a little to the west, past the stairs

leading to the first Hidden Chest, past that swimming pool thing. You'll be

back on the beach you started, near Appa.

Head west along the beach. At the SECOND tent along the shore, you'll encounter

some wolves. Take care of those pesty creatures first, and then go into Momo

Mode. Inspect the Palm Trees here for your first two COCONUTS- MOMO ITEMS.

Head a little to the west, and you'll come to a waterfall. To the left of the

first waterfall, is another palm tree. Inspect it with momo for your third

COCONUT- MOMO ITEM (possibly the easiest momo collection in the game). There's

a second waterfall. To the left of this waterfall, take out the wolves again.

Pick up the piece of Palm Tree Bark (that would be your second) , and then go

into Momo Mode for another two COCONUTS- MOMO ITEMS. 5/8 already!

Now, a Platypus Bear will come charging along at you.



Guard and attack. Repeat. That is ALL you need. And be patient and peservere.

These things have craploads of health.


Once you've taken care of it, keep heading along here. You'll come to a

couple of tents and a wooden pier. Head up onto the wooden pier, where you'll

pick up a Focus Signal. Use Katara's focus move at the end of it. You'll

uncover the second HIDDEN CHEST, which also contains SET ITEM- LIFEBINDER


Head due south, and you'll enter NEW AREA- ARENA RUINS, and a SAVE POINT.

Head directly south again. Make short work of the wolves here. There's a

headless statue here. Behind it, pick up the shiny object. IT'S A...

Fourth Keystone Piece???? We'll need that for later. Head east out of the

Headless Statue's place and take the path south. Go east into this little

place, and pick up the Third Keystone piece. All people with a brain will have

realised we need to make a Keystone from at least 4 pieces.

Also use Aang's FOCUS MOVE on the tree. You'll uncover your third HIDDEN


You'll have to fight a duo of Platypus Bears as you leave. Head south, and

you should be next to some wells. If you keep going southeast, you'll find

the last piece of Palm Tree Bark. I won't bother pointing out anymore pieces

of Palm Tree Bark, as you'll only need 3. Any more are completely useless.

Slightly west of here, you'll find another duo of Platypus Bears. Take them out,

and you should see a cluster of three palm trees. Inspect them with Momo, and

you'll find the sixth COCONUT- MOMO ITEM.

Now, to save you running back and forth, stay in Momo Mode. Keep going west

along here. You'll spot quite a few enemies, and some pieces of Palm Tree Bark,

but they don't matter. If you keep going along this path, you'll pick up a

signal. Inspect the nearby Palm Tree for the seventh COCONUT- MOMO ITEM. DON'T

GO OUT OF MOMO MODE! Keep going, and you'll pick up a signal again. Inspect the

nearby Palm Tree for the eighth and final COCONUT- MOMO ITEM. That was a

pretty easy Momo Collection. You can go out of Momo Mode now.

You'll go all the way back to Arena Ruins. Now take the north eastern exit out

of the Arena Ruins. You'll have to fight a few Platypus Bears, but they're not

too hard.

Keep going, and talk to a quest guy about a Makeshift Dam. Head back the way

you came, across the stream, and you should see a slope curving off to the

north right on the other side of the stream. Go up here, onto the grassy path,

and use Haru's FOCUS MOVE on the big rock structure. He'll bend it over, and

it'll fall into the stream. You'll also see the guy get a green quest dot above

his head. So, go down, talk to him. Although that's the easiest quest in the

game, you only get 50XP, and a kinda crappy item. Oh well. Can't win them


Head along here (you should be heading east). Take the left leg of the split

if you want to avoid the enemies and get a SAVE POINT. The right leg of the

split leads to a trio of Stompers. Hard choice, eh? (unless you want the XP

that badly). Anyway, they'll both meet up at the same place, next to a pond.

Cutscene. A giant over-sized frog will appear. Approach it using Katara. The

frog likes to jump around quite a bit, so don't run at it. Walk slowly. When

you get the prompt, use her Focus Move ASAP. You'll freeze the giant frog,

and turn it into a really small frozen toad.

Head east along the narrow path from the pond, into a pack of wolves. Deal

with them, and then use Haru's FOCUS MOVE on the statue. You'll uncover the


Now you can head back, past the Frozen Toad pond, and into the village. First

of all, the Coconut guy is right here as you go in. Go give the Frozen Toad to

the guy (the flashing green map arrow will lead you). The reward isn't great


Head back out of the village the way you came (the eastern exit). Head

directly east, and keep following the path. Defeat any Wolves or Platypus Bears

you encounter on the way, and you'll arrive at NEW AREA- RUINED SHRINE. This

is the location of MANY smooth stones for the Crafter quest.

Keep going along the path of Ruined Shrine. When the path ends and goes into

a circle, firstly pick up the shiny object next to the fountain. This is your

first Smooth Stone. Yay! Head east, fight the Platypus Bear. Your second

Smooth Stone is here.

Now head north, around the curving path. Don't go down the steps yet. The

third Smooth Stone is here. Now go back south a little, and down those steps.

Take out the swarm of Stompers here. You'll note three shiny objects here.

The last two Smooth Stones are here, along with the Second Keystone Piece. You

should now have the Second, Third and Fourth Keystone pieces (third and fourth

from Arena Ruins, remember?)

Anyway, that should be all the Smooth Stones and Palm Tree Bark you need for

the Crafter quest. Head back to the village. Just follow the flashing green

arrow on your map. Once you get to him, he'll craft you SET ITEM- SOUL IRON

BOOTS. However, if you got the Dark Iron Ore from Level 3- The Forest (wow,

that was ages ago), then he'll craft SET ITEM- SOUL IRON BOOTS II, which is

a lot better.

Now, all the way back to Ruined Shrine *groan*. You can just follow the green

map arrow. Once you get to Ruined Shrine, there's nothing here left to do, so

just keep following the green map arrow.

On the way, you'll have to fight a duo of Platypus Bears. And then, when you

get down the stairs, brace yourself for the hardest battle yet: a pair of




That monstrosity from Bato of the Water Tribe? Oh noz! These things are really

hard. But you can gain a good advantage through blocking. You MUST avoid or

guard against their tongue attack, which is what they'll use to start. Then

nail them. Once they start to tense their back legs to pounce, guard. They

pounce, you attack them again. Sounds simple, but these guys have an obscene

amount of health.


Hopefully you didn't die in that battle. If you did, tough luck lolz. You'll

eventually arrive at NEW AREA- NORTHERN RUINS. Take out the trio of stompers

in front, and then head up the stairs to the left. At the foot of the stairs

is the First Keystone Piece (sorry, but we still need one more after this).

You'll pick up a Focus Signal. Use Aang's FOCUS MOVE at the top.

Head back down. There's a save point along here. If you head north, you'll

encounter some strange things that look like hot air balloons.



Aptly named, these things replicate airbending. However, they are very

susceptible to airbending themselves. Aang's ADVANCED MOVE- TORNADO kills them

in the blink of any eye.


Now head a little to the west, and you'll pick up a Focus Signal. Go to the

end of that rock pavement thingy, and use Katara's FOCUS MOVE (i really hope

you like doing Focus Moves, because the next part of the game requires you to

do A LOT of them). You'll uncover another HIDDEN CHEST (i've lost count lol).

This contains SET ITEM- LIFEBINDER SANDALS. 4/5 i think.

Now, you've gotten everything here, so follow the green map arrow. However,

when you get there, there's just a brown square thingy. Change to Haru, and

use his FOCUS MOVE (one of MANY to come) on the "brown square thingy". He'll

earthbend it into some stairs. Go down these stairs.

You're now in a hidden room! Cool. Kinda like Indiana Jones. Go forward. When

you step on the switch, the first set of spikes will lower completely. But

the second set of spikes will only lower temporarily. We can fix that. Use the

small wooden thing, and you'll make a statue turn around (o_O).

Now, use Haru's FOCUS MOVE on that statue. It will fall forward, keeping the

switch permanently down. The second set of spikes will lower completely.

Now go up to the third set of spikes, and use Haru's FOCUS MOVE. Another

statue will fall over, lowering the third set of spikes.

Go forward, and you'll get a glimpse of a HUGE staircase, and you'll also get

a nice bonus of 600 XP. Go up the staircase. Whenever there's a gap, you'll

have to use Haru's FOCUS MOVE to repair the staircase. When you finally arrive

at the top, use Aang's FOCUS MOVE this time.

The light will activate. Pretty cool cutscene... you need to go collect that

thing. It's the final Keystone piece btw. Go all the way back down the stairs,

taking care of any stompers along the way. You MUST remember to collect the

Centre Keystone piece along the way. DO NOT FORGET! You now have to show the

village elder all the Keystone pieces.

Follow the flashing green map arrow back to the Island Village. Deal with any

enemies along the way. You know the routine. Now, talk to the Village Elder.

He'll ask you to go get the other four Keystone pieces, but of course we've

already done that :P. He'll give you the Completed Keystone and SET ITEM-

CORE RAIMENT. You should have all 5 set items now.

Head west out of the village, following the green map arrow. Now, you'll come

to a T-junction where there a three Tempests. Although the arrow is telling

you to go north, head south. There should be two wolves and a Shirshu down

here. Where you fought the Shirshu, head a bit to the northwest into a small

inlet. You'll pick up a Focus Signal. Use Haru's FOCUS MOVE in the corner to

uncover the penultimate HIDDEN CHEST.

Now head back to that T-Junction where the three Tempests were. Head north

this time. After a gang of Tempests, you'll arrive in NEW AREA- ANCIENT

PILLARS. The last area. Head northeast (this leads to the last hidden chest).

Fight the stompers, and then head west into a walled area. Head north, and

use Sokka's FOCUS MOVE on the wooden crate. This is the last HIDDEN CHEST. Yay!

Now head out of the walled area through the western exit. Head west. Go up to

the small stone table thing (it's marked by a green dot on the map). Unlock it

using your Completed Keystone piece. Four pillars will rise out of the ground.

Any genius will have figured out from the area name that these are the

Ancient Pillars themselves. As you go near one, it will indicate what they say.

Activate the ones that say "Spirit" and "Strength" (remember the Elder telling

you that?). Then use Haru's FOCUS MOVE on the stone table thing. Haru will

earthbend the two pillars up, which will open the entrance to the Sacred


As you go down the slope you'll encounter some Wolf Bats. These things are so

easy I'm not gonna bother doing a NEW ENCOUNTER section for them. Head a bit

to the north.

Anyone who's seen the Book 2 episode- Cave of Two Lovers will recognise that as

a Badgermole. If you approach him as anyone else but Haru, he'll deny passage,

saying he'll only allow passage for "Children of the Earth". Change to Haru,

and Haru will burrow underground and resurface behind the Badgermole

(cool!). This is an earthbending puzzle: you need to activate the statues in

the order their pictures are on the wall.

If you can't be bothered figuring it out, the order is:

1)Bottom right statue

2)Top right statue

3)Middle right statue

4)Top left statue

5)Bottom left statue

6)Middle left state

Once you've gottne the correct order, it will go into a Focus Move thing, and

Haru will earthbend all the statues into the middle. Open the chest, and it

will contain an Ancient Tablet which you're supposed to take back to the Elder.

I know you probably can't be bothered, but you should take it back to the Elder.

Follow the flashing green map arrow to get back to the Elder. I got fed up and

couldn't be bothered fighting any of the enemies. Once you give it to the

elder, he'll read it. The tablet confirms that the Island's people are truly

Earth Kingdom. He'll thank you, and give you 840XP. The level now SHOULD

be 100% complete! Yay. Now we just need to go fight the boss.

Head back to the Sacred Caverns. You can follow the only remaining map

arrow (if there are any others left, you've forgotten to complete some quests).

Make your way through the Sacred Caverns, fighting any machines or wolf bats

along the way. Just follow the green map arrow, and the path where the glyphs at

the start say "Spirit is the essence of the soul. "It's all pretty one-way


Use Haru's FOCUS MOVE on the boulder, and Katara's FOCUS MOVE on the water to

make ice bridges. One way or another, you'll eventually arrive at that

purple save point. Ooh! The boss!

And you'll be surprised to find...Lian!! That women who you rescued from the

Fire Nation. Turns out she's behind the machines. She's classic evil. This is

a pretty good cutscene.



Woah. Giant tank! Avoid its ice blasts, and guard every time it rises into

the air. When it comes crashing down, you won't be sent as far back. When

it starts firing the ice balls into the air, this is your chance to attack.

If you get too close when it's not firing ice balls, you'll just get knocked

backwards. Keep repeating this, and you'll knock that giant mechanic menace

into the depths.


Well, that's it for the Hidden Island- possibly my favourite level in the





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