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How to Get Good at Fortnite

Now that Fortnite on the Switch is a thing, there’s a whole new group of gamers making their first steps into the world of Battle Royale, with many of them wondering exactly how to get good at Fortnite. Wanting to get better at a game is nothing unusual, especially with a title like Fortnite, which offers no tutorial and no areas to train in. Right from the get-go, players are tossed into a world filled with human-controlled enemies, which makes for a tough environment in which to learn the ropes. Thankfully, I’ve got some tips to help you get better at Fortnite, as quickly as possible.

How to Get Good at Fortnite: Building Tips

The first answer to how to get good at Fortnite is improving your building skills. Being able to quickly build structures to gain an advantage is what usually wins games. You’ll first want to learn how to quickly switch between different materials and building block types, before then trying your hand at speed building. Being able to quickly surround yourself in walls and then stairs to return fire is crucial, and is the first step to master.

The toughest encounters come when you face another proficient builder. “Outbuilding” the other player becomes a huge deciding factor on who lives and who dies. Keep the enemy in your sights and try to maneuver around them.

How to Get Good at Fortnite: Shooting Tips

How to Get Good at Fortnite

Of course, while building is the primary skill in Fortnite, you’re going to have to also master shooting, if you hope to get better at the game. Developer Epic Games is always tweaking weapons with balance changes, so it’s important to be good with all of them. Assault rifles are the go-to weapons for many, as they are flexible and work well in most situations. Shotguns have been popular, too, but the recent nerf makes them a little less dependable.

To get better at shooting, I’d recommend dropping into some of the busier areas, to quickly find engagements. This should get you used to the shooting mechanics. Dropping into Tilted Towers, for example, may lead to a quick death, but you should hopefully get to experience a gunfight or two before being eliminated.