Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots Wii Cheats


Select "Cheats" at the "Extras" menu, then enter one of the following

Damage boost

Enter 456645 as a code.


Enter 313456 as a code.

Unlimited Lobber Goo

Enter 118147 as a code.

Unlimited Scatter Goo

Enter 971238 as a code.

Unlimited Splitter Goo

Enter 854511 as a code.

Play as Exo-Huggles 9000

Enter 691427 as a code.

Play as Mr. Huggles

Enter 654168 as a code.



How to Unlock
Bear BusterDefeat more than 100 Mr. Huggles
Blokk BusterDefeat more than 20 Blokks
Bot BusterDefeat more than 50 Factory Bots
Can OpenerDefeat more than 20 Tin Robots
Chadbot's CollectorFind all Master Models
Circuit BreakerCollect more then 5000 circuits
Cobber!Play as Rocko
Eediot!Play as Stimpy
Girls just wanna kick buttPlay Jenny & Sam
Honorary Fairy, Second-ClassFind all 500 Fairies
Invader!Play as GIR
Kitty ChampionFind Stimpy
Power Tour PlayerPlay as Jimmy & Timmy
Robot RangerFind Jenny/XJ9
Robot RevellerFind GIR
Team-Up Legends 1Play as Spongebob & Patrick
Team-Up Legends 2Play as Danny & Sam
Teenager!Play as Jenny/XJ9
The Biggest GeniusBeat the Game
Wallaby WarriorFind Rocko
Wheeler DealerDefeat more then 30 Wheelies