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Fortnite 4.4 Content Update Patch Notes: Stink Bomb, Final Fight Mode and More

Epic Games has detailed the Fortnite 4.4 content update patch notes, which include information on improvements and changes for both Battle Royale and Save the World. For many players, the main feature of the new Fortnite update will be the stink bomb, a new grenade which promises to shake up the meta. Unlike previous content updates, this one does require downtime for Epic Games to implement it. There’s no estimate for how long Fortnite will be down, but once it’s back up and running, players will have access to some new and exciting features.

Read on for highlights of the Fortnite 4.4 content update patch notes, which provide a great overview of the main changes.

Fortnite 4.4 Content Update Patch Notes

The biggest highlight of the Fortnite 4.4 content update patch notes is the new stink bomb. This new Fortnite grenade explodes into a cloud on impact, slowly damaging any enemies who are unlucky enough to be caught inside the radius. This acts as a camping deterrent, forcing players to move. It does 5 damage every half-second within the cloud, lasting a total of nine seconds. It’s Epic in rarity and can be found from floor loot, chests, and vending machines.

The new Fortnite Final Fight Teams of 20 limited time mode has also been added with the 4.4 content update. This mode plays similarly to standard Battle Royale, but instead of the Storm closing all the way in, it stops moving after the third circle. Once this happens, a countdown timer will begin, and the remaining teams will battle it out until the timer expires. The team with the most players remaining will win.

Fortnite 4.4 Content Update

Save the World players will be happy to see that a new constructor demolitionist, the 8-Bit Demo, will soon be added to the Event Store. He’ll be available on Wednesday, June 20 at 8 p.m. ET.

For the full list of Fortnite 4.4 content update patch notes, including some of the less significant but still appreciated changes, click here.