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Fortnite Stink Bomb: What Does the Stink Bomb Do?

The Fortnite stink bomb is the new weapon that will soon be added to the game’s Battle Royale mode. Teased through the “News” tab at the main menu, Epic Games has revealed that the Fortnite stink bomb is “coming soon.” The developer also gave a hint as to the capabilities of the new Fortnite grenade. Here’s everything that you need to know about it.

Fortnite Stink Bomb: What Does the Stink Bomb Do?

Unsurprisingly, the Fortnite stink bomb lets out a stink. This stench is so pungent that it causes enemies to take damage. When thrown, the Fortnite stink bomb explodes into a cloud on impact, slowly damaging anyone caught inside the radius. To avoid taking damage, players are forced to move.

The Fortnite stink bomb is basically an anti-camping weapon, as it punishes those that remain in the same spot. As this is a battle royale game, in which players only have the one life, it’s not unusual to see people camping. Being careful and slow is a great way of securing a “Victory Royale.”

If you like camping, then you’re probably going to hate the new Fortnite stink grenade. However, if you’re sick of people hiding in their 1×1 shacks, this could be the way to flush them out and finish them for good!

Fortnite Stink Bomb: When Is the Release Date?

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As is almost always the case with new weapons labeled as “Coming Soon,” the Fortnite stink bomb release date is expected to be this week. Thursday, June 21 is when the update should become available, and that will probably implement this new grenade.

With that said, we have seen new items experience a delay due to last-minute changes. The jetpack is a great example of this, as it was delayed for months before its eventual launch. Do bear that in mind.