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How to Get Jetpack in Fortnite

We are going to tell you exactly how to get Jetpack in Fortnite so you can get off your feet (literally) and soar high up into the air. The Jetpack is a new Legendary item that has been added to the game with the release of the V4.2 patch notes that we recently also covered. The item has been heavily rumored and desired by fans for some time now.

Epic Games has finally caved in and gave us the new item. This is amazing news, but knowing it’s in the game and getting it are two very different things. We are going to show you how to get Jetpack in Fortnite so that you can soar alongside us.

How to Get Jetpack in Fortnite: Where to Get It

First up on how to get Jetpack in Fortnite is figuring out where and how to find it. Being that it is a Legendary item, the chances aren’t the worst but they are still pretty slim for finding it. The only known location for finding the Jetpack is in treasure chests so we recommend going to high chest volume areas like Tilted Towers and such.

Opening up a ton of chests each match will further increase your chances of how to get Jetpack in Fortnite. Of course, that isn’t the only way right now. In fact, there is an even easier way for a limited time only of getting the Jetpack without having to worry too much.

How to Get Jetpack in Fortnite: Close Encounters

Another way of how to get Jetpack in Fortnite is through a limited time event mode that is only available if you’re reading this soon after the launch of the Jetpack. The new mode is called Close Encounters. This mode favors Jetpacks and Shotguns heavily so finding each will be much easier in chests than in normal Battle Royale.

If you’re looking to sail in the skies as soon as possible with how to get Jetpack in Fortnite, then we certainly recommend checking out Close Encounters. It will be really good experience for testing out the new Legendary Item. Good luck!