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PUBG Sanhok Release Date Explained: PC, Xbox One Release Dates

The PUBG Sanhok release date has been announced for players everywhere. This is exciting news as a new map for the popular Battle Royale game doesn’t happen all that often. The release date is set for surprisingly soon, too, so players eagerly awaiting Sanhok won’t have to wait long.

The PUBG Sanhok release date is closer than you’d think, bringing the smallest map to the game thus far. This map is about half the area of both Erangel and Miramar, making it play very differently. Don’t let the size change fool you, as the same 100 player gameplay still exists on it.

PUBG Sanhok PC Release Date Explained

You will be able to play the map very soon, as the PUBG Sanhok release date is set for this week. Yes, this week. We’re not kidding, as the map will go live on all servers this Thursday on PC. The map has been previously available for testing on the test servers, but this marks the first time everyone on PC will be able to play it together.

With the PUBG Sanhok release date for PC so soon, players will want to ready their squads. The gameplay on it is sure to be different with a much smaller size. This will potentially lead to more and more encounters quicker than ever before. But what about Xbox One?

PUBG Sanhok Xbox One Release Date

The PUBG Sanhok release date for Xbox One has yet to be announced, unfortunately. We suspect that it will happen soon enough, though. The Xbox One version of the game is getting closer and closer to its PC counterpart so we think it’s only a matter of time until it comes there.

We suspect that the PUBG Sanhok release date for Xbox One is closer than you’d think. We believe it will come to test servers in the next month or so, with a full release towards the end of summer.