Box art - Prey (2017)

Prey Mineral Material: What to Recycle to Find Minerals

Prey mineral material is needed to craft a ton of useful items in the game. Especially towards the end of the game when you’re facing the toughest Typhon, you’ll need a lot of mineral material to build the items you need to survive. The ironic thing is that it seems like minerals can sometimes be rarer than exotic material, especially since the stuff you can use to obtain them are often incredibly useful. Below we’ll tell you the best way to get mineral material in Prey and which items recycle down into it.

How to Get Mineral Material in Prey

Almost everything you can craft with the Fabricators in Prey takes at least a bit of mineral material to make. This means if you’re big on crafting that you’re going to be burning through it like crazy. Unfortunately, some sacrifices have to be made if you want to farm mineral material. The game is designed for you to have to juggle resources so seldom do you have access to a plethora of items. However, depending on how you play, there should always be a way for you to continually build up a little bit of mineral material at a time.

When making your way through Talos I you’ll likely find yourself gravitating to a particular playstyle. Maybe you like Typhon skills or have a real liking for security weapons (pistol/shotgun). The key is to commit to a specific group of items so that when you come across others, you can recycle them. If you never use guns then ground them down for minerals. Why keep things around you’re not going to use? The drawback is that you’ll sacrifice the possibility to get spare parts from dismantling certain items, but that’s a choice you may have to make.

Another way to gain mineral materials in Prey is to use Recycler Charges. This is a bit more tricky because they cost two mineral material and one synthetic material to fabricate. That means that when you use one you need to get at least that much materials back from what you recycled to make it worthwhile. Objects only give a small amount of material when recycled so you need to pile up as many large things as you can and have good aim when you toss the charge.

Farming materials in Prey takes some work, and unfortunately, there’s no easy way to gather a huge stockpile of mineral materials.