Paladins Cross Play Explained: Is Paladins Cross Platform?

With its release on Nintendo Switch last week, many players are wondering is Paladins cross platform? Well, we are setting out to answer that exact question for you today. Games like Rocket League and Minecraft feature cross platform play between various platforms that you wouldn’t expect, so it certainly seems plausible.

Before we can dive into the answer to is Paladins cross platform, we must first look at the platforms the game is now available on. The popular Overwatch-like hero shooter is completely free to play on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The Nintendo Switch version requires purchasing the Founder’s Pack right now but will free as well in the near future.

Is Paladins Cross Platform?

Now that we know the various platforms the game is on, let’s answer that all-important question of is Paladins cross platform? The short answer to it is that yes, there is some cross-platform play that occurs with the game. However, that is only the brief answer. There is definitely more to the story than just a yes.

While the answer to is Paladins cross platform a yes, it is only a yes for some of the platforms that the game is out on right now. It’s worth noting that the PC version does its own thing, which makes total sense given the potential advantages of mouse and keyboard over controller inputs with a shooter.

On the other hand, Sony is still keeping its online play to itself this generation, meaning that PS4 owners of Paladins will only be able to play with other PS4 players. This leaves Xbox One and Switch players. Yes, like other games, there is cross-platform play between the Xbox One and Switch versions of the game. I, personally, own it on Switch and have encountered Xbox One players in almost every match I’ve played.