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Fortnite Hungry Gnomes: Where Are The Gnome Locations?

Knowing the Fortnite Hungry Gnomes‘ locations is key to completing the “Search Hungry Gnomes” Fortnite Week 8 challenge. Unfortunately, they are pretty well-hidden and tricky to find. What’s more, Season 4 Battle Pass owners have been tasked with finding seven of these little guys. This makes the Search Hungry Gnomes challenge incredibly time-consuming… At least, that would be the case, if it wasn’t for this guide! Allow me to quickly give you the lowdown on some confirmed Fortnite Hungry Gnome locations, so you can rapidly complete this challenge and secure the reward!

Fortnite Hungry Gnomes: Where Are The Gnome Locations?

As we saw with a previous Gnome challenge, the Fortnite Hungry Gnomes are spread all over the Battle Royale island map. Though players only need to find seven Hungry Gnomes, there are actually more hidden about the place. I suppose this is to make the challenge easier.

See the map below for some confirmed Fortnite Hungry Gnome locations. Head to these locations and listen out for the gnome making a noise. This will help you track it down. Find seven of the little dudes and you’ll have completed the mission!

Fortnite Hungry Gnomes

Fortnite Search Hungry Gnomes Challenge Reward

Though the Fortnite Search Hungry Gnomes challenge is arguably one of the more difficult challenges, what with how long it takes to complete, you’d have thought a generous reward would be in order. But no, players who complete the Fortnite Hungry Gnomes challenge will be gifted with a mere 5 Battle Stars. (If you’ve already hit Tier 100, you’ll receive 500 XP instead.)

For how much time this challenge consumes, both with and without a guide, you would think that it would be a “Hard” difficult challenge. Sadly, that isn’t the case, with the tougher challenges apparently being those that require three kills with suppressed weapons, as well as eliminations in Pleasant Park… Yeah, those are really tough…

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