LMA Manager 2007 Achievements List



How to Unlock
Win French Division 1 (75)Win French Division 1
Win German Liga 1 (75)Win German Liga 1
Win Italian Serie A (100)Win Italian Serie A
Win Spanish Liga 1 (100)Win Spanish Liga 1
Win the C.E.F.A. Cup (75)Win the C.E.F.A. Cup
Win the Coppa Italia (25)Win the Coppa Italia
Win the Coupe de France (20)Win the Coupe de France
Win the Dutch Eredivisie (50)Win the Dutch Eredivisie
Win the Dutch National Cup (15)Win the Dutch National Cup
Win the English League Cup (15)Win the English League Cup
Win the English National Cup (25)Win the English National Cup
Win the English Premiership (100)Win the English Premiership
Win the European Cup (125)Win the European Cup
Win the French Coupe De Ligue (10)Win the French Coupe De Ligue
Win the German Liga Pokal (10)Win the German Liga Pokal
Win the German National Pokal (20)Win the German National Pokal
Win the Portuguese Super Liga (50)Win the Portuguese Super Liga
Win the Scottish League Cup (5)Win the Scottish League Cup
Win the Scottish National Cup (15)Win the Scottish National Cup
Win the Scottish Premiership (50)Win the Scottish Premiership
Win the Spanish Copa del Rey (25)Win the Spanish Copa del Rey
Win the Taça de Portugal (15)Win the Taça de Portugal