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Fortnite Nerfing Building: What Is Changing With the New Update?

A “Fortnite nerfing building” scare has swept the game’s community, with a new Epic Games development blog post threatening big changes to the way that gameplay works. Though incredibly popular and addicting, gameplay in Fortnite can become a little repetitive. Building well is what ultimately wins the majority of games, with good aim and weapon use being much less important. Epic Games has now acknowledged building as being the main deciding factor, and is looking to implement a new Fortnite update that changes how matches play out.

Fortnite Nerfing Building: What Is the Building Nerf?

The Fortnite building nerf is comprised of changes proposed by Epic Games which should open up new ways for players to combat each other in battle. To quote the developer, it shouldn’t just be a case of “just build lol.” One suggested method of nerfing building is to lower the cap on resources. Instead of allowing players to hoard 999 of each of the three materials, this resource cap would reduce the number of mats that each player can hold, thereby forcing players to be more conservative with their building.

In addition to this, when discussing the Fortnite building nerf, Epic Games also mentioned shotguns. The devs believe that “shotguns should be strong, but other weapons have room to grow.” Instead of every encounter ending in a build-off, players should instead be able to “showcase [their] skill, strategy, and tactics in a variety of different ways.”

Fortnite Nerfing Building: Why Is Epic Games Doing This?

Fortnite Nerfing Building

The Fortnite building nerf is intended as a way of giving players more options when it comes to fighting each other. Instead of every encounter being decided by the most capable (or most well-equipped) builder, other factors should also play a part. Epic Games believes “that the evolution of Fortnite supports a wide range of playstyles and counterplay.” Keep an eye out for new Fortnite updates which will no doubt feature some of these changes.

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