Jumpers Xbox360 Cheats



How to Unlock
Combo #5 (50)Perform 5 hits.
Deep End (50)Perform a drop zone kill.
Dodge This (50)Escape an incoming tether.
Drop Dead (50)Drop an enemy in all drop zones.
Gladiator (50)Get 20000 experience points.
Gnoming (50)Find seven collectibles.
Hard Target (50)Play through the game without dying.
Homerun (50)Perform a finisher move from the left side.
Hot Delivery (50)Slide tackle an enemy.
Impulse 9 (50)Collect all weapons.
Nothing but Net (50)Escape an incoming net.
Pack Rat (50)Find all collectibles in the game.
Right Hook (50)Perform a finisher move from the right.
Shall we dance? (50)Perform one successful 7 hit jump combo attack.
Slice and Dice (50)Perform a finisher move from the back.
Solar (50)Find all 4 unique comic book covers.
Speed Demon (50)Complete a play through of the game in record time.
Stop hitting yourself (50)Perform a finisher move from the front.
The Buffet (50)Get 45000 experience points.
When it’s done (50)Complete the game.