The Spiderwick Chronicles PS2 Cheats


During Game play "Hold L1+R1"  and enter one of the following.

triangle, triangle, cross, cross, square, circle, square, circleCheat Combat Loadout
circle, circle, circle, square, triangle, triangle, triangle, crossCheat Field Guide Unlocked
triangle, square, cross, circle, triangle, square, cross, circleCheat Heal
square, square, square, circle, cross, cross, cross, triangleCheat Infinite Ammo
triangle, triangle, triangle, triangle, cross, cross, triangle, triangleCheat Invulnerability
triangle, cross, circle, square, cross, triangle, square, circleCheat Sprite A
cross, cross, triangle, square, square, circle, triangle, crossCheat Sprite B
circle, triangle, square, cross, circle, triangle, square, crossCheat Sprite C