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Fortnite Playground Friendly Fire, Llamas, Player Count & More Explained

Fortnite Playground friendly fire, llamas, player count, and more are all popular topics within the game’s community right now, as the hotly-anticipated Playground mode has finally been added with update 4.5. The latest limited time mode is unlike anything we’ve seen before, as instead of providing wacky rules for PvP, Playground features a private island where players can practice their building and shooting skills in peace. As this is a brand new game type, wildly different from anything that has come before, there are many common questions that need answering. Here’s what you need to know about the Fortnite Playground mode.

Fortnite Playground Friendly Fire

The Fortnite Playground mode allows a player and up to three friends to take over their own private island. Making things a little interesting is the friendly fire situation, as it is enabled in this mode. This means that players can indeed kill each other, turning friends into foes pretty damn quickly! Happily, respawns are also enabled, meaning dead players won’t have to sit out for the entire hour-long round. It should be noted, however, that those who die to the storm will not have a chance to respawn. Be very careful!

Fortnite Playground Llamas

You might be used to seeing the odd llama placed around the island, as a very rare drop that bestows gifts of weapons, resources, and ammo. Though these are normally rare, the Fortnite Playground llamas are actually incredibly common, with 100 spawned for each new round! What’s more, for those demanding additional mats, there’s a 10x multiplier on gathered resources. Also, chests and ammo boxes will be spawning 100% of the time, meaning they will also be found in their (usually optional) locations.

Fortnite Playground Player Count

Fortnite Playground Friendly Fire

The Fortnite Playground player count is limited to just four, with one player and three friends able to visit the private island. This may be disappointing to those hoping to host some bigger private matches, with different clans and whatnot. Of course, it’s possible that the Fortnite Playground player count will be increased in the future, as Epic Games often does make changes to limited time modes, with “v2” variants.

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