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How to Trade Skins in Fortnite: Is Fortnite Gifting Possible?

In a perfect world, a guide on how to trade skins in Fortnite would be a simple one. I’d just tell you to pick a friend, hit “Trade,” and away you go. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. While the guide to Fortnite trading is still simple, it’s simple because there really isn’t much to say. On the bright side, there is an alternative that allows players to trade their skins for something new.

How to Trade Skins in Fortnite: Is It Possible?

If you’re wondering how to trade skins in Fortnite, due to wanting to swap skins with your friends, I’ve got bad news for you: it’s not possible. At least, it’s not possible yet, but Epic Games is considering adding it at a later data, as the new Fortnite Gifting option hints at in the in-game menu.

Currently, players wanting a new skin have to get it themselves, which is sometimes impossible, due to Season exclusives and other factors. While it would be nice to have a Fortnite trading system in place, it’s just not a thing. You’ll have to wait until Fortnite Gifting is fully activated.

An Alternative to Fortnite Trading

How to Trade Skins in Fortnite: Is It Possible?

A good alternative for those asking how to trade skins in Fortnite is the Refund System. Players have the ability to get a refund on up to three items. Once those three refund opportunities have been used up, that’s it for that account.

To get a refund, head to the Item Shop, click on “Purchase History,” select the skin you want to return and note the V-Bucks amount, then confirm to refund the skin. It might not be the same as swapping with a friend, but it’s the next best (and only) thing.

Until Fortnite trading is implemented into the game, this is the only way of swapping skins for something new.