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Nier Automata Warped Wire: How to Get Warped Wire in Nier Automata

Nier Automata Warped Wire is one of the important crafting materials that you can collect in your adventures across the wasted cities and desert landscapes. This baby, if you didn’t already know, is used to upgrade several of these awesome weapons you can use in the game. Chances are, one of the weapons you like will need it at some point.

Because of this, you will want to know exactly where to get Nier Automata Warped Wire in the game. We are going to let you know what to do in order to receive this material. In addition, we’ll tell you how many we recommend you grind for so you have enough. Let’s get started.

Where to Get Nier Automata Warped Wire

There are actually several locations and ways to get Nier Automata Warped Wire in the game. Let’s go over all of the possibilities so you can figure out what’s best for you. Note that one of these methods is slight spoilers, especially if you played the first game, so we’ll save that one for last.

The most obvious way of getting Nier Automata Warped Wire is from drops like other materials. But who drops them? Well, your best bets are the Reverse-jointed Goliath and any multi-tiered robots – basically, the little robots stacked on top of one another.

The best location for finding them if you’re not in the mood for looking for those enemy types is the Desert region. Here, you have a chance finding Nier Automata Warped Wire through looting and from the robots near the Desert Camp. In total, you will want to get 36 Warped Wires in order to complete every possible upgrade with it.

Now, a spoiler warning is in place. The final method of finding Nier Automata Warped Wires is by purchasing them from a specific vendor. That vendor is Emil, whom some of you might recognize. That’s it!