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Fortnite Anarchy Axe: How to Get the Anarchy Axe Fortnite Skin

The Anarchy Axe Fortnite Skin is available via Item Shop rotation in Fortnite. Fortnite is full of skins, emotes and other cosmetic items for us to buy and enjoy. Want to get the Anarchy Axe Fortnite skin, but don’t know how? Let us guide you.

How can we get the Anarchy Axe Fortnite skin? What is it? When can we get it? We reveal all the juicy details below.

How Do I Get the Anarchy Axe Fortnite Skin?

To download the Anarchy Axe skin, all you need to do is pop into the Cash Shop and fork over 800 V-Bucks. The Anarchy Axe skin really spruces up your pickaxe and is part of a set. Indeed, the Anarchy Axe is part of the Volume 11 Set. This includes the likes of the Rock Out Emote, Six String back bling item, Stage Dive glider skin, and the Power Chord female-only skin.

You can equip the Anarchy Axe the Locker screen before any match begins.

What is the Anarchy Axe Fortnite Skin?

The Anarchy Axe skin will give your pickaxe a fancy new look. The sleek dark design features a skull at the base of its handle. A pink wrapping of some kind surrounds the handle, with a studded belt placed on the pickaxe’s joining. Sharp spikes jut out from the top of the blade. So goth.

When Can I Buy the Anarchy Axe Fortnite Skin?

Not only does the Anarchy Axe appear in the Cash Shop, but it also turns up in the featured item section. As part of a rotation, we can’t be 100% sure as to when we’ll next see the Anarchy Axe, but we can look to rotation history to get a better idea. The last time anyone saw the slick axe was March 26, 2018. Something of a rare item, all we can recommend is keeping an eye out on the item store.

The item shop is updated daily in Fortnite, so chances are you will see the Anarchy Axe pop up if you keep playing the game.