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Fortnite 50 v 50 Down: Where is the Final Fight LTM Replacement?

Epic are headed towards their first real mini-crisis. Fortnite 50 v 50 down and out of commission, and that was only brought in after the Final Fight LTM was essentially KIA thanks to negative feedback. On top of that, the much-anticipated Playground Mode still isn’t here. Has the June 29 update rectified that? Plus, what do Epic have to say it about it?

Fortnite 50 v 50 Down: Expected Launch Time

50 v 50 which pits, you guessed it, two teams of 50 against each other, was about to return to Fortnite for the fourth time today. As per Epic’s Reddit post, the mode was expected to have a few changes, namely:

  • Double normal Dual Pistol spawn rate

  • Double bounce pads spawns

  • +50% resource rates

  • 50v50 v2 storms

The expected 50 v 50 launch time was 10am PST/12pm EST/5pm BST. As of writing, the update is nowhere to be seen, with Epic tweeting that there are issues with the LTM’s return.

We can (hopefully) still expect the mode to hit today, June 29, but the issues may roll into the weekend.

Fortnite 50 v 50 Down: Where is Final Fight LTM?

Before the whole Fortnite 50 v 50 being down issue, the Final Fight LTM was scheduled to be the latest notch in the belt of Epic’s battle royale. Pitting teams of 12 together on the typical map, but with the added caveat of the storm stopping during the game to allow for more prolonged battles, was met with criticism from the community and has since been dropped. Epic cited the mode “isn’t quite in a state where we want it to be.”

Fortnite 50 v 50 Down: Playground Mode

The Fortnite Playground Mode, much like 50 v 50 and Final Fight, is currently down, pending fixes. However, Epic has recently let fans know that they’ll be in touch shortly with another update regarding the LTM.

Fortnite 50 v 50 Down: June 29 Update

All being well, the June 29 update, which was scheduled to launch 10am PST/12pm EST/5pm BST, may yet fix some of the problems above. However, as of writing, the update hasn’t gone live.