Destroy All Humans! Big WIlly Unleashed Wii Cheats


On the "Unlockables" menu, hold the nun-chuck analog stick up for a few seconds. A enter cheat menu appears after some time. You can than enter one of the following.


Right Left Down Left Up"Lots Of Guns"
LDURUCan't Be Killed
Right Left Right Left UpCrypto Dance Fever Skin
Right Up Up Left RightInfinite Ammo
Right Right Up Left LeftInfinite Jetpack
LUDUDKluckin's Chicken Blimp Skin
Up Right Down Down LeftStealth Space Ninja
Left Left Up Right DownUnlimited Big Willy Battery
Up, right, down, right, up.Unlock all game worlds
Down,Up,Right,Down,Right Pimp My Blimp Skin
Up,Up,Down,Down,RightShrink Ray