Condemned 2: Bloodshot Xbox360 Cheats


First Person Shooter Mode

After you complete the game, you can select FPS mode on any mission. This mode grants you infinite ammo for weapons. You will also start most levels with a firearm.

Unlockable Bonus Art

Create a gamer profile named "ShovelFighter". Start the game and make sure you're logged in with that profile to unlock all the bonus art that you would normally need to unlock achievements to get.


Unlockable Items


How to Unlock
Gold Taser With 5 ShotsComplete mission 3
HolsterComplete mission 4
Rubber SolesComplete mission 5
Silver Brass KnucklesComplete mission 1
Silver Bullet Broof VestComplete mission 2



Beat CopComplete a mission
Big-Game HunterTake out 10 enemies with the antler
Self Medicated (Bleeding Gums Murphy)Need to heal yourself for 1000 points of health - Renamed 'Self Medicated' for legal reasons.
Can You Hear Me Now?All oro speakers destroyed
Chain GangSuccessfully execute each attack chain 5 times
Chief InvestigatorComplete All Missions (Hard difficulty)
Decisive RestraintDon't Kill a Single Museum Guard
DetectiveComplete Mission (fps mode)
Detective - First GradeComplete All Missions (fps mode)
EPA (Environmental Pwnage Area)Successfully execute 25 environmental finishing moves
BloodshotComplete missions 2,3,4,6,8 to unlock each new FC - Unlock all for Achievement
Final WordComplete first environmental finishing move
FlambeTake out 10 enemies with the flask/taser fire attack
Gold-PlatedGet the GOLD BADGE for every mission in any difficulty level
GOOOAAAALLLL!Take out 5 enemies with the fooseball piece
InvestigatorComplete Mission (Hard difficulty)
Master InvestigatorEarn the maximum amount of investigator points for all forensic sequences
SleuthGet a PERFECT score in an Forensic Event
The PlumberTake out 50 enemies with the pipe
TrooperComplete All Missions (any difficulty)
Tune In TokyoCollect all TVs in each Mission

Multiplayer Achievements

Ala Mode           

Play 5 games in all MP modes
Brick WallComplete 5 Successful Blocks
Bum KingSurvive Bumrush match without firing a single shot as SCU 5 times
CollectorSuccessfully collect the evidence (as SCU) 5 times in Crime Scene mode
Cut-ThroatPerform 25 finishing moves
DefenderSuccessfully defend the evidence (as Infected) 10 times in Crime Scene mode
Just The FactsCrime Scene: Collect the Evidence 10 Times
MagellinPlay each MP map 5 times
MP OverachieverWin a DM match (with at least 15 kills) without dying
Punch-DrunkKill 10 Players with fists only
Restraint - NotWin as SCU without firing a shot 10 times
Rush ChampBum Rush: Eliminate the SCU 5 Times
Serial KillerKill 1000  players in MP
SidekickAssist in scanning evidence in Crime-Scene Mode
SKXKill 9 unique players with the Serial Killer
Survivor KingBum Rush: Survivor (SCU) 5 Times