Dark Sector Xbox360 Cheats

Brutal mode

To unlock Brutal Mode, complete every chapter in the game.




How to Unlock
Baggage Claim (10 )Complete Chapter 3.
Champion (30)Finish Best Overall in a Ranked Epidemic Match (Multiplayer).
Comrade (30)Score 500 Points in Ranked Epidemic Games (Multiplayer).
Dark Sector - Brutal Difficulty (110)Complete the Game on Brutal Difficulty.
Double Decap Latte (15)Get Two Decapitations In One Shot.
Electrician (10)Electrocute 30 Enemies.
Exposure (10)Complete Chapter 2.
Finesse (40)Kill 30 enemies with Aftertouch.
Glaive Master (10)Complete a Level by Only Using the Glaive.
Glory (30)Finish Best Overall in a Ranked Infection Match (Multiplayer).
Greed (10)Collect over 50,000 rubles.
Hardball (35)Kill 30 enemies with Power-throw.
Headhunter (10)Decapitate 30 Enemies.
Hero (40)Score 2000 Points in Ranked Infection Games (Multiplayer).
Hero of the People (40)Score 2000 Points in Ranked Epidemic Games (Multiplayer).
Incinerator (0)Incinerate 30 Enemies.
Industrial Evolution (10)Complete Chapter 7.
Jack Frost (10)Kill 30 Frozen Enemies.
Master Researcher (15)Collect All the Weapon Upgrades.
Moths To The Flame (10)Complete Chapter 4.
Prologue (10)Complete Chapter 1.
Rebound (15)Kill an Enemy With a Reflected Projectile.
Researcher (10)Collect 10 Weapon Upgrades.
Sharpshooter (10)Get 30 Headshots.
Skeet Shooter (10)Shoot 10 Projectiles in Mid-flight.
The Bait (10)Complete Chapter 6.
The Dark Sector (100 )Complete the Game.
The Finisher (10)Perform 30 Finishers.
The Shipment (10)Complete Chapter 5.
Threshold Guardian (10)Complete Chapter 9.
Veteran (30)Score 500 Points in Ranked Infection Games (Multiplayer).
Weaponsmith (10)Apply 5 Upgrades in the Black Market.