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Fortnite Playground Mode Disabled: What Happened to Fortnite Playground Mode?

Fortnite Playground Mode has been disabled. Again. The much-anticipated mode seems to go live and then disappear every day. The new mode initially went live last week but was taken down pretty much as soon as it was out of the door. Now, after going live once again, it’s been disabled once more. So, what happened to Fortnite Playground mode this time?

At different times, in different places, Playground Mode has been live and disabled. Just yesterday, Fortnite Playground Mode was playable in Asia, Oceania, and Brazil. Now, as of writing, it’s gone for everyone. Indeed, as per the Fortnite News Twitter account, people around the world have been receiving messages letting them know that Fortnite Playground Mode is down.

Fortnite Playground Mode: What Happened?

Fortnite Playground Mode status

With the Fortnite Playground Mode going up and down like a kangaroo on a trampoline, it’s no wonder people are confused about what exactly is going on with it. Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly what happened with Playground Mode (we’d love to tell you). All we know is that players have been given this message around the world:

“Game mode is disabled due to the current region, time, or unexpected downtime.”

Fortnite Playground Mode: When Will it go Live Again?

There aren’t any concrete details to go on, just the fact that Fortnite Playground mode is currently down. Again. The mode strikes us as more hassle than it’s worth, although hopefully, it will be live again. Fingers crossed that the next time it goes live, it stays live.

We don’t know when the new mode will be live again, but it’s hopefully sooner, rather than later. Who knows, perhaps Playground Mode will be live later on today? The only advice we can give you on when Playground Mode will go live again is to keep an eye on the game. The mode will simply work when you try to access it.

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