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PUBG Test Server Update Patch Notes: PC 1.0 Update 17

It’s that time again, where a PUBG Test Server update launches for the more hardcore battle royale fans to try. This is PC 1.0 Update 17, which mainly focuses on improving Sanhok’s visuals, while also fixing some terrain collision fixes. There are some other worthwhile quality-of-life fixes, too, all of which I’ve highlighted in the patch notes overview below. Here’s what you need to know about the latest PUBG Test Server update patch notes.

PUBG Test Server Update Patch Notes

Once the latest PUBG Test Server update has been installed, you’ll first notice a new lobby background image, along with some unique background music. This is to celebrate the upcoming PGI tournament. After admiring the new looks, you’ll then want to matchmake. The game will now display an estimated wait time for finding a match, which is pretty neat.

The recently released Sanhok map has been updated again, with enhanced visuals. Highlights include additional cracked bells, mossy rubble piles, and a new cap on the central palace. Cliffs and rocks have also been given a makeover. If you do stop to admire the new coat of paint, be wary of snipers waiting to headshot you!

PUBG Test Server Update

Sanhok’s terrain has also been tweaked to ensure players can’t pass through it. This is a good fix, which I’m sure anyone who has gotten stuck in terrain will be thankful for! A number of objects on both Sanhok and Miramar have been fixed, no longer obstructing character movement.

If you’re a fan of the crossbow, you’ll be happy to learn that the weapon’s reticles are now properly aligned. The weapon is still awful, of course, but at least it now shoots straight!

Once this new PUBG update has been deemed stable, it will be implemented into live PC servers, before making its way to Xbox.

[via Steam]