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Star Wars Battlefront II PC Cheats

Cheat Codes

Easy kills with Time Bombs

One way to get lots of kills with time bombs is to chase an enemy to their ship/wait near one, and put one on a ship just as it is boarded or a little while earlier. It takes off and voila, you have a kill. Use multiple times if you want.

Single-Player Codes

In the Instant action menu, hold your cursor above the Battlefront II logo in the bottom left corner and enter one of the following

Code                                            Effect
mostimpressiveGod mode
agoodblasteratyoursideInfinite ammo
usetheforcelukeTurns off the HUD
456123Access all Campaign maps


Ranks and Commanding AI Units

When you begin the game you start with the rank of 'Private' and you can only command one AI unit to follow you. When you earn a certain amount of Medals during gameplay you get promoted to a higher rank and are able to command more AI units.

Unlock Sergeant Rank (Lead 2 Men) - Get 20 Medals.

Unlock Captain Rank (Lead 3 Men) - Get 100 Medals.

Unlock General Rank (Lead 4 Men) - Get 300 Medals.

Single-Player Unlockables

At the 'Instant Action' menu hold your cursor above the 'Battlefront II' logo which is at the bottom left corner of the screen and if you have placed it in the correct spot text will appear above it. Select the different texts to unlock features in the game.

Unlock God Mode - Select 'mostimpressive' text.

Unlock Infinite Ammo - Select 'agoodblasteratyourside' text.

Turn Off HUD - Select 'usetheforceluke' text.

Unlock more Powerful Weapons

Unlock Particle Beam Rifle -Get Legendary Status in Marksman

Unlock Precision Blaster - Get Legendary Status in Gunslinger

Unlock Elite Assault Rifle - Get Legendary Status in Frenzy

Unlock Flechette Shotgun - Get Legendary Status in Regulator

Unlock Guidable Rockets - Get Legendary Status in Demolition

Unlock Vehicle Regen - Get Legendary Status in Technician

Unlockable Medals

To unlock medals you must get the corresponding using only one life. When you get Elite in a category then that medal is easier to get.

Unlock Technician Medal - Slice into 1 Vehicle. No change for Elite.

Unlock Demolition Medal - Deal 4 critical hits on vehicles with Rocket Launcher. 3 in Elite.

Unlock Gunslinger Medal - Get 6 kills with a Pistol. 4 in Elite.

Unlock Marksman Medal - Get 6 Headshots with a Sniper Rifle. 4 in Elite.

Unlock Regulator Medal - Get 8 kills with a Shotgun. 6 in Elite.

Unlock Endurance Medal - Get 12 Points. 9 in Elite.

Unlock Frenzy Medal - Get 12 kills with a Blaster Rifle. 9 in Elite.

Unlock Guardian Medal - Get 24 Points. 18 in Elite.

Unlock War Hero Medal - Get 36 Points. 27 in Elite.

Medal Ranks

During the course of a game your rank will gradually increase in the corresponding category. Unlock Veteran Status - Get Four Medals in the Category

Unlock Elite Status - Get 32 Medals in the Category

Unlock Legendary Status - Get 64 Medals in the Category