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Fortnite Movie Titles: Search Between Movie Titles Challenge Guide

Though the Fortnite movie titles challenge is supposed to be difficult, it’s actually pretty easy to search between movie titles locations, provided you have a decent knowledge of the game map. If you’re a little stuck on where exactly you should look, fear not, for GameRevolution has your back! Marked as a “Hard” challenge, hunting down the Fortnite movie titles can be tough. However, with a little point in the right direction, this objective can be completed within the first few minutes of landing. Here’s what you need to know about the Fortnite movie titles challenge.

Fortnite Movie Titles: Search Between Movie Titles Location

Honestly, there really isn’t much to the Fortnite movies titles challenge. Though it’s “Hard,” you literally just have to go to a single location and hit the “Search” prompt.

Below you’ll see the point marked on the map. It’s to the east of Junk Junction, so just follow the road and you really shouldn’t miss it. Do note that other players will also be wanting to complete this Season 4 Battle Pass challenge, so expect competition. If you see another player beat you to the Battle Star location, don’t worry, as it won’t have disappeared. You can get this Battle Star at any point during the match, and it doesn’t matter if another player has claimed it first.

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Fortnite Movie Titles: Search Between Movie Titles Reward

The reward for completing the Fortnite movie titles challenge is 10 Battle Stars (or 1,000 XP if you are already at Tier 100). That’s a big reward for a super easy challenge. Combine this completed challenge with the other six Week 10 challenges and you’ll be granted a bonus 5,000 XP.

As this is the final week of Season 4, you’ll want to hurry up and knock this challenge off the list. Don’t wait around, as once the Season ends, this objective will no longer be available.