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Fortnite Red Knight No Back Bling Fix Explained

As soon as the in-game store refresh happened, disappointed players were immediately demanding a Fortnite Red Knight no back bling fix, with Epic Games coming under fire for not including the Red Shield back bling. At 2,000 V-Bucks, which translates to around 20 of your United States dollars, the Fortnite Red Knight skin is one of the most expensive cosmetic items in the game. For that price, players not only expect to don the armor of the crimson warrior, but also desire to wear the coveted Red Shield back bling. People are not happy, but thankfully there’s going to be a fix!

Fortnite Red Knight No Back Bling Fix: Where Is the Red Knight Back Bling?

The Fortnite Red Knight no back bling fiasco was almost immediately noticed by the game’s community. With so many people eager for the Red Knight’s re-release, we imagine an awful lot of players bought it at launch. Unfortunately for those early adopters, the Red Shield back bling was missing.

The missing Red Knight back bling appears to be down to some kind of bug. It certainly wasn’t intentional, as Epic Games is looking to right the wrongs by providing all Red Knight owners with the relevant back bling. It will be a temporary problem, one that players will have to deal with until the fix is in place. (Of course, impatient buyers could always opt for a refund instead.)

Fortnite Red Knight No Back Bling Fix: Is Epic Games Working on Bringing the Red Shield Back?

Fortnite Red Knight No Back Bling

Epic Games is indeed working on a Fortnite Red Knight no back bling fix, which will hopefully be rolled out sooner, rather than later. There are a lot of angry players, who are becoming increasingly vocal about their disappointment.

The developer attempted to reassure buyers on Twitter, saying that a fix is in the works. All affected players should expect to receive the Red Shield back bling “in the near future.”

Here’s hoping players don’t have to wait too long!