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Fortnite Mako Glider: How to Get the Mako Glider

The Fortnite Mako glider was one of the original Season 1 rewards, giving players who hit the necessary level a bit of extra flair during their fall down to the island. Also known as the “Shark glider,” the Mako has attracted a lot of fans, despite its relatively simplistic design. Compared to some of the later-developed skins, like the Royale Dragon which is sold for ~$20, the Fortnite Mako symbolizes a simpler time, where glider customization was subtle. For players who desire a more refined design, the Fortnite Mako is likely at the top of their lists. Unfortunately, this Season 1 cosmetic comes with some limitations… Here’s everything you need to know about getting the Mako glider in Fortnite!

Fortnite Mako Glider: Why Is the Shark Glider So Rare?

Like many of the Season 1 unlocks, the Fortnite Mako glider is rare because it was featured early into the game’s lifespan, and before the game really took off. This means that there were fewer players actively trying to collect skins. Cosmetic unlocks simply weren’t as big of a deal as they are now.

The main reason for Season 1 skins being so rare, however, is that they are kept exclusively for that Season. Players aren’t able to access those cosmetics, and it’s unlikely that Epic Games will ever sell them in the store. Unfortunately, this includes the Fortnite Mako glider, which many players want, but are unlikely to ever get.

Fortnite Mako Glider: How to Get the Mako Glider

Fortnite Mako Glider

As mentioned above, it’s unlikely that players will ever be able to get the Fortnite Mako skin again. If you didn’t manage to acquire it in Season 1, then you’re more than likely out of luck.

With that said, Epic Games did make an error on January 1, with the Fortnite Mako skin inexplicably becoming available for purchase via the in-game store. This wasn’t intentional, but shows that mistakes can happen. So it’s not entirely impossible for the skin to be featured post-Season 1!