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Overwatch Statues: How to Pre-Order the New Hanzo Statue

For those who want to go above and beyond in their love for their Blizzard mains comes this: Overwatch statues. These immaculately crafted (despite past Tracer issues) busts are for serious collectors of video game memorabilia, as well as fans who just can’t get enough Overwatch. There’s even a new Hanzo statue on the way, so we’ve included information on how to pre-order that, as well as the Hanzo statue release date.

Overwatch Statues: How to Pre-Order the New Hanzo Statue

To pre-order the Hanzo statue, your best bet is to simply head on to over to the Blizzard Collectibles page on the company’s official store and, from there, you can pre-order up to 10 statues, should you wish.

Overwatch Statues: Hanzo Statue Release Date

The current release date for the Hanzo statue has been listed simply as Q4 2018, which indicates a release window of between October 1 and December 31.

Overwatch Statues: What Statues Are Currently Available?

Alongside the 13″ Hanzo statue comes a Mercy statue, Genji statue, Reaper statue, D.Va statue and the second edition Tracer statue, after its original design was botched and ended up being more nightmare fuel than a nice replica. Each of those retail at $175 from the official Blizzard store, with the exception of the D.Va statue which will set you back an eye-watering $450. I hope you haven’t spent all of your money on loot boxes.

Overwatch Statues: Can They Be Shipped Outside the US?

As of right now, certain retailers and stockists (such as Amazon US) can ship certain statues to the UK and Europe. You can also technically order from the Blizzard US Collectibles store but you are liable to face large shipping costs, as well as possible custom and tax payments. Blizzard has recently opened an EU Collectibles store, but do not stock any Overwatch statues.