Warriors Orochi PSP Cheats

Unlock Movies

UnlockableHow to Unlock
CreditsBeat any story
IntroductionStart any story
Sengoku (Samurai Warriors) EndingComplete Samurai Warriors story
Shu EndingComplete Shu story
Wei EndingComplete Wei story
Wu EndingComplete Wu story

Last Gaiden Stages

Complete the following requirements in Stage 7


How to Unlock
SengokuAchieve 1000 KO
ShuEscape from the burning castle within 2 minutes (this includes friendly officers)
WeiDefeat the defected Da Ji within 1 minute
WuRescue the Sun family within 3 minutes

Unlockable SHU Characters


How to Unlock
Guan PingClear SW Story - Chapter 1
Guan YuClear Shu Story - Chapter 7
Huang ZhongClear SW Story - Chapter 1
Jiang WeiIn Shu Story - Chapter 2-X. Succeed in initiating and having Jiang Wei's ambush plan succeed. Do so by luring the ambush generals into your main camp
Liu BeiClear Shu Story - Chapter 8
Ma ChaoIn SW Story - Chapter 2-X. Have all peasants escape successfully and Ma Chao survives
Pang TongClear Wei Story - Chapter 4
Wei YanClear Shu Story - Chapter 3
Xing CaiDefault character for Shu
Yue YingClear Shu Story - Chapter 2
Zhang FeiClear Shu Story - Chapter 7
Zhao YunDefault character for Shu
Zhuge LiangClear Shu Story - Chapter 7

Unlockable Samurai Warriors 2 Characters


How to Unlock
Ginchiyo TachibanaClear Shu Story - Chapter 1
Hideyoshi ToyotomiDefault character for SW
Ieyasu TokugawaDefault character for Wu
Inahime (Lady Ina)Clear Wu Story - Chapter 5
Kanetsugu NaoeClear SW Story - Chapter 7
Kotaro FuumaIn Wu Story - Chapter 2-X, defeat him after all supply troops have reached your HQ
Mitsunari IshidaClear Wei Story - Chapter 2
Musashi MiyamotoIn Shu Story - Chapter 6-X. Successfully open the dam by escorting Miyamoto Musashi into it. Defeat Lu Bu, and also keep all the swordsmen alive
Nagamasa AzaiClear Wei Story - Chapter 6
NeneIn Wei Story - Chapter 3-X. Defeat the two Nene clones within 4 minutes after their appearances
Sakon ShimaClear Wu Story - Chapter 3
Tadakatsu HondaIn ALL Stories - Chapter 7-X, Impress Honda by defeating him as soon as possible
Yoshihiro ShimazuDefault character for Shu
Yoshimoto ImagawaIn Wei Story - Chapter 4-X. Prevent all ploy troops from entering the village

Unlockable WU Characters


How to Unlock
Da QiaoIn Wu Story - Chapter 5-X. Meet Da Qiao by running up to her before the enemy does
Gan NingClear Wei Story - Chapter 6
Huang GaiClear Wei Story - Chapter 5
Ling TongClear SW Story - Chapter 5
Lu MengClear Wu Story - Chapter 3
Lu XunIn SW Story - Chapter 3-X, successfully escort Lu Xun to your HQ
Sun CeDefault character for Wu
Sun JianClear Wu Story - Chapter 7
Sun QuanClear Wu Story - Chapter 7
Sun Shang XiangClear Wu Story - Chapter 5
Taishi CiClear Wu Story - Chapter 2
Xiao QiaoClear SW Story - Chapter 3
Zhou TaiClear Wu Story - Chapter 6
Zhou YuClear Wu Story - Chapter 1

Unlockable WEI Characters


How to Unlock
Cao CaoClear Wei Story - Chapter 7
Cao PiDefault character for Wei
Cao RenIn SW Story - Chapter 5-X, rescue the Takeda-Uesugi army within 2 minutes, then escort the horsemen and defeat Cao Ren when he charges
Dian WeiClear Wei Story - Chapter 7
Pang DeIn Shu Story - Chapter 3-X, successfully rescue all of the Hojo (yellow) generals
Sima YiIn SW Story - Chapter 6-X, foil Sima Yi's strategy by killing the two retreating Orochi generals
Xiahou DunClear Wei Story - Chapter 4
Xiahou YuanClear Wei Story - Chapter 4
Xu HuangDefault character for Wei
Xu ZhuClear Wei Story - Chapter 1
Zhang HeIn Wei Story - Chapter 2-X. Successfully rescue Zhang He by running up to him and initiating a conversation. Be sure he does not die in the battle
Zhang LiaoDefault character for Wei
Zhen JiIn Wei Story - Chapter 6-X. Defeat all magicians that appear in the supply bases, and the fake Cao Pi


Unlockable Characters


How to Unlock
Da JiClear all stages in the game, including Gaiden stages
Diao ChanComplete 5th Wei Gaiden- Diao Chan must survive
Dong ZhuoIn Sengoku Story - Gaiden 4, prevent all money supply troops from reaching Dong Zhuo
Lu BuImpress Lu Bu by defeating him in all stories - Gaiden 8
Meng HuoClear Shu Story - Stage 4
OrochiUnlock all characters besides Orochi
Yuan ShaoClear Shu Story - Stage 5
Zhang JiaoClear Sengoku Story - Stage 3
Zhu RongClear Shu Story - Stage 4
Zuo CiFinish all 4 stories

Unlockable Sengoku Characters


How to Unlock
Akechi MitsuhideDefault Character for Sengoku Story
Date MasamuneIn Shu Story - Gaiden 5, complete the optional missions given
Hattori HanzoDefault Character for Wu Story
Ishikawa GoemonIn Shu Story - Gaiden 4, break all of Goemon's treasure boxes
KunoichiIn Wu Story - Gaiden 4, successfully escort all peasants
Maeda KeijiIn Wu Story - Gaiden 6, make sure all ally reinforcements are alive and reach Keiji's base before time limit shows 10 minutes remaining
Mori RanmaruClear Wu Story - Stage 1
NouhimeIn Wu Story - Gaiden 3, prevent all messengers from leaving the map
Oda NobunagaDefault Character for Sengoku Story
OichiClear Wei Story - Stage 6
OkuniClear Sengoku Story - Stage 3
Saika MagoichiClear Shu Story - Stage 2
Sanada YukimuraClear Shu Story - Stage 3
Takeda ShingenClear Sengoku Story - Stage 7
Uesugi KenshinClear Sengoku Story - Stage 7