EA Replay PSP Cheats

Jungle Strike Passwords


7LSPFBVWTWPStart with 23 lives in Mountains
X4MFB4MHPH4Start with 23 lives in Night Strike
V6HGY39XVXLStart with 23 lives in Puloso City
N4MK9N6MHM7Start with 23 lives in Return Home
TGB76MGCZCCStart with 23 lives in River Raid
9NHDXMGCZCGStart with 23 lives in Training Ground
BXYTNMGCYDBStart with 23 lives in Washington D.C.

Desert Strike 10 Lives


BQQQAEZ10 Lives insted of 3

B.O.B. Passwords

Note: Change the second number in any password to 9 for several remotes and other bonuses.


672451Anciena 1
272578Anciena 2
652074Anciena 3
265648Anciena 4
462893Anciena 5
583172Anciena 6
743690Anciena 7
171058Goth 2
950745Goth 3
472149Goth 4
743690Ultraworld 1
103928Ultraworld 2
144895Ultraworld 3
775092Ultraworld 4
481376Ultraworld 5

Wing Commander Cheat

At the play select screen enter the following

X,O,X,Square,X,Square,Left Bumper,O,Right Bumper,0 StartInvincibility and stage select

Road Rash 2 - Wild Thing Bike

At title screen, hold up, square and circle, and press start to access the Wild Thing motorcycle.