Naruto: Ninja Destiny FAQ/ Walkthrough

~{Naruto: Ninja Destiny Game Guide}~

By: Minuo666

Written March 31, 2008

Version: 2.4


Table of Contents:



Introduction. (Intr)



Starting Menu. (Stnu)



Basic Moves. (Bscm)



Combo/Move List.(Coml)


-Naruto Uzumaki (Nato)

-Sasuke Uchiha (Sake)

-Sakura Haruno (Sara)

-Kakashi Hatake (Kahi)

-Rock Lee (Role)

-Shikamaru Nara (Shru)

-Neji Hyuga (Nega)

-Gaara (Gara)

-Temari (Teri)

-Might Guy (Miht)

-Jiraiya (Jiya)

-Tsunade (Tsde)

-Orochimaru (Orru)

-Itachi Uchiha (Ithi)

-Nine-Tailed Naruto (NTNa)

-Second State Sasuke (SSSa)


Character Tips and Tricks (Ctat)



Unlocking Characters Guide. (Uchg)



Items. (Itms)



Story Mode. (Stde)



Disclaimer. (Disr)



Credits. (Crit)



Contact Information. (Coct)



(Intr) Introduction:


I got tired of trying to find a combo list for this game,

so I decided to make one; for both my reference and your own,

as well as for my own entertainment.

Feel free to use this as you will, but do not take credit for it.

You are welcome to email me if I have forgotten any combos or attacks.

On a side note, I think that all the characters have, roughly,

the same amount of combos, so feel free to experiment

because my guide may not contain all the combos, yet.

Also, all of the names of attacks (save for specials) I

have created myself to best discribe them. Feel free to call them

what you will.

Alright, let's get down to the game! Naruto: Ninja Destiny is a 3D

fighter on the Nintendo DS. The basics and pretty simple, and usually

people get the hang of it in the first ten minutes or so. They also

say it is a poor game because of the lack of content and they compare it

to the Wii. I think this is unfair, and that you should give it a try

if you like Naruto. All in all, I would give this game a 7.8/10.


(Stnu) Starting Menu:


Touch the touchscreen, or simply press start to begin.

The Options are:

Story Mode:

Battle Mode:

-Player vs CPU

-Single Player

Wireless Battle Mode:




-Play Data:

-Number of Matches

-Character's Highest Combo

-Character Usage %

-Character Win %

-Select Difficulty:



-Delete Data:




(Bscm) Basic Moves:


Sidestep: Up or Down on the Directional Pal(D-pad)

Backflip: doubletap Back on the D-pad

Forward Dash: Doubletap forward on the D-pad

|--->(Dashing + either B or Y will result in a dashing attack)

Teleport: Left shoulder button(L) (Must have 50% chakra)

Block: Right shoulder button(R)

Light Attack: B button

Heavy Attack: Y button

Jump: X button

|--->(Jumping+B will result in a kunai throw)(May result in a kick)

|--->(Jumping+Y will result in a kick)

Special: A button (Must have 100% chakra)

Pause: Start button

Use Item: Tap the Item Icons on the touchscreen


(Coml) Combo List:


(Pressing Y while selecting a character lets you play with the

character in their alternate costume.)


(Nato) Naruto Uzumaki:

-"It's my turn!"-


Intro: Naruto is the titular character of the series.

He is hyperactive, loud and annoying.

Light Attack: Hook punch

Heavy Attack: Spinning backhand

Back+B Attack: Charging shoulder

Back+Y Attack: Teleport behind and smash them

Forward+B Attack: Sweeping kick

Forward+Y Attack: Double fist smash

Special: Uzumaki Barrage, Resengan, the spiral chakra sphere.


General Description:

A easy-to-begin-with character. Lots of combo moves that are easy,

and Naruto is fast. Resengan is, quite possibly, the best

special in all of the game.


(Sake) Sasuke Uchiha:

-"Feel the power of Uchiha!"-


Intro: Sasuke is one of Naruto's teammates, and his rival.

He is gifted with natural talent and the Sharingan eyes of the Uchiha.

Light Attack: Punch

Heavy Attack: Spinning backhand

Back+B Attack: Phoenix Flower Jutsu (15% chakra needed)

Back+Y Attack: Roundhouse kick

Forward+B Attack: Heavy downward punch

Forward+Y Attack: Teleport axe kick

Special: Chidori


General Description:

One of the faster characters. The chidori does little,

so it would be better to use his speed and spam the enemy with combos.


(Sara) Sakura Haruno:

-"I'm ready."-


Intro: The female member of Naruto's three man team. She excels in

genjutsu and ninjutsu, and later medical jutsu.

Light Attack: Straight Punch

Heavy Attack: Kunai Slash

Back+B Attack: Slap (Press B to continue into a slapping combo)

Back+Y Attack: Spinning lower backhand

Forward+B Attack: High kick

Forward+Y Attack: Uppercut

Special: Inner Sakura

Combo List: BBB, YYYY, BYY, <+BBBBB, >+YB, >+BY,

General Description:

A weak character, not much else to say about her.


(Kahi) Kakashi Hatake:

-"Oh? Me?"-


Intro: The jonin leader of Naruto's three man team. His left

eye is a sharingan eye, thus earning him the nickname

"Copycat Kakashi".

Light Attack: Straight Punch

Heavy Attack: Straight Punch(Opposite hand)

Back+B Attack: Spinning backhand

Back+Y Attack: Pull out a Makeout Paradise book and read

|--->(Press B to teleport behind and punch)

Forward+B Attack: Kunai Slash

Forward+Y Attack: High kick

Special: Lightning Blade

Combo List: BB, BBYY, YBB, YBBBY, <+BBB, >+BB, >+YYY,

General Description:

He reminds me of a scarecrow. His combos leave much to be desired

and he is rather slow.


(Role) Rock Lee:

-"Prepare yourself."-


Intro: The leaf village's handsome green beast. Lee is a master

of taijutsu, due to his inability to perform genjutsu or ninjutsu.

Light Attack: Straight Backhand

Heavy Attack: Straight backhand (forwards and backwards)

Back+B Attack: Turn and elbow

|--->(If the enemy is behind, then there is no turn)

Back+Y Attack: Leaf whirlwind

Forward+B Attack: Straight punch

Forward+Y Attack: Jump and spinning axe kick

Special: Primary Lotus

Combo List: BBBB, BBBBY, YBB, <+BB, >+BBB, YBYY, >+YBYY,

General Description:

Being a taijutsu expert means Lee has a good list of combos.

His special, his combos and his speed make for a good character.

No kunai, just kicks.


(Shru) Shikamaru Nara:

-"Ahh, alright."-


Intro: A lazy yet mentally gifted ninja of the hidden leaf.

He is very tactical and enjoys playing games.

Light Attack: Kunai Slash

Heavy Attack: Forward kick

Back+B Attack: Sweeping kick

Back+Y Attack: Thinking Pose

|--->(Press B to teleport behind enemy and slash with kunai,

(|--->Press Y to teleport behind enemy Press Y again to throw a kunai)

Forward+B Attack: Upwards kick

Forward+Y Attack: Side kick

Special: Shadow Imitation Technique

Combo List: BBB, YYB, <+Y+B+combo, YBBBY, <+BYB, >+YBY, >+BB

General Description:

Technical, just like the character. He has a lot of combos he can pull off,

just by using his thinking pose and going from there.


(Nega) Neji Hyuga:

-"Think you can beat me?"-


Intro: A natural genious of the Hyuga clan, possessing Byakugan.

He can see almost 360 degrees around himself, and is extremely talented.

Light Attack: Forward strike

Heavy Attack: Double palm strike

Back+B Attack: Sweeping kick (Press B again for a rising kick)

Back+Y Attack: Eight Trigrams: Palm Rotation (15% chakra needed)

Forward+B Attack: All limbs strike

Forward+Y Attack: Heavy forward strike

Special: Eight trigrams: Sixty-four palms

Combo List: YBBBY, BBBBB, <+BB, >+BBB, >+YBBB, <+BYBB,

General Description:

His special, thought it looks like sexual harassment, is great,

though it does not drain the opponents chakra bar. His combos plus

his Palm Rotation make him a good character, and my personal favorite.


Unlockable Characters:




-"Waste of time..."-


Intro: The vessel for the Shakaku, the one-tailed sand demon.

He seems unstable and is a brutal killer, using sand as a weapon.

Light Attack: Backhand smack

Heavy Attack: Forward punch

Back+B Attack: Spinning straight kick

Back+Y Attack: Backflip kick

Forward+B Attack: Harder backhand smack

Forward+Y Attack: Jumping Knee strike

Special: Desert Coffin/ Desert Burial

Combo List: >+YY, <+YBB, <+BYY, >+BYY, BBB, BBYYY, YB, YBYY

General Description:

Slow, lacks sand defense or attacks (except sand kunai).

I wish they had made Gaara better, though he does have some heavy combos.


(Teri) Temari:

-"I'll cut you to ribbons."-


Intro: Gaara's sister and part of his three man team. She uses

her fan to attack with slicing wind.

Light Attack: Low kick

Heavy Attack: Mid kick

Back+B Attack: Small low kick

Back+Y Attack: High Kick

Forward+B Attack: Spinning backhand

Forward+Y Attack: Double foot mid kick

Special: Wind Scythe Jutsu

Combo List: BBB, BBBYY, <+YYY, <+YB, >+BB, >+BYYY, YBBYY,

General Description:

She is fast and has a decent combo list. That coupled with her

special makes her a good character.


(Miht) Might Guy:

-"Life treatin' you good?"-


Intro: Sensei to Rock Lee and Neji, Guy is enthusiastic and

prefers to use taijutsu, and is Lee's rolemodel.

Light Attack: Straight punch

Heavy Attack: Straight backhand

Back+B Attack: Spinning backhand

Back+Y Attack: Leaf whirlwind

Forward+B Attack: Hard straight punch

Forward+Y Attack: Jumping spinning axe kick

Special: Dynamic Entry

Combo List: BBBB, BBBBY, YBBY, <+BB, >+BBB, >+BY, >+YBBY

General Description:

Blah. He is pretty well a Rock Lee clone. No kunai, lots of combos, the only

difference is Might Guy's special is pretty weak.

Funny special though, always makes me laugh.


(Jiya) Jiraiya:

-"It's been a while."-


Intro: The pervy sage, one of the legendary Sannin. He later becomes

Naruto's sensei, teaching him a few jutsu.

Light Attack: Forward Palm

Heavy Attack: Double forward palm

Back+B Attack: Stomp

Back+Y Attack: Headbutt, punch, back kick or all three?

Forward+B Attack: Rising palm

Forward+Y Attack: Falling palm

Special: Toad Flame Bomb

Combo List: BBB, BBYYY, YB, >+BB, >+YYY, >+YB

General Description:

I dislike the Sannin trio. They are too weak and slow. Jiraiya is alright,

but could definitely be better.


(Tsde) Tsunade:

-"Step outside."-


Intro: The female member of the Sannin. She is a medical jutsu

specialist, and eventually becomes fifth hokage.

Light Attack: Hook punch

Heavy Attack: Backhand

Back+B Attack: Flick (Unblockable, does little damage and is amusing to do)

Back+Y Attack: Smashing downward punch

Forward+B Attack: Elbow

Forward+Y Attack: Midsection punch

Special: Ground Pound

Combo List: BBBB, BBBBY, YBBBY, BBYY, >+BB, >+YY, >+YB

General Description:

I hate her. She might be strong, but her speed is very subpar.

I have also noticed a slight lag when I fight her in arcade and story mode,

anyone else get this?


(Orru) Orochimaru:

-"Go on, entertain me."-


Intro: The evil genius of the Sannin. He is incredibly strong, and

attempts to destroy the leaf village several times.

Light Attack: Mid punch

Heavy Attack: Two-handed strike down

Back+B Attack: Crouch and sweep

Back+Y Attack: Roundhouse/axe kick

Forward+B Attack: Kunai slash upwards

Forward+Y Attack: Backhand

Special: Kusanagi Sword

Combo List: BBBBB, BBBY, YBBB, YBB, <+BBBB, >+BB, >+BY

General Description:

The best Sannin in the game. He has the best speed out of the trio,

and has the best combos. I noticed some of his combos

have an extra hit at the end

(BBBBB is a 7 hit combo, not a 6 or 5 like usual).


(Ithi) Itachi Uchiha:



Intro: Sasuke's older brother. He slaughtered his entire clan, and

gained the Mangekyo Sharingan in the process.

Light Attack: Uppercut

Heavy Attack: Straight punch

Back+B Attack: Spinning kick

Back+Y Attack: High kick

Forward+B Attack: Forward forearm

Forward+Y Attack: High roundhouse kick

Special: Amaterasu

Combo List: BBB, BBBYB, <+BBB, <+BBYYY, <+YB, >+BBY,

General Description:

Easily the strongest character in all the game. He has a decent set of combos

and he has an almost god-like special. 9/10, for sure.


(NTNa) Nine-Tailed Naruto:



Intro: Naruto enfused with the power of the nine-tailed fox within him.

Light Attack: Hook punch

Heavy Attack: Spinning backhand

Back+B Attack: Shoulder Charge

Back+Y Attack: Downward hooking punch

Forward+B Attack: Jumping, spinning double stomp

Forward+Y Attack: Jumping double fist smash

Special: Demonic Rush

Combo List: BBB, YY, YBBBY, <+BBB, <+YY, >+YY, >+YBB, >+BYY,

General Description:

Naruto was good enough, but now he is faster and stronger,

and his combos are so much better. This version of Naruto is a great character.

No kunai by the way, just kicks.


(SSSa) Sasuke Second State:

-"Let's end this!"-


Intro: When the curse mark on Sasuke's neck activates fully, he becomes

this. The curse mark was Orochimaru's gift to Sasuke.

Light Attack: Midsection uppercut

Heavy Attack: Roundhouse kick

Back+B Attack: Teleport axe kick

Back+Y Attack: Backflip axe kick (Press B again to do a flying stomp)

Forward+B Attack: Sweeping kick

Forward+Y Attack: Half spinning elbow

Special: Dark Chidori

Combo List: BBB, YBB, YYBY, BBYBB, <+BYYYY, <+YY, >+BB, >+YB,

General Description:

Like Nine-Tailed Naruto, this version of Sasuke is better then

The original, though not by far. He is not faster, but his combos and general

strength is much better then before. Also has no kunai, and can fly (Sort of).


(Ctat) Character Tips and Tricks:


In this section, I will dish out the tricks I know, to help you become

a better player. I will also add tips that are submitted to me, if

any. If I am missing tips on a character, it is just because I dislike

him/her, and rarly use them, it does not mean there are no tricks to

them. These are all mearly little things I have picked up while playing

the game. They are meant only to better you as a player.


Generic tips:


-Kunai do little damage, but are great to avoid close combat, specials,

and are the ideal weapon to end a match when you opponent has only a

sliver of health left. Use them to get out of jams fast.

-Teleporting is a good way to get out of a combo, but is a better way

to avoid being hit at all. Timing one right, you can avoid an opponents

attack with ease, assuring you a perfect victory. Watch your chakra though.

-Specials are a good way to deal massive damage, but some are better then

others. Once you know how much damage they deal, decide if you want to

attack with combos of specials. The weaker the special is, the more you

should use combos instead.

-Items are good ways of getting out of jams, but a good player really does

not need them. Use them only if you truly need them, otherwise, just let

them be.

-Get to know a character by going through arcade a few times with him/her.

Getting to know a characters strengths is good of offence, but knowing

their weaknesses allows you to cover them more effectively.

-Get to know a characters combos. Most have a soft combo and a heavy combo

as well as multiple mini combos, mostly just tacked on at the end of a

back or forward attack. Use these to your advantage.


Naruto Uzumaki:


-Naruto can combo easily, can string those combos well, and has a decent

speed. Use those to your advantage by attacking without a pause.

-Naruto's second special, then resengan, is easily the best special

in the game. Always try to use it, because if you get one single combo

and a resengan, the opponent is as good as dead.


Sasuke Uchiha:


-Sasuke's jump+Y attack is a kick, which makes the opponent kneel.

Use this to begin a combo for an extra hit. To land it perfectly,

simply press forward then backward on the D-pad while in the air.

If done correctly, he should kick them in the back of the head,

make them kneel and open them up for a combo.

-Phoenix flower jutsu, cool to look at, not very fuctional. It is

easy to dodge by sidesteping, so only use it when an opponent is

getting up, or at close range.


Rock Lee:


-Rock Lee can string together almost all of his combos, if

mastered, he could easily wipe the floor with any opponent.

-Lee's special is great! Combo your opponent then, with 100% chakra,

slam him with a primary lotus to ensure your victory.

- Lee lacks long range kunai, so always say close to your enemy.


Neji Hyuga:


-Neji's palm rotation is my best friend. I always open with it, as it

sends my opponent flying. If timed correctly, using this after an

opponent uses the substitution jutsu will keep you safe, and hurt

your opponent.

-Like Lee, Neji has a great special. Focus on comboing, but do not be

afraid to use his special to end a fight, or begin one, if you are lucky.


Shikamaru Nara:


-Using his little thinking pose, you can either attack long range for

safety, or go in the the kill close range. If you go in close range, you

can set up any combo from there.

- Shikamaru's special is decent, but harder to land then most. Use the

thinking pose to get up close then smash them with it, but use it only

to get out of a tight spot.


Itach Uchiha:


-Itachi's special rivals Naruto's resengan in power. Always try and use it

whenever possible. A single combo and his special is all it takes to win.

-Itachi's combos are difficult to master, but once done, he can easily beat

any opponent.


Nine-Tailed Naruto:


-This version of Naruto can teleport after any combo by pressing B. Use

this trick to string together long combos and keep the opponent in the air.

The Jutsu Lock item is useful here, to keep the enemy from teleporting away.

-His speed is amazing, use it to spam your opponent with combos.

-His special is not as good as the resengan, keep that in mind if you use it.


Second State Sasuke:


-Sasuke can fly! Well sort of anyways. Use Sasuke's flying stomp to close

the gap between you and your opponent.

-His chidori is better then before, but not amazing. Try to combo more then

special, and only use the special as a quick finisher.


(Uchg) Unlocking Characters Guide:


In this section, I will explain how to unlock the 9 different

unlockable characters in this game. The process is not to difficult, and

if you follow this guide and my tips, you will have the full roster in no


-Temari: Beat story mode on normal difficulty

-Might Guy: Complete story mode without using any continues

(First two can be done together)

-Itachi Uchiha: Beat single playet with all initially available characters

(Can and should be done first)

-Nine-Tailed Naruto: Beat single player with Itachi Uchiha

(Should be done right after Itachi)

-Gaara: Beat story mode on difficult difficulty

-Tsunade: Unlock Temari, Might Guy and Gaara

(You unlock Tsunade with Gaara if you follow this)

-Jiraiya: Beat single player with Tsunade

-Orochimaru: Beat single player with Jiraiya

-Second State Sasuke: After beating single player with all the characters

beat it once more with Sasuke Uchiha

(You should have already played as all the characters except Might Guy,

Temari and Nine-Tailed Naruto, so it should be easy)

If you have followed this correctly, unlocking all the characters should

have been a cakewalk. 16 single player and 2 story mode, not all that



(Itms) Items:


-1.5x damage: Increases damage by 1.5x for 5 seconds.

Shuriken symbol.

-2x Damage: Increases damage by 2x for 5 seconds.

Windmill shuriken symbol.

-Jutsu Lock: Stops opponent from using chakra for 10 seconds.

Handseal symbol.

-Chakra Reduction: Reduced chakra used by 50% for 5 seconds.

Konoha symbol.

-1/4 Life: Increases life by 1/4 bar.

Small heart symbol.

-1/2 Life: Increases life by 1/2 bar.

Two hearts symbol.

-Full Life: Increases life completely.

Large heart symbol.

-1/4 Chakra: Increases chakra by 1/4 bar.

Blue pill symbol.

-1/2 Chakra: Increases chakra by 1/2 bar.

Beige pill symbol.

-Full Chakra: Fully restores chakra bar.

Red pill symbol.

-1/4 Life and Chakra: Restores 1/4 chakra and life bars.

Heart & pill symbol.

-1/2 Life and Chakra: Restores 1/2 chakra and life bars.

Two hearts & a pill symbol.

-50% Damage Reduction: Reduces damage by 50% for 5 seconds.

Jonin Jacket symbol.

-100% Damage Reduction: Reduces damamge by 100% for 5 seconds.

Golden headband symbol.

-Knockdown Immunity: Prevents knockdown for 5 seconds.

A man being knocked back by a fist symbol.


(Stde) Story Mode:


Here is where I will tell you who you are playing as in story mode,

and who you are playing against. The first character in the list is the

one you play as, and the second, obviously, is your opponent.

1st Fight: Naruto Uzumaki VS Neji Hyuga

2nd Fight: Shikamaru Nara vs Temari

3rd Fight: Sasuke Uchiha VS Gaara

4th Fight: Naruto Uzumaki VS Gaara

5th Fight: Kakashi Hakata VS Itachi Uchiha

6th Fight: Sasuke Uchiha VS Itachi Uchiha

7th Fight: Orochimaru VS Tsunade

8th Fight: Tsunade VS Naruto Uzumaki

9th Fight: Jiraya VS Orochimaru

10th Fight: Naruto Uzumaki VS Orochimaru

Most of the fights are easy, except when you are going against

Naruto or Itachi, but even then they are not very challenging,

except on hard mode the first time through. There may also be

some lag when you fight Tsunade or fight as Tsunade.

All in all, the story mode is short and sweet,and it covers from

half way through the Chunin Exam arc: Finals to the 95 episode

of the anime, in the Search for Tsunade arc.

On a side note, I was disappointed at the lack of voice overs in

the cut scenes, and the small number of fights. I also would have liked

the story to go up to the final battle at episode 135.


(Disr) Disclaimer:


This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,

private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed

publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any

other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,

and a violation of copyright. All trademarks and copyrights contained

in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.


(Crit) Credits:


Nintendo, for making such enjoyable games.

Naruto: Ninja Destiny, for being such a great subject

The instuction manual, for giving me the basics and items

Me, for being able to write this amazing guide

Wikipedia, for giving me names of jutsu and episode arcs, for providing me a place to put this, for showing me how to unlock the characters

Some other people, they are obscure, but appreciated

And the readers, for reading my guide this far and not giving up.


(Coct) Contact Information:


If you have any more combos I may have missed, tips, hints,

complements of if you noticed any mistakes, please email me

at <[email protected]> and I will get back to you

as soon as humanly possible. Thank you.

Copyright 2008 Austin Rennox