Rocky and Bullwinkle Xbox360 Cheats



How to Unlock
Advanced Moosology (5)Reach difficulty level 3 in any show.
Cereal Lover (20)Accumulate a balance of at least 5000 Boxtops.
Corner the Market (25)Buy everything in the Boxtop Shop.
Happy Ending (10)Complete any show.
Hare Loss (20)Find all of Accident Rabbit's hiding places.
New Customer (5)Buy something from the Boxtop Shop.
Over the Hill (10)Complete any 4 shows.
Season Finale (25)Complete all shows.
Secret Formula (30)The secret formula is something you'll have to concoct yourself.
Seven With One Blow (15)Complete a Rerun set that includes games from seven different shows.
The Young Storyteller (20)Complete all Aesop games at difficulty level 5.
This Time For Sure! (15)Complete any show without losing a life.