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Octopath Traveler: Is There Co-Op Splitscreen or Online Multiplayer?

Though it’s a JRPG, there are inevitably a lot of players who are eager to find if there are Octopath Traveler multiplayer options. It has been promoted as a single-player role-playing game, though there’s always the possibility that there could be an Octopath Traveler co-op mode tucked away in their somewhere. With players taking control of one of a group of characters, with a different gameplay quirk and slightly altered story for each one, it certainly has potential. Because of the multiple routes available, one might assume that there are multiplayer options. So is that the case?

Octopath Traveler Multiplayer: Is there Splitscreen Co-Op or Online Multiplayer?

Octopath traveler multiplayer

Sadly, Octopath Traveler can only be played in single-player. There is no Octopath Traveler multiplayer. This means that there is no splitscreen co-op, or online multiplayer in Octopath Traveler. While there may be multiple protagonists and different routes for each one, the gameplay simply doesn’t lend itself well to multiplayer options. The combat in Octopath Traveler is turn-based and wouldn’t work well in splitscreen, let alone online multiplayer. There is no separate multiplayer mode, either. Octopath Traveler is, and always will be, a singleplayer only experience.

Indeed, the Octopath Traveler’s producer, Masashi Takashi has confirmed that the game will not be receiving any form of DLC further down the line. “The retail version is a complete game.” That is the opinion of Takashi. To be fair, there will be up to 100 hours of adventure to play through if side-quests are your thing. That sounds like plenty to us.

Although it may be disappointing that there are no multiplayer options in Octopath Traveler, does a game that could take up to 100 hours to complete need any extra content? Perhaps you were thinking that some sort of co-op could make the length of the game easier to cope with? Oh well. We won’t be playing Octopath Traveler multiplayer at any point in our lives.

Octopath Traveler releases exclusively on Nintendo Switch July 13th.