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Octopath Traveler Job Classes, Skill List, and Attribute Bonuses

Octopath Traveler job classes bring back the old-school JRPG stat system where each character has their own set of skills and attribute bonuses. Each of the eight characters in Octopath Traveler has a unique job class which comes with its own strengths and weaknesses as well as job skills that will help you in and out of battle. Below we’ve gathered info on each job in Octopath Traveler along with their skills list, attribute bonuses, and what weapons they can equip.

Octopath Traveler Job Classes, Skills, Attribute Bonuses, and Weapon Restrictions

Each of the eight main characters in Octopath Traveler starts with one job class.

How to Unlock Secondary Job Classes

As you progress through the game to Chapter 2, party members will gain the ability to take on a second job which will allow them to use that job’s unique skills. Characters also gain access to new attribute bonuses when they take on a second job. There are some restrictions when it comes to taking on a secondary job, though. Multiple characters can’t use the same secondary job, and you won’t gain access to a job class’s Path Actions or Talents.

How to Unlock Active Skills

In Octopath Traveler you can unlock your character’s first seven active Job Skills at any time as long as you have the Job Points. The eighth Divine Skill can only be accessed once the first seven have been unlocked. Skills don’t come with a set amount of Job Points required to unlock them. Instead, for the first seven the amount of JP you need increases with each skill you learn. The cost to master a Job Class in Octopath Traveler is:

  • First Skill Unlock: Free
  • Second Skill Unlock: Free
  • Third Skill Unlock: 30 JP
  • Fourth Skill Unlock: 100 JP
  • Fifth Skill Unlock: 500 JP
  • Sixth Skill Unlock: 1,000 JP
  • Seventh Skill Unlock: 3,000 JP
  • Eighth Skill Unlock: 5,000 JP

How to Unlock Passive Skills

Passive Skills in Octopath Traveler allow your characters to have a constant buff without any input. Every Job Class has its own set of Passive Skills, which are appropriately unlocked passively.

To learn Passive Skills, you just have to unlock Active Skills your tour characters. You’ll learn a Passive Skill after unlocking your fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh active skill for each class.

Octopath Traveler Job Class List: All Skills, Attribute Bonuses, and Weapon Restrictions

Below is a list of each of the eight default job classes in Octopath Traveler. We’ve described a bit about what their purpose is and all their skills, bonuses, and what weapons they can and can’t equip.

Octopath Traveler Apothecary Job Class – Alfyn

Octopath Traveler Apothecary

You can think of the Apothecary class as being a variation on the Chemist class from Final Fantasy Tactics. This class excels in light healing and can still deal quite a bit of damage with axe and light ice attacks.

Apothecary Active Skills

  • Amputation
    • SP Cost: 8
    • A powerful axe attack on a single enemy.
  • Empoison
    • SP Cost: 6
    • Poisons an enemy for two turns.
  • First Aid
    • SP Cost: 4
    • Restore health for a single party member.
  • Icicle
    • SP Cost: 7
    • Deals ice damage to one enemy.
  • Last Stand
    • SP Cost: 16
    • Attacks all enemies with aze. Deals an amount of damage inversely proportional to the users current HP.
  • Vivify
    • SP Cost: 16
    • Revive a single party member.

Apothecary Divine Skill

  • Dohter’s Charity
    • SP Cost: 30 SP
    • Items used by the target will affect the entire party for three turns.

Apothecary Passive Skills

  • Hale and Hearty: Increases max HP by 500.
  • Heightened Healing: Gain 30% additional SP when being healed.
  • Inspiration: With each successful normal attack you’ll gain SP equal to 1% of the damage you inflict.
  • Resist Ailments: Improved resistance to blindness, confusion, poison, silence, sleep, terror, and unconsciousness.

Apothecary Attribute Bonuses

  • Critical: 1.5%
  • Elemental Attack: 1.5%
  • Max HP: 20%
  • Physical Attack: 1.5%
  • Physical Defense: 1.5%

Apothecary Equipment Restrictions

Can only equip axes.

Octopath Traveler Cleric Job Class – Ophilia

Octopath Traveler Cleric

White Mage, Priest, Aeris, Cleric. No matter what name they go under almost every JRPG has a dedicated healer. In Octopath Traveler that’s the Cleric class. Clerics can augment your defense, heal your party, and even dish out a little light-element damage.

Cleric Active Skills

  • Heal More
    • SP Cost: 25
    • Restores a significant amount of health to the entire party.
  • Heal Wounds
    • SP Cost: 8
    • Restores a bit of health to the whole party.
  • Holy Light
    • SP Cost: 6
    • Attack one enemy with light-elemental damage.
  • Luminescence
    • SP Cost: 9
    • Attack all enemies with light-elemental damage.
  • Reflective Veil
    • SP Cost: 22
    • Imbues one party member with the ability to reflect a single elemental attack.
  • Revive
    • SP Cost: 50
    • Revives all downed party members.
  • Sheltering Veil
    • SP Cost: 6
    • Raises a party member’s elemental defense for two turns.

Cleric Divine Skill

  • Aelfric’s Auspices
    • SP Cost: 30
    • Allow a single party member to trigger twice per turn for three turns.

Cleric Passive Skills

  • Evil Ward: Increases success rate when trying to flee.
  • Inner Strength: Increases SP by 50.
  • Persistence: Increases status-enhancing buff length by one turn.
  • Saving Grace: Allows the equipped character to be healed above their max HP.

Cleric Attribute Bonuses

  • Elemental Attack: 5%
  • Elemental Defense: 5%
  • Max SP: 18%

Cleric Equipment Restrictions

Can only equip staves.

Octopath Traveler Dancer Job Class – Primrose

Octopath Traveler Dancer

Dancers can augment party members with supportive dances or attack enemies with dark magic. It takes a bit more strategy to use a dancer effectively than it does a warrior or a thief, but used correctly they can make the rest of your party much more effective in battle.

Dancer Active Skills

  • Bewildering Grace
    • SP Cost: 25
    • Causes a random effect to happen once.
  • Lion Dance
    • SP Cost: 4
    • Raises a party member’s physical attack stat for two turns.
  • Mole Dance
    • SP Cost: 4
    • Boost a party member’s physical defense for two turns.
  • Moonlight Waltz
    • SP Cost: 7
    • Deals massive dark-elemental damage to one enemy.
  • Night Ode
    • SP Cost: 10
    • Deals dark-elemental damage to all enemies.
  • Panther Dance
    • SP Cost: 4
    • Boosts a party member’s speed for two turns.
  • Peacock Strut
    • SP Cost: 4
    • Boost a party member’s elemental attacks for two turns.

Dancer Divine Skill

  • Sealticge’s Seduction
    • SP Cost: 30
    • Target party member’s skills that usually target one enemy will target all for three turns.

Dancer Passive Skills

  • Encore: Once per fight, if your Dancer’s HP is depleted they will revive with 25% HP.
  • Eye for an Eye: Character has a 50% chance to counterattack when damaged with a physical attack.
  • Second Wind: Gain a small amount of SP every turn.
  • The Show Goes On: Buffs your Dancer casts on party members will last one more turn.

Dancer Attribute Bonuses

  • Elemental Attack: 8%
  • Evasion: 10%
  • Speed: 10%

Dancer Equipment Restrictions

Can only equip daggers.

Octopath Traveler Hunter Job Class – H’aanit

Octopath Traveler Hunter

Hunters rain down devastating attacks with their bows and are great at generating raw damage.

Hunter Active Skills

  • Arrowstorm
    • SP Cost: 24
    • Attack all enemies 5-8 times with a rain of arrows.
  • Leghold Trap
    • SP Cost: 6
    • The targeted enemy cannot act until the end of the turn for two turns.
  • Mercy Strike
    • SP Cost: 4
    • Attack one enemy with a bow. Cannot kill the target, will leave them with 1 HP.
  • Rain of Arrows
    • SP Cost: 8
    • Attacks random enemies 5-8 times.
  • Take Aim
    • SP Cost: 8
    • Increases all party member’s critical and accuracy rates for two turns.
  • Thunderbird
    • SP Cost: 7
    • Cause massive damage to one enemy with a bow.
  • True Strike
    • SP Cost: 10
    • Guaranteed critical hit to one enemy with a bow.

Hunter Divine Skill

  • Draefendi’s Rage
    • SP Cost: 30
    • A powerful bow attack targeting all enemies.

Hunter Passive Skills

  • Eagle Eye: Increases critical rate by 50.
  • Heightened Senses: Increased chance of a pre-emptive strike at the beginning of a battle.
  • Patience: Character gets a 25% chance of getting a bonus action at the end of a turn.
  • Second Serving: Character has a 50% chance of attacking twice when using a normal attack.

Hunter Attribute Bonuses

  • Accuracy: 6%
  • Critical: 6%
  • Evasion: 5%
  • Physical Attack: 8%
  • Speed: 5%

Hunter Equipment Restrictions

Can only equip axes and bows.

Octopath Traveler Merchant Job Class – Tressa

Octopath Traveler Merchant

Merchants are an odd lot. They’re not immensely useful in battle, but they can help to fill your coffers by collecting money from enemies on the battlefield.

Merchant Active Skills

  • Collect
    • SP Cost: 2
    • Have an enemy pay for the privilege of fighting you.
  • Donate BP
    • SP Cost: 3
    • Donates one BP to the targeted ally.
  • Hired Help
    • SP Cost: 0
    • Pay to summon hired help to fight on your side.
  • Rest
    • SP Cost: 0
    • Skip your turn to restore your HP, SP, and status ailments.
  • Sidestep
    • SP Cost: 10
    • Dodge the next physical attack with 100% success.
  • Trade Tempest
    • SP Cost: 10
    • Deals wind-elemental damage to all enemies.
  • Tradewinds
    • SP Cost: 7 SP
    • Deals massive wind-elemental damage to one enemy.

Merchant Divine Skill

  • Bifelgan’s Bounty
    • SP Cost: 30
    • Hits an enemy with one non-elemental attack and gives you cash equal to the damage you dealt.

Merchant Passive Skills

  • Endless Items: When you use an item there is a 25% chance that it won’t actually be consumed.
  • Grows on Trees: Get additional money after a battle.
  • Hang Tough: If the character is not in near-death status, any attack that would knock the character out instead leaves them with 1 HP.
  • SP Saver: Character will use half the SP they usually would.

Merchant Attribute Bonuses

  • Elemental Attack: 3%
  • Elemental Defense: 3%
  • Max HP: 8%
  • Max SP: 8%
  • Physical Attack: 3%
  • Physical Defense: 3%

Merchant Equipment Restrictions

Can only equip bows and polearms.

Octopath Traveler Scholar Job Class – Cyrus

Octopath Traveler Scholar

This class might be called Scholar, but it’s more like a Black Mage. Scholars fight with the traditional JRPG elements of fire, ice, and lightning and can be damage powerhouses when used right.

Scholar Active Skills

  • Fireball
    • SP Cost: 8
    • Deals fire damage to all enemies.
  • Fire Storm
    • SP Cost: 22
    • Deals fire damage to all enemies twice.
  • Icewind
    • SP Cost: 8
    • Deals ice damage to all enemies.
  • Blizzard
    • SP Cost: 22
    • Deals ice damage to all enemies twice.
  • Lightning Bolt
    • SP Cost: 8
    • Deals lightning damage to all enemies.
  • Lightning Blast
    • SP Cost: 22
    • Does lightning damage to all enemies twice.
  • Analyze
    • SP Cost: 1
    • Reveals the HP and one weakness of a single enemy.

Scholar Divine Skill

  • Alephan’s Enlightenment
    • SP Cost: 30
    • Target party member’s spells that typically target all enemies will instead only target one, but with increased intensity.

Scholar Passive Skills

  • Elemental Augmentation: Boosts elemental attack strength by 50.
  • Evasive Manuvers: Less random encounters.
  • Percipience: Prevents enemies from surprise attacking the party.
  • Vim and Vigor: Regenerate a small amount of HP each turn.

Scholar Attribute Bonuses

  • Elemental Attack: 10%
  • Elemental Defense: 5%
  • Max SP: 13%

Scholar Equipment Restrictions

Can only equip staves.

Octopath Traveler Thief Job Class – Therion

Octopath Traveler Thief

Thiefs in Octopath Traveler do what the title says: they thieve items from enemies. However, they can also inflict debuffs on enemies which ups their value in battle.

Thief Active Skills

  • Armor Corrosive
    • SP Cost: 4
    • Reduces an enemies physical defense for two turns.
  • HP Thief
    • SP Cost: 6
    • Attacks one enemy twice with a dagger. Attacker gains HP equal to half the damage dealt.
  • Share SP
    • SP Cost: 0
    • Give 50% of your current SP to another party member.
  • Steal
    • SP Cost: 2
    • Steal one item from one enemy.
  • Steal SP
    • SP Cost: 6
    • Attack a single enemy twice with a dagger. Attacker gains SP equal to 5% of the damage dealt.
  • Wildfire
    • SP Cost: 7
    • Deal massive fire-element damage to one enemy.

Thief Divine Skill

  • Aeber’s Reckoning
    • SP Cost: 30
    • Attack all enemies with a dagger. Damage dealt is proportional to the user’s speed stat.

Thief Passive Skills

  • Fleetfoot: Increase speed by 50.
  • Incidental Attack: When using a non-damage-dealing skill on an enemy there is a 50% chance you will also attack.
  • Insult to Injury: Debuffs inflicted on enemies will last one additional turn.
  • Snatch: When using steal or collect, the character will gain double the loot.

Thief Attribute Bonuses

  • Accuracy: 5%
  • Critical: 5%
  • Evasion: 8%
  • Physical Attack: 2%
  • Speed: 8%

Thief Equipment Restrictions

Thieves can only equip swords and daggers.

Octopath Traveler Warrior Job Class – Olberic

Octopath Traveler Warrior

Warriors are your primary physical damage dealers. They’re tanks, and they can devastate enemies. However, they don’t have access to elemental damage and can’t heal themselves with skills.

Warrior Active Skills

  • Abide
    • SP Cost: 4
    • Increase physical attack strength for three turns.
  • Cross Strike
    • SP Cost: 12
    • Attack a single enemy with your sword.
  • Incite
    • SP Cost: 4
    • Draw enemy attacks for three turns.
  • Level Slash
    • SP Cost: 9
    • Attack all enemies with your sword.
  • Spearhead
    • SP Cost: 6
    • Attack one enemy with a polearm and get to move earlier on the next turn.
  • Stout Wall
    • SP Cost: 4
    • Increase physical defense for three turns.
  • Thousand Spears
    • SP Cost: 20
    • Attack random enemies 5-10 times with a polearm.

Warrior Divine Skill

  • Brand’s Thunder
    • SP Cost: 30
    • A potent sword attack on one enemy.

Warrior Passive Skills

  • Cover: Take damage for allies who are near death.
  • Endure: If your character is hit with blindness, confusion, poison, silence, sleep, terror, or unconsciousness their physical and elemental defenses are raised.
  • Summon Strength: Increases physical attack by 50.
  • Surpassing Power: Increases the maximum damage limit to 99,999.

Warrior Attribute Bonuses

  • Max HP: 18%
  • Physical Attack: 5%
  • Physical Defense: 5%

Warrior Equipment Restrictions

Warriors can only equip swords and polearms.